Pretty In Pink: Rhubarb Raspberry Trifle

Raspberry Rhubarb Trifle (04) by MeetaK

So, I am now 36! WOW!

Have I reached the top of the hill and am I on the climb down on the other side? It's what everyone says, "After 35 you are on the slide down!" I don't know about you, but I do not feel like I am sliding down any hill! Not right now.

I remember at the age of 18/19 I could not wait to hit 30! I am not weird - hear my logic first. See for me 30 was that magical age. Finished with studying and university, settled in a job and earning money, enjoying life. That was how I drew my picture.

At 30 all what I had expected to have came true and even more! See at 30 I was 6 months pregnant, had found the man I loved, was excelling in my career and earning good money. No hassles and fuss - just fun and the good life. At 30 Soeren came in my life and made me confront a new aspect in my life, made me go to new extremes and challenged me in an entirely different role. I have loved every single day of the 6 years and cherished each new lesson I learned.

So now I am 36! I feel stronger and somehow more mature, something only experience gathered over the years can bring. No not old - mature. It's like I know if I hold my hand in the fire it will get burnt - if you will allow the comparison. My life is very fulfilled - sure I have my downs and have my battles to fight but it's not those tough fights and battles, we all had when we were younger. Those fights or battles where we thought the world would come to a halt. These fights and battles always have a solution. I know I can find them because the years have taught me where to look for the solution. So, even after the initial fear or panic - I know I will get through my downs.

My ups? Oh I have those everyday. I love those ups and enjoy them to the limit. I am young at heart and can laugh at myself - something I think is very important. I can be the clown, be the best girlfriend or the teacher. And everyday I am more - I am a car mechanic when my sons Hot Wheels break down. I am a cook in a fine restaurant. I am a high class society lady, or a girlie. I can be the business woman, or just a slob on my couch. How can I not look forward to each new day? Getting older is fun and worth every day - and if you look into the mirror you too will see so much more.

I know you all are looking forward to my celebration dessert. A lovely layered sweet sin in pink. Creamy quark flavored with fresh rhubarb, on top of lemony pound cake and topped off with tart raspberries. A delicious way to celebrate the day - birthday or no birthday. 

Thank you to everyone who left me so many lovely birthday wishes. I was overwhelmed by all your kind words and affection. It's good to know you are there - makes each day just a tiny bit better. ;-)

Printable version of recipe here.

Raspberry Rhubarb Trifle (01) by MeetaK

500g Rhubarb, cleaned and cut into 1 cm pieces
150g sugar
750g fresh raspberries
Zest of 1 lemon, preferably an organic lemon
4 tablespoons Gran Marnier
250g quark
4 slices lemon pound cake

Optional: Pistachios, chopped


Raspberry Rhubarb Trifle (02) by MeetaK

In a large saucepan bring water to a boil. Add the rhubarb add the rhubarb slices and allow in to boil for a minute or two. Drain and allow to drip. Place rhubarb and 100g sugar in a food processor and purée until smooth. Set aside.

In a separate bowl mix together raspberries lemon zest, 50g sugar and 2 tablespoons Gran Marnier together gently, making sure not to squish the raspberries.

In another bowl fold the rhubarb purée with the quark. Cut the lemon pound cake slices in cubes and drizzle with the remaining Gran Marnier.

Now assemble the trifle in tall glasses by placing a few cake cubes at the bottom of the glass, layer with a generous dollop of rhubarb-quark, then a few raspberries. Repeat, finishing off with a few raspberries on the top.

Keep refrigerated for at least an hour so that the flavors can infuse with each other. Serve cold sprinkled with a few pistachios.

Note: If you are unable to find quark, substitute with natural sour cream mixed with whipped cream. Although it will not bring out the typical quark flavor it does a pretty good job. You can also use mascarpone cheese for this. It will be slightly richer than quark but certainly a delicious option.


Raspberry Rhubarb Trifle (03b) by MeetaK

Although strawberries are rhubarb's true partner because of their sweetness, I opted for tarter raspberries. A fantastic pair and for me the hottest combination this summer. I loved the creaminess with the rhubarb sweetened with sugar. Raspberries macerated in the Gran Marnier brings out a fantastic full bodied aroma of the fruit. Simply delicious. Pretty in pink and perfect for any party.

I'd like to dedicate this to all my gorgeous Gemini twins who are celebrating their birthdays this month. Let's rock this party!

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  1. Yay!!! I like the cake! Lovely flavors! The timing is so apt - today's mine *blush *blush*

  2. alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Meeta. the trifle looks really pretty and yummy.

  3. I turn 31 this year, and I feel like I am in the prime of my life. I wouldn't go back to being 18 for anything right now!

    This looks absolutely delicious!

