Raspberry Chocolate Tiramisu


Do we get more sentimental as we get older?

Just asking if any of you have noticed this. I turned 35 on Saturday (June 2nd) and although I had the house full of guests I did have some time to contemplate many things while working on a cooking project in the morning. Looking back at the things I have achieved in the past few years, the goals I have met (or not met) the challenges I have taken on and the new people in my life. The last fact made me smile.

Being a person who has traveled from one country to another all my life, many of my friends are scattered all across the world. Most of my school friends are in different countries and those I met in my adult life are also living all over Europe. So, our talks or get togethers are mostly virtual or over the phone. On the whole it's OK. Sometimes, though, it is not very satisfying, when my best friend from school, who lives in LA and who I've known since we were 13, is having a relationship crisis and all I'd like to do is take him in my arms and give him a huge hug. I get mad at this often.

In the past year and a half, since I started blogging, I have met so many wonderful people. We met through our blogs, share that common passion, exchange mails, then start chatting regularly and it just clicks. For those who do not blog probably just cannot relate to this, but the bond is there. Strong, and funnily in some cases we do not know how the other one looks like until we exchange photos, but it's like we've known each other all our lives. Some stories are told on the blog, but it eventually goes beyond the blog when you share your life behind the scenes. Happy moments are shared and when the dark cloud hangs above the heads the shoulder to lean on is offered. This is what I have experienced in the past few weeks. I am wrapped in a wonderful sentimental bubble - and every time I think about some of the generosity and support so many of you have given me over the past few weeks I cannot help it - the tears automatically well up. Yes, the screen is a bit blurry right now too!


Since these two posts I have had a flood of cards, mails and comments and each one went straight to the heart. I cried with each one. During this time a few of my dearest blog friends offered gentle comfort and that shoulder to cry on. I thank you for that. You know who you are. Then just as my mailbox started to go back to it's normal load of receiving mails, over the weekend, it was once again bulging to overload with birthday greetings and cheery birthday wishes post over at the Daring Bakers blog! The members of this group are a incredible cheery phenomenon by themselves, imagine what it's like when they all get together!! That's something I will have to save for another post. So, I spent part of my weekend opening fantastic ecards and emails. It made me so happy and .... yes I cried with each one!!!

As I sat down to write this post I could not help but wonder - have I become so sentimental in my old age? I think so. So, I'd like to dedicate this to all my friends and to friendship in general. To my friends who have accompanied me through a larger part of my life - you have been there through it all. You know what I'm talking about - my wildness, my moodiness, my craziness, my passions, my irritations - never once did you budge from my side and you always made me believe in myself.

To my blogger friends - you have become larger than life for me. You never seize to amaze me with your generosity, your support, your kindness, your spirit and your creativity. I am so very glad that our paths have crossed in this unconventional but wonderful way and I so look forward to our friendship.

I share with you a variation of one of my favorite desserts of all times - the Tiramisu. The light finger biscuits are layered with a chocolatey cream which is then covered in fruity raspberry. It contains all my favorite things - chocolate, raspberries and the Italian touch.

To friendship and to sentimental birthdays!



150g bitter chocolate - coarsely chopped
250g heavy cream
250g Mascarpone
250g quark
3-4 tablespoons lime juice
4-6 tablespoons Grappa
250g raspberries - I used organic raspberries I had previously frozen
200g Lady finger biscuits
2 tablespoons cocoa powder



In a heavy saucepan heat the cream, then remove from heat and add the chopped chocolate. Stir until chocolate has melted and allow to cool for 10 minutes.

In the meantime whisk the mascarpone and quark in a mixing bowl until smooth. Pour in the chocolate cream and incorporate. In a smaller bowl mix together Grappa and lime juice.

Taking half of the lady finger biscuits, dip each one into the Grappa/lime juice mixture so that it is moist but not wet. Place the lady fingers in an even layer at the bottom of a rectangular, slightly deep dish.

