Prerow On The Darss Peninsula

Prerow Beach by Meeta Albrecht

Snow-white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water and lush green forests. This was our vacation in the wonderful town of Prerow on the Darss Peninsula. The Darss lies in the Baltic Sea and partly overlooks Denmark. The beach here belongs to Germany's most beautiful beaches and has been awarded the "eco-label" for cleanest waters with the Blue Flag.

I'd like to congratulate Cinnamon for getting it right on, in my guessing game. So, Cinnamon time for you to browse through my pictures on my Flickr Photostream and email me telling me which one should head out to you in India.

It was a perfect vacation in every way, the weather was great, - we were lucky as the rest of Germany was grey and wet - the place was sensational, the food was incredible and all three of us harmonized so well with each other. That last comment should not be taken for granted - normally the first 2 days of our vacation start off with bickering and bitching at each other. It's the shock of being together 24 hours. Normally in our daily routine we all really are "together" for 4-5 real hours. Otherwise one is in Kindergarten the other is at the university and the third is at work - in the evening we all come together and it more or less works. On a vacation though it takes getting used to being with each other throughout the day. So, our previous vacations normally started with the unusual situation of having to deal with all three personalities at once - trust me we all have strong personalities!

Prerowstrom by Meeta Albrecht

However, this vacation, it started fantastically and carried out throughout the week so wonderfully relaxed.

Prerow is a charming town with cafés, restaurants and shops leading to the 400 meter long pier. This bathing resort offers something for all kinds of tourists. The climatic zones of the Baltic sea, the Darss forest, the Bodden bay and the meadow landscapes give it a spa-like character. The flat expansive landscape surrounded with a thick forest give Prerow an unmistakable look.

Prerow is surrounded by a national park - Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft - which was exciting and adventurous to discover with our bicycles. Soeren had received his birthday present - a brand new bicycle - earlier especially for this purpose. Through the thick earthy forest we made our way to the Darss lighthouse.

Prerow Lighthouse by Meeta Albrecht

Climbing to the top we were rewarded with a spectacular view of the wild and rugged Weststrand - the west beach and a hazy coastline of Denmark in the far horizon.

Prerow Weststrand by Meeta Albrecht

We spend a few days lazying on the clean sandy beaches. Although the water was about 16 degrees C, my two boys had a fantastic time splashing about in the Baltic Sea.

Prerow Beach Days by Meeta Albrecht

I chose to relax on the beach with a good book in a very comfortable beach basket - Strandkorb.

Prerow Beach Baskets by Meeta Albrecht

Otherwise we went for long bike rides along the Prerowstrom - the river that flows almost parallel to the sea and into the Bodden bay, covering 25 to 30 kms in a day!

Prerowstrom (02) by Meeta Albrecht

Or we rented a boat and enjoyed the spectacular scenes from the water.

Prerowstrom Boats (02) by Meeta Albrecht

Prerowstrom Boats 01 by Meeta Albrecht

We spent a day in Marlow enjoying the bird-life from around the world up close.

Prerow Loris and Lighthouse by Meeta Albrecht

Prerow Bird Park by Meeta Albrecht

Before we knew it it was time to pack up and head home again. This was my first time in this region of Germany and I was amazed at the beauty of it. Rugged, elegant, earthy all in one place. Surely the first of many future visits.

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  1. gorgeous pics. glad you all had a great time.

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    Lovely lovely colors.

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  4. Stunning pics. Sounds that you all had a good time. Good to have you back.

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    Hey, you are using Blogger for the pics now? Thanks dear!!:)

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  12. Hi Meeta, looks like you had a marvelous vacation - and well deserved! Gorgeous photos too!

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  18. Thanks everyone. I really really appreciate your input and feedback on the photos. I hope to share a few more over the next few weeks. Hugs!

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  20. Beautiful pics. You must have had a lovely vacation. I had no idea this place is beautiful.


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