Caramelized Homegrown Tomatoes on Homemade Gnocchi

Caramelized Tomatoes Gnocchi (01)

Life in the kitchen can be quite easy at times. Especially when you have great neighbors, friends and in-laws who grow their own fruit and vegetables. I am forever getting fantastic fresh produce from all of them. In return, whenever I cook up something using the ingredients, I try to treat them to the finished dish.

Well there is almost like a little competition going on in our little neighborhood lately. Most of my neighbors are aware of my little space on the web called WFLH. Whenever they bring something over for me to cook up, one of the first questions is if I the finished product will be on the blog. When it is, it's the topic of the week around the neighborhood. S will tell K that I made a great dessert using her berries and it's on the blog. The week after that M will tell B, I made a tart using her zucchinis and she could see it on the blog.

There must be a sensation of pride amongst my neighbors when all these recipes are created using the beautiful bounties they provide and then placed on the web for the world to see. The friendly competition then lies in many aspects: which dish was photographed better, which one got more comments on them, which one caused people to go into a frenzy and of course which one probably tasted better.

I am forever grateful for all the incredible generosity and in return can only push myself to be more creative with each dish I make using any particular produce I have been given. I do my best to keep the "fire" burning and amazingly even the men have found a certain interest in this funny kind of barter.

Caramelized Tomatoes Gnocchi (05) by MeetaK

A few days ago my neighbor from down the road rang my doorbell one afternoon. He's tall, rather handsome and is a pilot. I often see him in his back yard but was never really certain what he does there. He kind of keeps to himself but is very polite whenever he sees me, even stops to give nice compliments. Yes, believe me he is the neighborhood heartthrob!

So, imagine my surprise when I opened the door and see this hunk of a man standing in his full pilot uniform, holding a basket of tomatoes. Cute! I could not help but smile sneakingly!

Well he was on his way to work and would be away for a few days - he wanted to give me the tomatoes, which he grows in his back yard as they would have gone bad in his absence. I also got the keys to his house and was requested to water his plants and veggies. I was also told I could help myself to anything that was ripe enough in his back yard.


Caramelized Tomatoes Gnocchi 02 by MeetaK

Here is the funniest thing - many of my neighbors (all ladies) are now dying to know what his place looks like. Some even want a sneak peak!!! I have been begged and bribed. This could have been a scene from Desperate Housewives!

My lips are sealed and I won't be spilling any beans. All I will say is that I am very impressed by his little haven he calls his back yard.

I will also share what I made with those gorgeous tomatoes I was given. A delicate dish where the tomato is the star. Gently caramelized in the oven to bring out the their sweet aromas and juices. The contrast in taste comes from the peppery red peppercorns giving the whole dish an incredible and explosive combination. To do proper justice to the homegrown tomatoes I make lovely homemade gnocchi - pairs perfectly!

I am not sure if he is aware of this blog but if he is - this one's for you Marc ;-)

Tomato Variety:
You say tomato, I say delicious


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Deadline: September 10th!


Caramelized Tomatoes Gnocchi (04) by MeetaK

750g cherry tomatoes - cut in halves
3-4 garlic cloves - finely chopped
1-2 teaspoons red peppercorn - coarsely crushed
2 teaspoons brown sugar
125g mozzarella - coarsely chopped
1 bunch basil - coarsely chopped
800g homemade gnocchi
2 teaspoons balsam vinegar
3 tablespoons olive oil


Caramelized Tomatoes Gnocchi (06) by MeetaK

Prepare your gnocchi as to the instructions here. The recipe is fantastic and really easy to make ahead.

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C. Grease an oven-proof dish or a baking tray with some olive oil.

In a bowl toss together the crushed pepper and garlic with the tomato halves, sugar and salt. Place the tomatoes in the dish and caramelize in the oven for approx. 15-20 minutes. Keep an eye on them so that they do not burn.

Once ready take out and sprinkle with the balsam vinegar. Immediately mix with the cooked gnocchi. Add the mozzarella and basil leaves, toss gently and serve in warm plates.

Enjoy with a nice chilled white wine.

Caramelized Tomatoes Gnocchi (03) by MeetaK

Pure bliss. The tomatoes were wonderfully ripe and juicy. The slight sweetness matches so well with the zing of the pepper. It's an out of this world experience. The gnocchi is a perfect partner because it absorbs the flavors so well. Each bite was savored to the end and the leftover juices were wiped clean with a few remaining gnocchis.

I'd like to send this over to Andrea who is hosting a great event called Grow Your Own. Perfect for all those hobby gardeners out there. I hope Andrea will see that I cannot grow my own because I have incredible neighbors who grow their own and spoil me with their own grown produce. I just cook what they grow! ;-)

Marta also has a great event going in which a fresh produce is featured every month. This month it's Tomatoes. I think this is a great dish for the event. Hope Marta likes it too!

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  1. OMG, meeta, that is the wickedest dish on your blog, yet!!!

  2. irresistible, Meeta... the story as well as the product:) lucky you or lucky neighbours... hard to decide! btw does any of them plan to give you some zwetschgen? (you know what I'm trying to hint). another question... will it be bad if i omitted the egg yolks for the gnocchi?

