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Orange Rose by MeetA

It's been something I've wanted to do for a while. Share a bit of home design with you. I actually even started off last year with a few ideas but somehow, like so many things, the idea got lost in the daily routine.

Then the lovely Janelle of Talk of Tomatoes created a great event called Centerpiece of The Month and I have been wanting to take part in it for absolutely forever. The perfect kick to get on with my home design session here on the blog.

So, for my first entry to this event I present to you a bouquet in orange. The flowers are entirely courtesy of my neighbor. She lives a few houses down the road and has the most gorgeous garden one has ever set their eyes on. She's 55 and has a small flower shop - how convenient eh?

Well whenever Soeren and I are over to visit I am never allowed to leave without a bouquet of flowers cut from her garden.

Orange Gerbera by MeetaA

Today we put together a dream in orange. As I was wearing an orange blouse and feeling high spirited she suggested I take this lovely summer color home with me. She put together roses, gerberas and berries. Then she gave me the bunch and I tied it up into a bouquet.

At home I placed it in a rectangular glass vase. Looks lovely doesn't it!

Orange Blooms by MeetaA

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Finally I also got around to taking a picture of that lovely apron I won for these blondies. Thanks once again to Myriam!

Browniebabe Apron by MeetaA

My browniebabe entry this month are these rich chocolate mocca brownies. Enjoy them!

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  1. OMG, that's an absolute beauty. Congratulations on winning the prize too.

  2. Beautiful centerpiece! You have such a generous neighbor.

  3. meeta - look at you browniebabe! and the centrepiece is adorable, too.

  4. That peach and yellow rose is the very color we had for our wedding. Needless to say, I think it's gorgeous! :)

  5. Just browsing the internet, your blog is very, very interesting.

  6. I like you in the orange 'chikan' kurta better as the center piece, and hey you look COOL in the apron! The flowers are lovely!

  7. Hi Meeta..the flowers look lovely! Can't figure out what the mesh-like thing is though..what is it?!

  8. Meeta -
    Sweetie.. I think you are absolutely S * * * . I mean with all those goodies you bake, how the hell do you look like that...

    The apron looks great on you.. and so does the centerpiece.. and wheeee it has my favorite flower , the gerbera :) :)


  9. Meeta, you look gorgeous! The orange blouse is so fetching, and the apron...the flowers are pretty too!

  10. Gorgeous flowers. You are so clever Meeta.

  11. hey meeta, gorgeous orange colours...!!

  12. i love gerberas and roses and i dont remember the day when i didn't have these two beauties in my room:) gerberas always makes my day brighter even on gloomy day. beautiful center piece.

  13. Gorgeous ! Loved the first one especially. :)

  14. Hi Meeta! You have a marvelous blog!

    And I love your photographs!!

    I sure will be back to read more of your entries..for now, a greetings from Holland!

  15. Looking hot in the apron! I love centerpieces too...


  16. Those orange flowers would look lovely with your orange blouse. What a beautiful centerpiece you created. And congrats on being browniebabe and earning that cute apron! I saw the competition...really good brownies of all kinds...you ROCK!

  17. Oh that's a beautiful centre piece, roses are one of my favourite flowers, and you capture them so well in pictures.

  18. Totally beautiful center piece - what a fantastic neighbor you have. I love the color.
    And you look fabulous in the apron!

  19. The center-piece is so full of life and colour, it is bound to bright any place it adorns.

    Looking good in your apron there hon.

  20. Lata, thank you dear!!

    Lydia, Yes, she is totally wonderful. Even thought there is a age difference we move on the same wave length!

    Myriam, the honor comes from you gorgeous and I cherish the apron. Thank you!

    Susan, it must have been a totally romantic wedding. I love peach and orange flowers too!

    Freddie, thank you. Stop by more often!

    Nandita, LOL! Me as a centerpiece you crack me up girl! Thanks for the compliment though. Hugs!

    Priya, thanks. The brown mesh thing is a bunch of very thin twig-like decoration especially used to keep flower in shape when they are put into a vase. One can buy them at any gardeners/flower shop.

    Mythili, you are mad girl! But thanks I am rather flattered LOL! I like gerberas too.

    Anita, awww! I am getting a big head now. Thank you for the compliment!

    Barbara, thank you so much!

    Rachna, thanks!

    Sia, thank you. I have a lot of flowers around the house too and I agree it brings color and sunshine into the house. Thanks!

    Coffee, thank you!

    Thess, thanks! Hope to see you around!

    Kanchana, Thank you!!

    Elle, you rock too girl. I appreciate your comment. It kind of made me float on cloud 9 LOL!

    Kelly-Jane, thanks so much!

    Tanna, you flatterer! ;-)

    Cnynthia, thanks gorgeous!

  21. Wow, this looks so pretty!!! no words to describe its impeccable beauty!! ur centerpiece will be a strong contestant Meeta...

    good luck!

  22. That is one gorgeous centerpiece!

  23. Meeta...thats a lovely one...liked your orange apron is very pretty...


  24. I love the shades of orange you found in your neighbour's garden. I just started to work in a flower shop myself and can't remember the last time I saw gerberas in that subtle a shade. The whole thing is lovely!


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