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Tulip In An Egg (01) by MeetaK

Quite a few years ago a friend of mine brought back two ostrich eggs from her travels in South Africa. They were souvenirs for me and I really found them extraordinary. However, they kind of looked so boring simply sitting in their bowls, one chocolate brown the other vanilla white. So, I put them away. After awhile I got a guilty conscience, so I brought them out again. But then I found them boring and stored them away.

This happened for a while. Until one day the chocolate brown one fell and cracked at the top pointed side. It was a very small crack but it did not look nice. I could not help it but picked at it until the crack became a hole!

A few years later I took the eggs out again and this time I might have re-discovered my creative energy because that hole looked very appealing to me! I got one of Tom's test tubes from the lab where he does his research and turned the egg into a vase! I inserted the test tube into the egg and placed a single flower into the test tube. It was gorgeous. The egg was not boring anymore but looked like a designer item from somewhere in Milan or Paris.

This year I purposely cracked a hole in the vanilla white egg. Poor thing it was crying out all along for me to turn it into a designer looking vase too. It looks hotter then the chocolate brown one now. Delicate and elegant.

Although I will be in Dubai over Easter and there will be no Easter decorations to keep me busy this month, I still wanted to add a little touch around the home.

I placed the vanilla white egg in a bowl lined with a bit of moss. The flowers are keeping in the tones of the eggs using only the greens of the leaves for color. I loved this tulip because it is so unusually colored. Not pure white but with green hues. Simply gorgeous.

Tulip In An Egg (02) by MeetaK


It really is an eye-catcher isn't it?

This is my Centerpiece of the Month and I am sending it over to the lovely Sandi, who rounds up some lovely ideas each month. So if you are looking for home design ideas head on over to her blog towards the end of the month!

Inspiring Food Photography Award

Have you voted for me yet? LOL! If you are wondering what I am on about, well Margot of Coffee & Vanilla chooses a few blogs each month that have inspiring food photography, then it is up to the readers to choose their favorite. I have some tough competition for sure, but maybe you'll find a minute to head on over there and give in your vote - er - for me of course LOL!

E For Excellent Award


An Award I have already gotten is the E for Excellent Award. The very gorgeous and gracious Jen from, one of my fave blogs, Use Real Butter thought deserved this. Excellence? Well I am so chuffed because it's a word that I myself would never use to describe my own blog, but the impact, when a dear blog friend thinks that it deserves such an award, is huge. Thank you Jen an honor coming from you because I love your pictures and writing too.

It is now my honor to pass this award further. I am really not sure who has or who has not already received this Excellence award but if you have already had it then your blog and work must be outrageously excellent! 

Culinary Concoctions by Peabody - Pea is not only my Daring Baker in crime but she is my drool mistress. As soon as I enter her blog the buds on my tongue start to moisten and salivate! No more gory details, but be warned this lady has the power to make you drool without even saying "drool!" That in my opinion deserves this award.

Dad - Baker & Chef - Dharm is the only man I know who can cook and bake. He also has a loving wife and two adorable kids. If you are thinking a man who can cook and bake is no big deal then please take a peak at what he creates. He is teaching us over at the Daily Tiffin how to decorate cakes and plan parties! How excellent is that?

Saffron Trail - Nandita has a way with food. She can take almost any dish and turn it into a healthy meal. It always leaves me in awe. She creates these dishes with ease and no fuss at all so making them at home is no trouble at all. Excellent in every way.

The Perfect Pantry - Lydia and her pantry have made me discover, rediscover and experiment with so many ingredients she features. I love her blog as it showcases several single items that one should have in a pantry. Lydia, soon I will have to extend my pantry thanks to your recommendations and suggestions.

I am looking forward to discovering a lot of new blogs.

Before I sign off for today just wanted to point you in the direction of FoodieView and my first article - A New Look at Indian Cuisine. Hope you enjoy reading it and I would love your feedback on it. My next article is due soon and I'll let you all know in time.

In the meantime happy decorating!

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  1. Wow beautiful. You do have talent to make these beautiful pieces.
    I loved the title too.
    Here too i am starting to decorate the living with yellow for easter. Every year i do it, but ofcourse i don't have such a beautiful own center piece like you :-))

  2. How creative! And how cool to have not only 1 ostrich egg, but 2!

    It looks beautiful and very elegant.

  3. Wow, beautiful! Very creative use of the eggs Meeta! It does have that designer look :)

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words and the lovely award. And for sharing this amazing photo of your egg-vase. Wow!

  5. haha.. that's such a lovely idea :)

  6. This is amazing Meeta! It looks so beautiful.

  7. So beautiful and elegant! I love these green flowers. Ciao, Alex

  8. Meeta that is a truly impressive centerpiece! I love its simple beauty...so sophisticated :)

    I also like it because the colors remind me of my wedding...I wore a vanilla colored dress and had a green orchid in my hair :)

    Congratulations on the award! This blog is really excellent! :)

  9. Meeta, that looks so elegant...what a creative idea :-)

  10. I love your centerpiece but I almost enjoy the story of it's evolution more. It is always interesting to me how a book or an object can be in our sphere unused and seemingly unloved until one day we see it in a new light. Meeta your creativity is wonderful once again!

  11. I love the centerpiece idea! Very creative and modern.

  12. what a wonderful center piece - very creative of you. Good thing you persisted with storing that egg away for all that time.

  13. Beautiful colors together! Loved it every since I saw it on Martha Stewart.

  14. Your friend would be happy to see her gift taking center stage in the blog world!

    Yay! You coming to Dubai for Easter!
    Perfect timing! The weather's not melting hot as yet, it nice and cool, and I hope it continues to be when you are here.

  15. Very pretty indeed & a great centre-piece for Easter! Was really wondering where the post was going in the beginning...this is very SPRING & very FRESH! NICE, Meeta!!

  16. That's quite an eye-catching vase! Looks great


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