  4. Happy bday, dear Meeta. We, Geminis, are the best - aren't we? :)

  5. Happy belated birthday! those trifles look wonderful! My husband loves rhubarb and raspberries... may have to surprise him with these for Father's Day!

  6. Wishing u a very happy birthday Meeta. a great post with all good reasons to say - older the wiser!..:D


  7. Delicious! I love fresh raspberries.

  8. happy birthday meeta!! as they often say that women are like wines; the more we aged the better we get :-) lovely pink colors!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Meeta! I hope it was a fabulous one.
    The dessert certainly must have been great!


  10. Happy Birthday, Meeta! Your description of your thirties sounds just perfect - whilst I agree on all of it, I'm still waiting for the "wiser" bit myself...despite being 31..;-)

  11. 36 is the new 20, Meeta :)
    I love your zest for life, and you will be a fun-loving girl straight into your 80s and beyond, that's for sure.

  12. 35 was considered middle age when people used to have life span, in average of up to 75yrs. Now that std of our lives have improved, middle age has been pushed to 45+yrs. So you are still very young, enjoy your beautiful Trifle.Hugs!:)
    Better still, you will always be younger than me! Hahaha!!

  13. This looks super delicious.
    Hi hi meeta should i buy you a walking stick :-))))
    Well you just hit 36. I hit my last 3 this May.
    So i think i will need a stick faster than you.

  14. Oh, darling, I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your thirties! :)

    happy birthday again, and i wish you all the good life may offer!

    Love the dessert - especially like the idea of sprinkling it with pistachios, yum!

  15. Meeta, I'm sooo elated to read that you feel strong and content as you gain experience through your years - fabulous!! :0) And that trifle?? GORGEOUS.

  16. Happy birthday Meeta! This looks great!

  17. Happy Birthday Meeta! I'm new here. Gemini I'm too. :)
    You blog is a WOW! The trifle looks really yummy. Just the right thing for this season.

  18. Hi Meeta,
    Delurking to wish you a happy birthday! I simply love your pictures and the way your style your dishes.

    Best wishes,

  19. I hear that 50 is the new 35. You have a long way to go!

  20. Happy Birthday Meeta! No you are not sliding down the hill until you decide to go that way. When I turned 40 I called it "Prime 40" and then Prime 50, you get the idea.
    Live everyday! Enjoy everyday! You can always be be getting better.

  21. Absolutely delicious. And, as someone who is catching up with you, things are just heating up. The best years are yet to come :)

  22. Fantastic meeta.......looks superb!!!!!

  23. They say that 30 is the new 20 so you are still climbing the hill, and the slide down starts much (much)later than 35!! Beautiful as always!

  24. Happy birthday, Meeta! Wish you had a joyful day with your loved ones.

  25. Hi Meeta- Happy Birthday! Thank you for this post. I so enjoyed it. You put a smile on my face. I just turned 27 and I might sounds crazy, but I am very much looking forward to 30. I am so enjoying my life, and everyday learning more and more who I am. And there's so much to work through and look forward to you. I appreciate you uplifting perspective. And great dessert too! ;) Have a great day!

  26. Really pretty pictures Meeta. So tempting to taste it!

  27. Belated wishes Meeta! I love your outlook on the 30's:). The trifle looks awesome and resonates your zest in life!!!!

  28. happy birthday, Meeta. Min ewas yesterday, turned 26. I would love to celebrate with this lovely triffle.

  29. Meeta! Zum Geburtstag Frauleine! Hope you had a happy, happy birthday. Hey, you're still a babe so dont worry about 36 - you still got a way to go before you reach my age - and I dont feel a day over 25! (mentally that is, physically, well that's a different story!)

  30. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Where has my head been lately?!!! Wonderful birthday dessert!

  31. Dear Meeta,
    many many wishes for a belated birthday, but always on time to wish you a wonderful continuation of this new year! Reading your post shows how passionate you are about life, which is really one of the best qualities anyone can desire! A big virtual hug from the opposite side of the world. :) - and yeah, the truffle looks super cute and tempting :)

  32. Once again thanks for the b-day wishes everyone! And if you were all here I'd make on of these for each of you! 30+ is the best!

  33. Trifle looks so soothing. This is the kind of stuff that makes ppl happy! :)

  34. Happy Birthday, Meeta. Truffles look absolutely yummie!! Wowza!

  35. What a wonderful and beautiful combination. My rhubarb is coming up, so I know spring is on it's way. thanks for the great recipe.

  36. wishing u a very meeta happy birthday.Enjoy it

  37. I just came across this because Anh mentioned you had a mascarpone pannacotta and as I was reading I saw that when you were 18 you wanted to be 30! Me too! Everyone else thinks I'm crazy but even when I was a kid I kind of thought of 30 as a great age.


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