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Pumpkin Bouquet by MeetaK (02)

It lies on hand that October is all about pumpkins. I am sure many of you have pumpkins on your minds too. Thinking about different faces or designs your Jack o' Lanterns might have this Halloween. This is certainly a fun month in the year.

I wanted to welcome October elegantly though. Although I have a few ideas of what scary faces my pumpkins will put on at the end of the month, I was keen on doing something a little different with the mini pumpkins my mother-in-law gave me.

As she grows these in her garden I got a generous load of them. Initially they were placed in and around the house - arranged in different ways. All rather boring I kept thinking.

Finally my brain experienced the light bulb effect and I was excited to quickly realize my ideas. So, Soeren and I went for one of our walks in the woods and collected chestnuts, acorns and acorn leaves, berries, hibiscus, flowers and anything else we thought might look good in the arrangement.

I went to the florist on the way home and bought a nice orange/peach colored rose and some floral foam.

Pumpkin Bouquet by MeetaK (05)

We got home and spent a good hour designing our centerpiece of the month. It was quite easy once everything was sorted out.

You'll need:
Colored leaves, chestnuts, acorns, berries, physallis, flowers - basically anything a long walk in the woods will give you.
A rose - the color of the rose should match the Fall colors of the bouquet
Floral foam
Wired wood picks
Greening pins
Floral glue
A small plate or tea saucer

Pumpkin Bouquet by MeetaK (06)

How to:
Simply cut the top of the pumpkin and remove the flesh and seeds. As mini pumpkins are not edible throw this away. Cut a small piece of the floral foam so that it fits snugly into the pumpkin. Using the wood picks, greening pins and glue arrange your flowers, leaves, nuts and berries into the foam to give a nice voluptuous arrangement.

On the plate or tea saucer, fix a few colored leaves using the floral glue. Make sure the leaves cover the plate nicely. Place the pumpkin bouquet in the middle of the plate. Finally glue a few nuts onto the leaves and fill any gaps with green moss or leaves.

A day or so later a good friend of mine came over to visit us and she was so enamored by the creation that she requested me to make a few for her birthday party a few days later. I was delighted to and as she only needed three the arrangements were ready in no time.

This time I went for a peach colored rose and added a few green leaves from the roses to the arrangement. I sprayed the nuts with a bit of hairspray to give them a glossy shine. I also integrated the top of the pumpkin into the arrangement.

Pumpkin Bouquet by MeetaK (07)

This month the lovely Sandi of Whistlestop Cafe is hosting Centerpiece of the Month and I would love to send her one of these little Pumpkin Bouquets to brighten her October.

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  1. Very stunning arrangement! one of my fav seassion.

  2. Meeta~ I love your fall bouquet! The colors are perfect. I can't wait to see what we get this month. I'll be rounding them up and then let you know.

  3. Meeta you have described the season at it's best.colors looks absoutely stunning love your composition.

  4. I love centerpieces which focus on seasonal flowers/fruits/vegetables. Your's looks beautiful!

  5. Oh Meeta, you should take ikebana classes, you'd be brilliant at it!

  6. totally adorable! I'm sure everyone must be stunned by this center-piece!
    Love to listen about nuts collecting in the wood... I can only imagine or dream about it while living in city.

  7. Just gorgeous Meeta! Thanks for the inspiration :) I should pay more attention to my centerpieces!

  8. thats really pretty. lovely combo of colors.

  9. ufff.. this cant get more beautiful than its already looking... the orange is soothing the eyes like nothing else... sigh... :)

  10. This is really, really pretty! Now you've inspired me to go out and try assembling something remotely cool looking with pumpkins :)

  11. Hi everyone! Thanks for leaving your comments. Glad this one put you all in the mood for October - the colors and the season is spectacular. If you do get around to making something similar please come back and share them with me!

  12. I love it! Absolutely stunning and inspiring too.

    I've missed a few posts, loved the sound of the banana brioche pudding!

    Enjoy your time in Dubai.

  13. Your arrangements are just lovely. What a talent you have!

  14. What a gorgeous blog! I have just been looking at your photos. Just wonderful!

  15. Meeta: you have outdone yourself. Never before have I wanted to eat a flower: but the whole centerpiece is so edible looking!

  16. You are just creative! Way beyond me. This is so beautiful.
    And I love that you and Soeren gather parts for these on your walks.
    Enjoy your holiday!

  17. What a spectacular celebration of the season! Simply gorgeous!

  18. Hi Meeta.. its beautiful, very creative & original.

  19. Meeta, your centerpieces shine with your creativity! They are simply gorgeous!

  20. What a beautiful arrangement! Very elegant for a fall harvest table!

  21. That is gorgeous! I love the colors!

  22. I appreciate all the feedback here. Hope you found the instructions easy enough to give this a try.

  23. Meeta~ I have posted the round-up. I look forward to your's everymonth.
    What is up your sleeve for November?

  24. Gorgeous colors, Meeta! Perfect for Fall.


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