Spring Impressions

Spring 2008 03 framed

If I look back exactly a year ago the colors of Spring and Summer 2007 were faded in their colors. Not as bright and vivid as I usually experience my favorite season. On Friday 23rd it was my grandma's first death anniversary. Last year it was my mum who called and gave me the news about her passing away. Saying I felt numb is an understatement.

Although I had not seen her in a while I felt the incredible void she left. For a person who normally bounces back from the downs and tristful episodes life hands her, I felt myself slipping deeper into a pit of melancholy. Sounds dramatic, I know but I experienced the second half of 2007 without any luster, flavor and spirit. I blogged, but it's easy to hide your feelings behind a notebook. Blogging became a bit of my escape, because no one really saw how badly I was feeling.

Spring came and went, Summer blew past - I was questioning so many things in my life and feeling guilty for not being able to do so many things with my grandma. My job was dragging me down, working from home was taking it's toll. I was not going out as often as I liked to and shutting myself away.

Towards the end of the summer I took a serious step - I decided to make a change in my job. Without really having anything else I simply decided to take a break to get my thoughts, feelings and spirit into perspective. It was not easy. I am moody and Tom got the worse of it. One minute I was doing OK the next minute I was crying - Tom stood by me and tried in his own way to guide me out of the pit. Sometimes I refused the help and simply was happy bathing in self-pity and misery.

I have a few really great friends who did their best to help me. DR, IW, AK are just a few of my girlfriends who lent me a shoulder for support or to cry on, tried to bring me back on track. All with the aim to get me back to the bubbly person I normally am. I mean my nickname is "Champagne Bubbles" - given to me by a dear friend's older sister way back in high school. One person in particular surprised me with his support - an old buddy from the Doha College who believed in me and supported me with each mail he sent. KJ - surprised me with unexpected warmth and support. Thanks people!

Spring 2008 01a framed

I did eventually get back to the bubbly side of life. I like it here much better. I have a new job I am really enjoying with real life colleagues and real discussions. Spring is here again and I am experiencing it in it's fullest glory. I am experiencing the colors and the flavors again to such an extent it's like I am trying to make up for the time I missed last year.

Spring 2008 04 framed

So, I wanted to share the colors and flavors of 2008 that I am living to the fullest this year. Lilacs, runculus, poppies - brighter and more colorful. Tomatoes, raspberries, rhubarb - sweeter and more aromatic.

Spring 2008 02 framed

Just in case - there is someone out there who needs a little color and flavor in their life right now. Hope this makes you smile today!

Thanks to all my blogger friends who, in their own way, support and motivate me. To all my readers who give me a place to come and simply feel good here - thanks for your kind comments and warm compliments every day.

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  1. Oh Meeta, I am glad you found your way out of the darkness... You are lucky to be surrounded by people who care about you... Beautiful pictures, those colors are amazing mood elevators!

  2. Beautiful post, Meeta. We all have times when it's tough to pull out of the dark places, so it helps to know that there is support and friendship wherever you look. Thanks too for sharing these beautiful photos -- they make me smile!

  3. I'm so happy you're feeling better! I'm sure your grandma is so proud!

  4. I love these pictures :-)

    It's funny what we realize about the life we lead and the people we share it with during the darkest hours.

  5. You have to have the bad times to be able to recognize the good.
    My dad always said that to us growing up.
    You just needed a little bad time to see all the good. Welcome back to the bubbly side. :)

  6. You have great family support and friends to get you through the dark time.
    And welcome back Champagne Bubbles :-)

  7. Meeta, I'm proud of you for sharing your feelings so openly and so honestly and I'm so glad that things are getting better too.

    Loving your photos and the new look of the blog.

  8. Meeta, you DESERVE to be surrounded by brightness, support, and care - so glad that you're feeling better. Keep it up!! :0)

  9. u made my day bright with spring colours on gloomy dark day meeta. thank you :)

  10. Happy Spring! You will always have the memories...
    Champagne Bubbles?! :D

  11. I'm glad you were able to make your way back to the "bubbly side" of life. Thanks for sharing some of these Spring colors with us.


  12. nice pics meeta ....AS USUAL:-)



  13. We have so many lessons in life about loss. One thing I have learned with my family and friends and working with families in the hospital, there is no general pattern and no inappropriate way to express our loss. We each will handle it in our own way on our individual time lines.
    Your photos seem to show the bubbles are back. Happy Spring and new year to you Meeta.

  14. What wonderful colors of spring!!! This post reminds me of how I am feeling right now. I so want to go full blast with my baking business but I am scared to let go of my full time job which is dragging me down too. But life is too short and that decision needs to come soon...

  15. Hi Meeta, just this Monday I attended my friend's wake and walked the last part of her life journey with her, along with a handful of other friends. I'm saddened for the loss of such a young and smiley girl. And, I too, regretted not doing much with her when she was still around.

    Life has too many lessons for us, some more painful than others.

    I keep thinking of her all the time, trying to remember as much as I can of her.

    And congrats on regaining your old bubbly self :)

  16. Great shots Meeta. It never gets easier but it gets different. With my uncle and aut visiting we have been watching old movies with my brother and grandma in them and it feels like they have never left. We feel them, we are surrounded by them and the feeling has changed from being lost to beig whole again.

  17. We all could use a little color on any day of the year. Have a great summer ahead, Meeta.

  18. Thanks to you all for your wishes and sentiments. This post was just my way of closing the chapter and getting on with the good times.

    I appreciate all your feedback!

  19. A great post and lovely pictures Meeta. I am glad you found your way back to your bubbly self! :)


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