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Berry Bouquet (01) by MeetaK

Autumn does have its beautiful aspects. Ever since I started taking photography a little more seriously I have really come to appreciate seasons under a totally different light. Colors are more vivid, things that would previously go unnoticed, stand out in all their beauty.

It's just so hard to accept it straight after summer - and so soon.

I decided to bring in the rich Autumn colors and the distinctive foliage, I personify Autumn with, into my living room in the form of a gorgeous looking bouquet. Shades of orange, red and yellow, highlighted with green, remind me that soon we will be able to view the spectacular changes in the scenery as the leaves and fields turn color. Rose hip, physallis, mini pumpkins and apples and ivy are all plants, berries and fruit I associate with Autumn.

I wanted to have all this in a nice little arrangement and after thinking about it for a while I realized I could collect all the items required for my bouquet in free nature. So one afternoon I wrapped Soeren and myself in warm sweaters and boots and we went for a walk around our neighborhood and the fields.

Berry Bouquet (02) by MeetaK

We borrowed rose hip, berries and physallis from a few neighbor's shrubs, collected ivy and other leaves from the street side bushes, plucked baby apples from the several trees growing on a field behind our house - the only thing I actually bought was the mini pumpkin.

Once I had all my items together I asked my darling florist neighbor for advice and help. Together we arranged the bouquet to fit my small circular vase - not too high and not to wide. Once finished it looked spectacular and I do have to admit I am now looking forward to Autumn with a bit more anticipation.

Creating your own Autumn bouquet is really easy as many of the things can be found either in our backyards, on the roads we travel to and from everyday, in forests or fields. So, the next time you are out and about all you need to do is take a small basket and collect anything you think you can use. Then follow the the advice from my neighbor.
  • Make sure you have a variety of leaves, fall flowers and berries - for an elegant looking bouquet try keeping the colors in tone with each other.
  • Measure the vase you would like to place the bouquet in and then make sure you cut the leaves and flowers according to the length of that vase.
  • Remove extra leaves and foliage from the bottom of the stems - a few centimeters
  • Place the main object - in my case it was the pumpkin - in the center of the arrangement. We fixed the pumpkin (the apples too) on a long wooden shashlik spear.
  • Add bits of green at an angle to the object.
  • Add the rest of your items to the arrangement until you get a nice round appearance

  • Berry Bouquet (03) by MeetaK

  • Fill and gaps with berries, leaves or flowers.
  • Use a rubber band to keep the stems together.
  • Cut the stems at the required length.
  • Cover the stems with a few layers of colored ribbon.
  • You can use so many beautiful and interesting Fall colored flowers and fauna. Maple. nandina, pink or red oak and persimmon leaves are all perfect for a Fall arrangement and chrysanthemums, marigolds and asters are flowers that last a long time in your bouquet.
  • Keep your bouquet in vase filled with warm water as this will help it last longer. Also change the water every two days so that the stems do not wilt and the water does not become murky

Berry Bouquet (04) by MeetaK>

Looking at the bouquet I have to admit Autumn will have its great moments. I loved putting this bouquet together. It actually started with our walk - Soeren is full of energy and bubbling with ideas so a simple walk always turns out to be a great experience. Then the few hours I spent with my lovely neighbor I mentioned in this post were wonderful. I just love her and her sense of humor and although she is much older than I am I still feel like she understands me without me having to say much. The bouquet now reminds me of these moments.

Hope you have fun making your own!

This is my Centerpiece of the Month going over to Janelle.

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  1. It is just beautiful.
    You do have TALENT Meeta.
    I can never make such a bouquet.
    And that too for free ( not counting your hardwork and soreens)
    For me a bouquet of flower is just to the flower shop and buying one.
    I think i am going to follow your foot step.
    You are lucky to have such a givinh neighbours.

  2. Meeta, I just wandered over here looking for some recipe inspiration but how lovely to find floral inspiration instead! You're quite right, you don't actually need much in the way of beautiful blooms to create something pretty.

    It does seem a bit harsh having autumn arrive already after such a stunted summer but it is my favourite time of year so I'm not too sulky about it yet.

    Anyway, I'm off to ransack my garden now!

  3. The autumn bouquet looks very pretty and a nice blend of colours.It just brightens any room. Beautiful :)


  4. You are mighty creative, Meeta. Love the colours.

  5. ah! beautiful meeta...u have given me inspiration to do something like this for my home...

  6. I love fall and autumn, so refreshing to see the yellows and oranges on the trees...I sure prefer it to summer:)

    lovely centerpiece Meeta!

  7. that was lovely. Why don't you do a series on fuss-free centerpieces? like this one...

  8. Beautiful, beautiful photos! These centerpieces look good enough to eat!

  9. This is so beautiful... the weather's changed here too... none of the colours, but the nip in the air :-)

  10. Meeta!!
    I just can't belive you put that wonderful bouquet together!!
    so vibrant colours!!
    u are very creative Meets!!!!!

  11. Thanks for all the great compliments. Yes, I too was rather proud of the bouquet, but do not forget I had professional help and advice from my neighbor!! ;-)

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    please visit,see you there

  13. Inspiration strikes! It's been too long since I did some flower arranging... Gorgeous arrangement!

  14. the arrangement will brighten any room, certainly brightened my day :)

  15. I love the look of that centerpiece. Packs a punch of lovely forms and colors!

  16. The bouquet is beautiful and what a great story to go with it. The walk, the time with your neighbour, all pretty heart warming stuff. Just what we need in Autumn.

  17. Love your photographs. Love the Autumn, or the Fall as they call it here.

  18. I agree - I can't believe how quickly summer flew by; but I LOVE autumn, and I am willing to welcome the season change with open-arms. your centerpiece is a perfect way to begin the new season right! :0)

  19. How cool that you had all those wonderful "ingredients" for your centerpiece practically in your backyard!

  20. Meeta that is stunning and you should be awe struck by it! You certainly have a gem of a neighbor.
    And that is one of the greatest gifts our children give us: new eyes to see the world through.

  21. That looks really wonderful Meeta!

    I cannot WAIT for Autumn!

    Roberto and I are going to New England in a few weeks to our old stomping grounds and I cannot wait - it is my favorite time of year!! This just put me in the mood!

  22. I love Autumn, and your pictues are just fabulous! Well done :)

  23. That's a bright and attractive photo taken. Beautiful.

  24. So many Autumn people out there. True a bouquet like this puts everyone in such a mood. Thanks for all your comments and lovely feedback!

  25. Such great photos... the one I would have loved is the two of you bundled up finding the perfect leaves.
    I linked to you on my centerpiece of the month!

  26. Some great ideas here! I will have to wait a bit until fall delivers the necessary items. Hmmmm, wonder where I put a pile of pecans in a centerpiece? We'll see.


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