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Tulip Splash Of Color (02) by MeetaK

One thing I was looking forward to, when I was in Dubai, was coming back to fresh, lush spring colors. I was really expecting Spring to be in full swing here, waiting for my return from the barren browns and concrete grays of Dubai.

Unfortunately Soeren and I were greeted with cold winds and icy sleet. The weather has been in this tragic state the whole week. Gray and wet! I was so hoping to wear my new outfits I got from Dubai - I gave the phrase power shopping an whole new meaning. LOL!

The great thing is that my new office is a stone's throw away from the Farmer's Market. Heaven for me, because during my lunch breaks I can stroll down there and get my color kick. Mother nature might be stinging with Spring but my fave Farmers were not. Bright colors as far as the eyes could see.

So, I brightened up the office and my home with huge bunches of colorful tulips. Here in the picture I arranged 5 bunches of tulips in all my favorite colors. Each bouquet had five tulips making a huge colorful bunch of twenty five flowers. My pristine glass vase was perfect for it.

Tulip Splash Of Color (01) by MeetaK


I splashed out on color for my Centerpiece of the Month, hoping that I'll be seeing these colors outdoors soon too. The lovely Sandi hosts this event every month and I wanted to send her a huge splash of color. If you too are feeling gray right now I hope this cheered you up a touch.

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  1. What gorgeous flowers!! I have some flowers starting to show, but the tulips are still hiding. I think it's just been too cold. Hopefully in the next few weeks, because I could use some color like this in my world!

  2. Beautiful centrepiece. I love tulips. They're starting to poke through the ground here. I can't wait until they're in full bloom. Probably another month or so before that happens.

  3. Meeta- these are gorgeous! At least you have something beautiful to cheer up your home.

    I have always wanted to grow my own tulips!

  4. Those tulips have definitely brightened my day, too! There are some just starting to poke their leaves up in my garden -- another month, and I'll have my own!

  5. Lovely Lovely Colors - Thanks for brightening up my day! :)

  6. Such lovely flowers! Are the flowers really that lovely or is the photographer just super talented??!!! Welcome Back!

  7. You always say I must "ask first". Can I PLEASE put this vase of beauty in my lounge??? It is such a reminder of the splendor of God's creation...

  8. Those flowers are incredible. I love tulips. Just the touch of color and spring I needed to see on this dreary day. Thank you :)

  9. Meeta, you won't believe it, but tulips are my favorite flowers!
    This is stunning, my friend.

  10. oh dear, I hope the weather shapes up soon - I LOVE spring flowers, in bloom!! those tulips are gorgeous and vibrant.

  11. How absolutley beautiful, I just love Spring time!

  12. Fabulous color and what a great perk with the farmers market.

  13. Wow! Those flowers are stuning. They are so bright and cheerful that I am smileing just looking at them

  14. hi
    after a long time,
    such fabulous colours, we don't find tulips here in India, such a pity..
    how long do they last ? how do you maintain their freshness.

  15. Hi Meeta,

    I have tagged you for a Six Word Memoir.
    Please go to my blog for info

    Thanks :)

  16. Hi Meeta,

    I really like your blog and wanting to add you in our directory. I was going to do it myself, but I am not so sure with your copyright notice. Anyhow, Maybe you can add your blog to our blog directory sometime! It's totally free, it only takes a few seconds, and we would love to have your blog listed. If you have any trouble with it, leave me a comment. :) bye for now! Thanks, khunying

  17. The tulips look gorgeous! I love the way you have arranged them! I might download the picture for my desktop if I can have your permission.

  18. Incredibly PRETTY Meeta...just too pretty!

  19. There are times when I am amazed at how (in my head) a simple post like this can touch so many. I am so glad you all enjoyed these flowers. Hugs to you!

  20. Mahek, these tulips lasted quite a long time! I normally cut the ends off with a sharp knife when I get home and before I put them in the vase. Then make sure you change the water often too. That should keep hem fresh for a few days1


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