Monthly Mingle 20: Bollywood Cooking Roundup


I think this is my favorite Monthly Mingle roundup to date. I was really excited to take a look at each entry as they came in and was totally impressed by all your creations. This month's theme was complete with glamour, stars, gloss and glitter. My challenge to you was to create a dish fit for the red carpet. In Bollywood Cooking I was looking for grand Indian dishes and you all left me starry eyed with your extravagant creations.

We had 36 entries in total. I was especially looking forward to the dishes my non-Indian readers would prepare. From my Indian readers I was expecting dishes that would take Indian food up a notch to the heights of luxury. All of you did not let me down. This is a page to bookmark for sure, because never will you find a list of more exquisite Indian dishes anywhere.

Each entry also has a chance to win this spectacular cookbook by the lovely Bulbul Mankani. We'll be browsing your blogs and scoring the dishes in the next few days. So, stay tuned for that.

Now without any delay, I am proud to present Bollywood Cooking!

  1. Foodfreak: Bengali Mustard Chicken
  2. Lisa's Kitchen: Baked Paneer and Chickpea Cutlets
  3. Cooking 4 All Seasons: Mutton Soup
  4. Peal of East: Chenna poda
  5. Dil Se...: Vegetable biryani
  6. Tasty Recipes: Mutter Paneer
  7. Ranji's Kitchen Corner: Badami Mushroom
  8. What's Cooking: Mughlai Palak Malai Kofta
  9. Spices Corner: Kerela Chicken Curry
  10. Ahaar: Kadai Chicken Curry
  11. Cook with Love: Palak Mushroom
  12. My Food Blog: Vegetarian Biryani
  13. HomeMadeS: Bombay Lamb Curry & Rice Khir
  14. Jugalbandi: Pineapple Fried Rice
  15. Asankhana: Badam Murg/Almond Chicken
  16. Bombay's Foodie: Alu Chole Biryani


  17. A Cracking Good Egg: Rawa Idli & Coconut Chutney
  18. Mike's Table: Egg Curry
  19. Ruth's Kitchen Experiments: Coconut Sweets
  20. Morsels & Musings: Pineapple Pulisseri
  21. Fun & Food: Tandoori Paneer Tikka with Mango Chutney
  22. Introducing Ashley: Spicy Chicken Curry & Naan
  23. Tastebuds: Gajar Ka Halwa
  24. Green Gourmet Giraffe Blog: Roasted Vegetable Vindaloo
  25. Laws of the Kitchen: Date & Coconut Burfi
  26. Evolving Tastes: Mango Rabdi
  27. Enjoying Indian Food: Dimple Kapadia's Bhutta Curry
  28. My Kitchen Treats: Chilli Chicken
  29. As Dear As Salt: Raungi ki Rasewali Subzi
  30. Makan Makanyuk: Gobhi Curry, Rice Pilaf Onion Pakoras
  31. Cooking with Rinku: Chicken Boti Kabab
  32. Cooking From A to Z: Pav Bhaji


  33. Passionate about Baking & Beyond: Lamb Curry
  34. Food-n-More: Kesar Rasmalai
  35. Saffron Trail: Ajwaini Arbi ke Tikkey
  36. What's For Lunch, Honey?: Aachari Alu - Potatoes in Mango Chutney Sauce

  37. Updates:

  38. Iyengar's Kitchen: Masala Potato Hindustani


Now wasn't that the most mouthwatering trip you've ever had through Bollywood? Well soon we'll be announcing the grand winner!

If I've missed your entry, please forgive me, then drop me an email at I'll update the post as soon as I can.

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  1. Thank you once again Meeta! I see so many blogs that are new! This is always a treat.

  2. Thanks Meeta for a great event and a fabulously colourful and exotic roundup. I have been so impatient to see it this time that I have been hopping over to your site every few hours for the last couple of days. The wait was worth it. Thanks again

  3. fabulous round up meeta!!all the dishes look so delicious.looking fwd to seeing who the winner is...all the best

  4. Meeta, I'm salivating! This is such a wonderful collection! Amazing, thanks to everybody who participated. Now I can expand my knowledge of Indian cuisine!

  5. wow, looks awesome Meeta! can't wait to see the results:) this was one fun & challenging theme indeed! thanks for inspiring us to break bonds and getting creative!:)

  6. Meeta, lovely round up many exotic dishes!

  7. gorgeous dishes meeta - am so sad i missed this mingle due to illness.

  8. Thanks Meeta. Definitely a page to bookmark. Lovely theme.

  9. So many great looking dishes here! I'm still learning so much about Indian cooking from your blog.

  10. Dear Meeta,

    Thank you so much for updating my entry!!!!!!!


  11. thanks for this wonderful effort, dear meeta.

  12. That is a lovely round up. I feel so bad I couldn't participate.

  13. Meeta--Thanks for such a lovely event! You're right, this MM is one of the finest collections of grand Indian recipes.

  14. What a mouthwatering collection of recipes. Thanks for putting this together!

  15. WOW, Meeta!! More Indian food I can taste here on the tip of my tounge *drooling all over* Great round-up! Now, I shall start visiting everyone here hehehe...

  16. My mouth is watering looking at these fantatsic dishes - I will have to bookmark some of them and try them out. Thanks for the great theme this month Meeta and for the roundup.

  17. Wonderful mingle Meeta, nice to see varieties of party foods.A page definetly to be bookmarked.

  18. This looks like a fantastic collection! Finding good write-ups on making Indian cuisine can always be a tricky endeavor, but this looks like it should keep me busy for quite some time. Thanks for holding this!

  19. wow! what a lovely array of dishes :)

  20. great job meeta! i'm sure i'll find some ideas for my gastronomic journey through india!

  21. great round up meeta - lots of enticing spicy ideas for me to consider - thanks

  22. wow Meeta, what a treat! I have so many new recipes to try now...

  23. Wow - what a fabulous roundup - I'm looking forward to a leisurely read through!

    So sorry I missed this one too :(

  24. Wonderful roundup, Meeta! Awesome collection of dishes! :)

  25. I am new to Indian cooking so was very curious on how to make bollywood cuisine. All Indian food is Bollywood and glamorous to me:D

  26. YUM YUM Meeta...fab round-up as usual & an index for great recipes!!! The variety is as wonderful as the wide disapora that sent in entries. Bookmarked the page as reference...cheers Deeba

  27. Thanks for doing this, Meeta!

    A highly entertaining roundup :)

  28. Thanks for hosting a great event Meeta. It was a lot of fun. And the round up is lovely too. So many dishes to explore.

  29. wow what a round up and what an inspiration of bollywood cooking!

    I was looking for the current Mingle theme but could not find it?
    No Mingle this month perhaps?

    love, Astrid

  30. I know I am late, but lovely round up and as you said this has to be book marked. Thank you


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