Friends & Feasts: Persimmon Honey Nut Yogurt Verrines

Persimmon Verrines (01) by MeetaK

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, soup, vegetable sides, biscuits, rolls, cakes, cookies - well the list for your Thanksgiving menu might look a little this. Let's not even think about how long that shopping list might be.

So how many hours are you planning to spend in that kitchen?

You might be thinking she forgot dessert. How can she forget dessert? Aaahhhh - you see I have not forgotten dessert. On the contrary I am here to help you reduce the hectic and time you will spend in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day.

You can hug me later LOL!

It's no secret that I love entertaining and on the whole do not mind cooking up a feast in the kitchen. However, I try to be efficient where ever and whenever I can - without loosing anything on the taste, flavor or quality of the dish.

It's also no secret that I am always thinking up of quick easy desserts. Mostly because I like to treat my family to something sweet during the week as a special "Thank you for being here" kind of thing or simply after cooking up a few courses or dishes for friends - dessert sometimes needs to be quick and simple.

Fancy, time-intensive desserts are great too and I am sure you will find a large selection here, but why not save those for when the rest of the meal is lighter and simpler.

A Thanksgiving meal is just something one cannot really cut out on when it comes the mains and sides. I think you will agree - you will be spending hours on that turkey or roast, on the gravy that goes with it, the vegetables might not take too long individually but if you plan on making 3-4 different sides well the time simply ticks by.

Dessert however, can be a little simpler and that's where I come in! In this Friends & Feasts post I want to share a dessert that is simply exquisite. It pairs fresh fruit of the season with beautiful pistachios and cinnamon all layered with a honey yogurt - luxury in a glass!

Persimmon 2007 by MeetaK
Sweet, juicy and fruity - Persimmon

I used juicy, ripe Fuyu persimmon fruits. If you are unfamiliar with these fruits you will find a detailed "know-how" here.

The verrines can be made a day ahead and kept in the refrigerator to allow them to chill out. It also allows the flavors and aromas to infuse with each other.

So cut yourself some slack this Thanksgiving and go easy on the dessert - but by no means go easy on flavor. This will have your guests licking out the glasses. Promise!

Kisses and hugs are accepted in comment for ;-)


Come join me for a Traditional Feast this month. Bring along your favorite dish to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanuka or Diwali.

Details can be found here.
Deadline: December 3rd.

Printable version here.

Persimmon Verrines (03) by MeetaK

500 - 600 g thick creamy yogurt
6-8 tablespoons acacia honey
2 ripe persimmons - cut into bite sized pieces
Juice from 1/2 a lime
75 g unsalted pistachios - coarsely chopped


Persimmon Verrines (06) by MeetaK

Whisk in the honey with the yogurt, then cool in the refrigerator.

In a bowl mix the lime juice with the persimmon fruit pieces.

In verrine glasses or bowls layer the fruit then the yogurt alternatively. End with yogurt, then sprinkle with some cinnamon and cover with the chopped pistachios.

Chill for a few hours. Before serving you can add a dash of honey on top of the nuts as this gives the dessert a wonderful glossy coating.


Persimmon Verrines (04) by MeetaK

That was it! I love the combination of soft, juicy fruit with the smooth honey yogurt and then that crispy, cinamonny crunch. I tested this out on a friend, L., of ours who visited last week and believe me L., Soeren and Tom were scraping the last bits off with their spoons - the clinking of the spoon against the glasses was music to my ears LOL!

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  1. Meeta, this sounds fantastic. Beautiful photos too.

  2. I had a bad experience with persimmons. I, without knowing, bought Hachiya persimmons and tried making salsa. Lets say it was no way near fruity and delicious. And later did I learn that that variety needs to be cooked.
    I love this beautiful dessert. Apart from being delicious, its also healthy.

  3. I have never tried persimmons before, but now I will have to investigate them further! And lucky me, my mother-in-law will be making the majority of the Thanksgiving dinner this year. But I will be saving this recipe to try as a wonderful, easy, weeknight dessert!

  4. This is one quick and easy yet yummy thanksgiving treat meetha. Pic is lovely.

  5. Meeta, this looks gorgeous and delicious and is healthy too! WOW :)

  6. Outstanding! You are right, the hugs are going to be bountiful. :)

  7. Verrines are definitely my favorite dessert to make. One can be as creative as he/she wants and they always look impressive. Beautiful again!

  8. Very nice photos! :-) They all look so yummy!

  9. Love this recipe and the fact that it seems stress-free to prepare. Kisses and hugs,

  10. Those are some seriously gorgeous looking verrines.

  11. Hi,
    the recipe looks delicious, persimmons are in season where I live and they keep showing up at my back door- now I have something yummy to make with them! The photo is beautiful, as is your blog.

  12. Wow! These pictures are fabulous. And you're using persimmons. And honey. And nuts.

    I'm so excited about this! :)

  13. Kalyn, Thank you so much. A nice Light dessert for the holidays!

    Sug - I think everyone who is new to persimmon must have fallen in that trap! LOL!

    Deborah - Exactly it's perfect for the weeknights because it's so easy. You are a lucky gal - enjoy Thanksgiving!

    Rina - Thank you

    Andaliman - thanks

    Mandira - yes it is healthy too - but you can still reduce the honey content to make it less sweeter.

    Cyn, Thanks and hugs back to you too!

    Helene - thank you and I agree verrines always look impressive.

    Phoenix - thanks

    Paz - kisses an hugs back to you too.

    Pea - you bet. Hope you give them a try.

    Lydia - yes for a change no baking. Thanks

    Katia - thanks so much for your feedback and comment.

    Kaykat - was i using your fave ingredients. Yaaay! Glad you like it!

  14. Hi Meeta - I tried your Raspberry dream cream this weekend but took a hint from the recipe above and added honey instead of sugar. All I can say is YUM! I served it in white wine glasses and let me tell you, everyone on the table LOVED it! And this was so easy - and only 1 dish to clean up - LOVE IT! Thanks for such a lovely (and easy) recipe ;-) - Preeti.

  15. What a wonderful idea for dessert! Beautiful photo. What did you use as a backdrop for this photo? I love the texture!

  16. I must agree with you on this one Meeta! I love time in the kitchen but some times you need out. Persimmons always remind me of my 2nd mother (my aunt) as she had a persimmon tree across the road from her house and we loved them together. I owe my love of ice cream cones and the technique to licking one to her and my love of buttermilk to her.
    I do love this! My dad will really go for it with the nuts!

  17. What a gorgeous site! Totally inspiring. I'm going to put a link to it on my blog.

  18. Meeta, I see you have a passion for pistachios:) I love them too....this looks great! I made a chocolate-walnut persimmon cake and have been hooked on this fruit since then!


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