CLICK: A Greener Shade of Purple

Pistchios (03) by MeetaK

I'm covered in flour, sugar and butter and need a break. I've just spent the whole day with Hilda making our Daring Bakers challenge for this month. Right, there was flour, sugar and butter involved but that's all I'll reveal for now. If these lovely nuts were a part of the challenge and what exactly took us 4 hours to make you'll find out next weekend.

These nuts however are a main part of one thing ...

... for the next session of Click, the awesome photo workshop created by Jai and Bee.

After judging for the first two sessions, this is the first time I am actually taking an active part. So I was literally going ... nuts!

The theme actually got me into action to finish off something I have been wanting to do for a long time. A comprehensive Nutology. If you have no idea what I am on about simply check the link - I'm sure you'll find it very valuable.

Back to this picture though. Why did I choose this one in particular?
Well to me it is like a symphony. I love pistachios, not just for their sweet, nutty taste but also because they are the hottest dressed nuts. Stylish in the green and purple coloring - very eye-catching.

This picture shows the pistachios like a simple yet elegant flower opening up and spreading it's jewels around it. The background colors are kept simple to emphasize the green and purple of the nuts. This time I worked with the DOF from above, focusing on the nuts in the bowl and giving the depth with the nuts on the surface.

I used white parchment paper over the textured background on purpose instead of going for an all white look. This way the motive in front, here the bowl, parchment paper holding the nuts was supposed to stand out just a tad bit more than the background. I did not want it all to be completely white. I liked the way the surface offers just a tiny bit more texture to the shot.

Camera: Nikon D70s
Lens: Nikkor 18-70mm
Tripod: Bilora 1211
Focal Length: 70.0mm
Exposure Time: 0.025s (1/40)
Aperture: f/4.5

Talking about photography - maybe you'd like to vote for me over at Well Fed. WFLH has been nominated as Best Food Blog in the category Photography. The Daily Tiffin has also been nominated in the category Family/Kids.

So, if you have nothing to do at this moment, check out the great nominations and then vote - for me - maybe!!!

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  1. that green in the middle is absolutely rivetting. love it.

  2. Love the green .. Awesome pic as usual..

  3. wow! you are participating this time? lovely!!

  4. What an incredible picture. I agree: the green shade of pistachios is surreal. You are going to sweep CLICK, my dear :)

  5. And you got the purple. This is really interesting to "see" your thoughts on how you got this photo!

  6. I absolutely LOVE pistachios. You truly captured the essence and beauty of this nut, in your photograph - well done, Meeta!!

  7. Thanks so much for all these great comments! The feedback is awesome!

  8. That has got to be one of the coolest pistachio pictures ever! I want to stick my hand in there and grab them :)

  9. Gorgeous pictures and wonderful recipes. Your blog goes into my feedreader.


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