Spread half of the chocolate/mascarpone cream on the lady fingers, then add half of the raspberries over the cream. Layer the rest of the lady fingers, which have been dipped into the remaining Grappa/lime juice mixture, over this spread the remaining chocolate cream and raspberries.

Cover with plastic wrap and allow to set in a refrigerator overnight. Before serving sprinkle with cocoa powder.

Cut into large-ish pieces and serve with a nice cup of espresso.

Tips and tricks
  • If you would like to make this Tiramisu without alcohol, substitute the Grappa with orange juice
  • Try raspberry syrup mixed with 4 tablespoons water to dip the lady fingers in
  • You'll find valuable information regarding raspberries here



The perfect celebration dessert. It's not light, I'll let you in on that, but it's sinfully delicious. Each bite is a celebration of flavors, harmonizing to give the ultimate party in your mouth. Tom and Soeren are big fans of the original Tiramisu and I was wondering if this variation would match up to their expectations. I believe it did. The light lady fingers, kissed by the aroma of grappa, the creamy, smooth chocolate cream tantalized by the tart, fruity flavors of raspberries - it was heaven!

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Don't forget the Big Birthday Bang here on WFLH. Two days left to send me your scrumptious birthday creations!

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  1. Happy Birthday Meeta, sorry I didn't have time to take part in your event.

    Sam x

  2. Hey Sweetie,
    If there was an award for MOST LOVED FOOD BLOGGER,that would surely be you, because of your special way of being in touch with everyone and being there for everyone....
    Though we haven't met ( and i surely hope to someday) that hasn't in anyway hampered me from knowing you or loving you....our hours of chat make me feel very close to you already! I wish you a world of happiness, health and prosperity (and creative satisfaction- coz I know how important it is to you) in life!

    Love you loads honey!

  3. Happy Birthday, Meeta!

    "Old age!" You are so funny, girl!

    But it's so true, we do get more sentimental as we grow older - there are more memories to cherish, more things to mourn...bitter-sweet, just like tiramisu!

  4. Happy Birthday Meeta!

  5. A very Happy Birthday to you Meeta ! I hope your list of friends just keeps getting longer and I don't doubt that it wont given your wonderful personality. The love that you get just reflects upon the love that you share. And I second Nandita's view about the award :)

    Your b'day gift is sitting in my draft folder waiting to get published. Coming soooonnn :))

  6. Happy, happy birthday!!! I will be posting your birthday cake either today or tomorrow - this way your birthday celebration lasts even longer!!

  7. Hi Meeta, Wishing u a world of happiness for ur Birthday & all thru the year!!

  8. Hapy Birth Day to You...
    Happy BirthDay to you...
    Happy Birth Day dear Meeta...
    Happy Birth Day to you :)
    And heres some virtual birthday bumps and birthday hugs for you

  9. Hope you had a great B'day bash Meeta.
    Life has just started for ya,don't worry.It will get only sweeter from now on.Who wants to be in 20s?! Yikes!!:)
    Have a great week.

  10. Hi Meeta,

    Happy Birthday!
    This is a wonderful version of tiramisu! I also saw a Baileys version, and one with blueberries! Yummy!

  11. Belated Birthday Greetings Meeta !, Hope you have a great year ahead filled with lots of peace, happiness and love.

    As always beautiful recipe and pictures.

  12. Hey there gorgeous! Many many happy returns of the day and a big hug for you! I'm sure you find a way to be in touch with all your friends. You may not be there, but the thought that a friend is thinking of you is very heart warming! Have a great year ahead filled with fun, love and surprises :)

  13. Happy Birthday Meeta... Raspberry tiramisu looks gr8. Being a coffee addict, I can hardly come out of the regular espresso flavour ..

  14. Happy Birthday Meeta, old age?? Gee I could give you quite a few years - well, almost 20 to be exact :) Lovely post, your friends all love you!! That is quite possibly the most desirable tiramisu I have ever seen. Droolingly good!!!

