Click: The Warmth of Metal

Raspberries Metal (062) by MeetaK

I hope I am in time for Click! Probably in the nick of time. But I cannot miss it. I had taken a few shots before I left Germany for Dubai and was rather pleased with all of them. But I decided to select this one for my entry to Click - Metal, which is the current theme.

Metal is a rather cold material. I wanted to portray it in a warm light. Not easy but achievable with the right lighting, colors and backdrops. I have a wonderful matt metal bowl, that I love and it was perfect for this shot. Food had to be a part of the shot. After all food is what this blog is all about. I used some fresh raspberries as I love the warm, pink and red shades, which is always eye-catching. My background is a soothing burlap placemat. These colors reflect against the metal and create a wonderful effect.


  • Camera: Nikon D70s
  • Lens: Nikkor 18-70mm
  • Tripod: Bilora 1211
  • Focal Length: 70 mm
  • Exposure Time: 1/30s
  • Aperture: f/4.5

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Now time for me to get back to my shopping - after all I am in the shopping paradise of Dubai!


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  1. how is Dubai?? I've always wanted to visit, but haven't gotten around to it. I hope you have a great trip!
    ps. nice photo! very warm indeed.

  2. If i were eligible to give you an award, it would be the best in technical category as the metal has been captured perfectly well, and it is crystal clear...
    Your photos always rock, and i find it cute and funny that you think something of my opinions, when im SEVERAL rungs below you in this art :)

  3. You are busily posting from Dubai. I always adore the colors in yr photos. Same goes here. Rgding TOI, my feeds are not updating too.

  4. Definitely looks all warm and fuzzy. Nice capture, Meeta!

    Just sent my Click in, gots to finish up my DB post now! I'm impressed that you did yours while on vacation - brownie points for you :)

  5. The photo is terrific Meeta but your commentary is wonderful. I really like hearing how and what you were aiming for!

  6. I hope you are enjoying your trip! The metal is wonderfully captured!

  7. Hope you are having a blast in Dubai Meeta...thats one place I always wanted to visit. The pic is very well taken with emphasis on the 'METAL' theme. Ur photos are always a treat to eyes.


  8. Great blog. The photos are beautiful!

  9. Hats off you to still blog when on a holiday !

    Wonderful pic!

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  11. Lovely click :-)...hope you're enjoying your holiday...must be spoilt rotten by your folks :-D

    ...and yes, even my feeds are not updating on TOI :-(

  12. I was going to say - you've managed to make chrome look soft, which is no mean feat. I love your photographs. Enjoy Dubai!

  13. Beautiful picture Meeta :)

    Please take a look at this post

    You are the winner of March IFP!!

    See you, Margot

  14. Hi..You have great blog and lovely pictures :)

    Plz do visit @

  15. Dubai was great. I appreciate all your comments. Thanks folks!


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