  3. My mouth is watering now - and I just ate lunch!! This looks absolutely delicious!

  4. Breathtakingly beautiful photograph and an equally amazing dish!

  5. Wicked wicked Meeta. Bursting tomatoes and smooth gnocchi. You gotta invite me to this meal.

  6. You are indeed lucky to have a sharing arrangement like that with your neighbors. The caramelized tomatoes look lovely nested among the gnocchi and the mozzarella. Thanks for participating in Grow Your Own!

  7. Meeta lovely dish ,now I know what to do with my bounty

  8. I would love to move to a street with a really hunky neighbor who grows vegetables and shares his tomatoes!

  9. Yeah Meeta, though I never watch the show, from all that I have heard about it, what you just recounted in your post could be a storyline to be developed for Desperate Housewives. Ah, plant loving-hunks, what not to be dreamy about (lol)

  10. wow! the dish looks amazing.. i am also interested to know more about the hunk...i think the other ladies must be going bonkers wanting to get a peek at his home (don't blame them tho.. i would do the same) if he is the neighbourhood heartthrob!

  11. Heheh this post made me giggle. The dish looks great, so lucky that you can help yourself to those lovely tomatoes!

  12. What a great story.And great neighbourghood. I loved reading about stuff like that. Plus, what a lovely dish!!!And the photos.all breathtaking - as usual.

  13. Yummy! Excellent dish you have here Meeta!

  14. What a lovely story. Love the photos. The gnocchi look wonderful.

  15. tantalising!! a man in a uniform who tends a neat garden and grows veggies!! err...where do you live??

    the tomatoes on homemade gnocchi looks tantalising too!!

  16. Wow! Lucky you to have such sweet and generous neighbors! And a hunky pilot at that ;) Well, you have certainly done them justice with this dish...and all the rest of the goodies you whip up! :)

  17. That is a beautiful neighborhood and grand neighbors! Fabulous story of the hunk too!
    I did gnocchi some time ago and really liked it. It's time for a replay especially with all the tomatoes around.
    These photos really are knock your socks off great!

  18. That is the best looking gnocchi I have ever seen..wish I was in ur neighbourhood...the post made me giggle :)(to make it even more interesting u should have added the pic of the guy too ..hahaha)


  19. oooooooooooooooh! That looks so so good!!

  20. ok I commented before after just looking at the picture. Now this pilot guy sounds even more interesting. ahem!!! Does he fly to NY? :p

  21. My dear Meeta, I crown you Queen of Gnocchi.

    You owe us a taste after tantalizing us with these pictures!!!!!!


  22. stunning and irresistible Meeta! Also a big belated birthday hug for Soeren.

  23. Oooh gossip.. and gnocchi... loved reading it. Wisteria Lane in Weimar :P :P :P


  24. Your pilot is winning the neighbourhood competition hands down by providing the tomatoes for this dish, it's simply stunning, STUNNING!!!

  25. The dish is very good and all but what I really wish for is a neighbour like that - the hunk part - with or without the tomatoes!

  26. Oh Bee! I thought you would like it. But wicked? Maybe just a bit!

    Latha, yes I am lucky to have such great neighbors. Omitting the eggs - hmmm not too sure as it binds the dough together. Maybe you could use milk for this. But please check around for a better alternative.

    Deborah, Thanks!

    Chandrika, thank you

    Sug, anytime girl.

    Andrea, glad to be a part of it.

    Sreelu, hope you enjoy it!

    Lydia, I thought every neighborhood had one of these :-)

    Cynthia, maybe I should write to them because I could narrate a few cool incidents. LOL!

    Rajitha, I know but in all honesty, I enjoy watching them go bonkers. But I am also a loyal neighbor.

    Amy, glad you liked it.

    Valentina, I guess that's why soaps are so hot. I think a lot of people enjoy these stories.

    Shub, yeah both of them are ;-)

    Anh & Barbara, thanks

    Arundati, weimar - come over for coffee. I can normally see him tending to his plants from my back yard!

    Joey, hehehe - thanks.

    Tanna, I am sure you'll like this one.

    Priya, cool idea but I need to protect their privacy!

    this little mainyacha - LOL! Yes, as a matter of fact that is exactly one of his main routes.

    Kanchana, am I that worthy? Thanks!

    Mandira & Poonam, thanks

    Mythilli - oh that is so true. If only you all knew what goes around here!!

    Bril, he wins even without those tomatoes lol! But he gets a few bonus points for the tomatoes!

    Anita, I am with you 100%

  27. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing recipe for the Fresh Produce of the Month event! I'd love to try some of these gnocchi!!!!
    And actually, I'm going to try to make gnocchi with your recipe. I never used potato starch and semolina - always only regular flour (plus the potatoes of course). But mine never looked as good as yours, so I'll definitely have to try your version!

  28. Gorgeous photo and the gnocchi looks heavenly!

  29. ooo! I already have a cursh on this pilot guy now.

  30. I tried them Meeta and simply delicious. So quick to make yet the flavours bowled us over. Instead of the peppercorns I used some finely chopped Pepperonicini (i got mini-pumpkin shaped ones at the farmer's market... pungent!) and real good. Well ofcourse i used store-bought gnocchi... but well I'm glad I tried this recipe. Thanks!

  31. Wow, what a stunning dish! The recipe and the photo are both gorgeous.

  32. Wonderful recipe, I just do and it was delicious thank you :D


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