  15. Happy Birthday Meeta!!
    hey come on!! its u'r birthday!don't be emotional!!!
    U did bring back my memories of friends and close friends Meeta.
    I did miss friends as well after i moved to UK.
    But when u get a small wish or an ecard wishing you makes it all worthwhile and very emotional as well.
    U are a very nice and sweet person who is just 35 and life has just begun !!

  16. Have a sweet birthday Meeta!

    I think you are still young and full of life. But certainly all these years have made you into a wonderful woman you are now! Cherish all the moments and have a wonderful birthday.

  17. OMG! Can you believe this? I made you something with Italian ladyfingers and mascarpone for your birthday!
    I am really thrilled of the way you have entered my life and always push me to think forward.
    I am glad you had a special day!

  18. Dear Meeta,
    A very Happy Birthday to you! May God bless you and shower loads of happiness on u..What u have written is true. Blog friends share a special virtual bond with each other..Abt growing older, I can't comment..You see, I am still sixteen:))

  19. Happy Birthday Meeta! You are an inspiration to food bloggers :)


  20. Happy Birthday Meeta! Hope it was a great one! Did you bake that tiramisu for your big day?

  21. happy birthday Meeta! Hope you had a great day!

  22. Happy b'day meeta...oops, its belated b'day wishes:) hope u had gr8 time with ur family and friends:)

  23. Happy birthday, Meeta! Your celebration cake sure does look great. All the best, Mae x

  24. I'm getting ever more cynical and less sentimental as I grow up! Although that combination of raspberry and chocolate is getting me misty-eyed :D

  25. Thank you everyone. All your wishes are truly cherished. Glad you all are here to share this with me!!

  26. < Hugs >
    Many many happrt returns of the day Meeta!!! 35 and old age!!!????
    The post was truely touching! and what better to have a gorgeous recipe to go with it! :)

  27. Beautiful cake for a beautiful person! I haven't known you long but you've already touched my life, you're warm & funny & very giving. Again a very Happy Birthday Meeta.
    Amanda x

  28. You're one heck of a lady and I love you for being you. Many Many Happy Returns. May fair winds always blow your way.

  29. Beautiful dessert! The photos turned out fabulous. And Happy belated birthday to you! Old? Let's talk, girl. It's all about your mind...And agree with you about this unusual, but amazing community. I enjoy it immensely.

  30. Happy Birthday Meeta, what a breathtaking tiramisu.

  31. Thank you for the heartfelt post, Meeta and for the lovely dessert as well. Tiramisu has always been a staple in our household, and the addition of raspberries is brilliant! Wishing you many more happy birthdays and happy blogging years!

  32. Belated Birthday Wishes Meeta.... Wish you many many years of happiness and friendship.... Your posts are wonderful and your photographs are always a sight for the sour eyes... keep up the good work... Hugs to you...

  33. Scrumptious tiramisu. Happy Birthday!


  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. hi meeta, happy birthday! fruity triamisu, YUM. i love your blog and the pics are beautiful :)

  36. Meeta you did have a lovely birthday didnt you dear!I am so late but all my lovely wishes to you Meeta for a very very happy life ahead!Kisses:)

  37. Mmm that tiramisu looks absolutely luscious. I love the addition of raspberries. I hope you had a lovely birthday. <3 *hugs*

  38. wow!Meeta. Wish u many happy returns of the day.I am glad I know you more than just as a feloow blogger and I just love ur way of writing with an all enmcompassing feel of the world. i was always sentimental but u are right, age does make the heart grow softer.:)

  39. Belated Happy Birthday Meeta, this looks so beautiful: I wonder if I left the recipe lying around someone might make it for my birthday!

  40. I'm a bit late but Happy Birthday Meeta. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  41. thank you thank you all you lovely people. your wishes really have me glowing.

  42. hi meeta, everything here looks wonderful...your hard work to your blog is evident in all your posts. hope you had an enjoyable birthday :) thanks for your earlier comment on my blog.

  43. This is my first visit to our gorgeous and yummy blog. I'm so sorry to read of the passing of your grandmother. Happy Belated birthday too! Your Tiramisu looks incredible.


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