Monthly Mingle 23: Mango Mania & Winner of Bollywood Cooking

MM Mango Mania July 2008-550px

Oh the mango. The queen of fruit! Wouldn't you agree?

There are so many wonderful varieties of this sensational fruit. Pick up a fresh, ripe mango and breath in its sweet aroma. There is nothing quite like it. If you are like me you can hardly wait to cut open the ripe fruit. Behold the vivid yellow/orange color, spoon out the juicy flesh and sit back and experience the aromatic flavors.

This month I am dedicating a whole mingle in the honor of this delicious fruit. Fill your shopping bags with juicy mangoes and create extravagant dishes with the fruit. The selection is huge as mangoes are so versatile. They can be used in savory and sweet dishes. My only request is to use fresh fruit, because only then will you enjoy the full aroma and exceptional tastes of this wonderful fruit.

This month I want you to go mad with Mango Mania. Make cool ice creams, creamy mousses, elegant tarts or hearty breads. Your deadline is July 14, 2008.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a dish that fits the theme of “Mango Mania” as described above
  2. Post about it on your blog anytime from now until 14 July(entries must be in English, please).
  3. Link to this post and send the details to me (see below).

Once you’ve posted your dish, send an email with “Mango Mania” in the subject line to: meetasmingle (at) gmail (dot) com by 14 July with the following information:

  • your name
  • your location
  • the name of your blog and its URL
  • the name of your dish and a link to the relevant post
  • a copy of the main photo of your dish 200px wide

I am so looking forward to all your mouthwatering entries.

Now I come to the fantastic part of announcing the lucky winner of the Monthly Mingle Bollywood Cooking. The spectacular roundup was stunning with 37 entries who were competing for the star studded The Bollywood Cookbook by the lovely Bulbul Mankani. But it was not just the book - it was a personalized autographed book by Bulbul herself! After a few hurdles we finally managed to pick out the lovely winner.

I am so glad to announce that the gorgeous Arfi of HomeMades is the one to walk away with the prize. Arfi created a splendor of a feast with a spicy Bombay Lamb Curry and a Pistachio Saffron Almond Kheer. Both Bulbul and I agreed that it was a feast that was fit for a Bollywood Superstar. Arfi the book will be on its way to New Zealand from India. Congratulations!

Mansi has just posted the roundup for the MM 22 - Appetizers & Hors D'Oevres. If you are hosting a party or get together anytime soon this is a page to check out!

If you too would like to guest host the Monthly Mingle in the future drop me an email at blogmeeta [at] gmail [DOT] com (Please not that this email address is different to the one you should send in your entries at.)

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  1. Congratulations to Arfi, looks like she has created a great meal!:)

    We had 3 Mango events in last 2 months. Good choice, I am sure there will be flood of Mangoes again!:)
    I will be on my Summer break in 2-3 weeks, I might have to skip this event until I come back.

    Have a great Sunday, Happy Father's day to your hubby!:)

  2. Yeah congrats to Arfi,
    Love Mangoes, If i get delicious mangoes i will sure send you something sweet :-)

  3. We've just started to see boxes of really great mangoes at our local Indian markets -- just in time for the mingle!

  4. sounds good.. been meaning to make something with all the mango in my house. i'm in.

  5. First of all, Congrats to Arfi on a winning platter!

    and the Mnago theme sounds awesome Meeta! I posted a Mango Mouss just yesterday, so my one entry is ready!:) have to see what else I can come up with!:)

    hope Soren's having a blast with dad on Father's Day!:)

  6. Thank you so much, Meeta and Bulbul. I am so thrilled! However, I won't be able to enter the mango season theme as we're in Winter here in New Zealand. Hope you all are going to have fun with all the mango dishes. Look forward to seeing all the entries.


  7. can't wait to cook up something with mangoes!

  8. great theme meeta, i never cook with mangoes - just adding them to smoothies or fruit salads - so it'll be good to stretch myself.

  9. I have been going mango mad for the last couple of months and now the rains have started mangoes will be gone till the next summer.:(

  10. Oh, wow! I love mangoes. Should be interesting to see the different recipes for this. ;-)

    Have a great week!


  11. yes. arfi's was my favourite too.

  12. I was one step ahead of you! I just posted a caramelized mango ice cream, and it's delicious!

  13. funny, the night you posted this, we made a mango dish that should now be in your inbox :D

  14. Yum yum yum. I LOVE mango. I miss living in the tropics where we could get fresh local mango (often right off a tree in our neighborhood). not so much local mango in Chicago USA.

  15. Just sent in my entry - Mango banana frangipane tart, and waiting for the round up:)

  16. I thought I'd have run out of mango ideas... sent 3 entries to WBB Mango earlier... but I made mango kulfi on Saturday and remembered to take a picture. So I am glad I can send it in to you :-)

  17. Hi Meeta,
    Just sent my entry as well.

  18. I sent you my entry, but I haven't gotten the response that you usually send. So I'm leaving a comment too.

  19. Dear Meeta, Just sent my entry.


  20. Hi Meeta, had sent you my entry too, don't know if you got it.

  21. Hi, is it too late to send my entry?


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