The Essence of Flour

Flour (01) by MeetaK


I've been playing around a lot with flour this month. Not only am I experimenting with different types of flour to make the ultimate Indian roti, our Daring Bakers challenge also involved a lot of flour this month. What it was you'll see a little later today. Furthermore, my favorite photography workshop, Click, had us scuttling around for perfect flour shots.

For those who know me, will know, when it comes to photography, my heart beats for food in the raw. Even the calendar on my Gallery will show proof of this. I love taking pictures of the product before they have been added to a recipe to create an extraordinary dish. I find there is something magical and more challenging about ingredients is their raw form.

When Bee & Jai announced the theme for their photo workshop I was a bit stumped. Bee even mentioned it in an email to me. Her words:

"You'll love the theme of the next event!"

Yeah she was snickering away, I bet!

I did take a few shots but knew from the beginning that the picture would represent Flour in it's raw form. I liked this one best. It says it all really. Organic whole wheat flour, sprinkled out on a wooden board, ready for me to start working with it. A simple picture that expresses the essence of flour.


  • Camera: Nikon D70s
  • Lens: Nikkor 18-70mm
  • Tripod: Bilora 1211
  • Focal Length: 46 mm
  • Exposure Time: 1/125s
  • Aperture: f/8

It's certainly not going to win the "Delish" award, if any award at all, but I love the tones of the picture. The simplicity and the message behind it also adds to the shot. What do you think?

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  1. Hey Meeta this is a lovely phtograph.. iam always impressed the way you take phtos.. great going..

  2. Its lovely...flour full of character! Meeta, I love your photgraphy...its very expressive! wWaiting to see the DB loaf!LOL Deeba

  3. i love your pictures....they tell such a story..

  4. love the different shades of brown and the textures. that's the thing about CLICK - it doesn't have to be 'delish' to win in the overall category.

    and i'm sure you love the theme for march. lol.

  5. ;) the title drew me in and then the photo. I love your raw food shots! This one seems especially appropriate. Excellent.

  6. So glad you did this--hope you poured yourself a glass of champaigne to celebrate :)


  7. Looks great! Sadly, my only picturesque flour moments are probably when I make a mess and have a fine dusting of it everywhere. :o

  8. I know how you feel, I did the same thing for my entry.

  9. Thanks everyone! Appreciate your motivation and comments!


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