It's all coming to-get-her!

Batata Vada (01)Prep by MeetaK

She told me to stop picnicking and barbecuing and start deep frying, so that I would make it to her mad tea party on time.

How could I miss it? After all last year was so much fun!

As you can see I am in a mad dash trying to get it all together! So see you tomorrow with more!

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  1. :D Hmmm...the shape tells me it might be the vada pav you are going for...or a version of it! Thanks for joining in the fun, Meeta. I am sure Tom and Soeren and you enjoyed it too!

  2. Hi Meeta,

    I was goin thru ur blog ....and i see a new post coming.........the pics are awesome:)

  3. Gorgeous new food you're featuring there!! :0)

  4. Hmm now me need to wait for ur next post to watch how will u arrange and capture this typical mumbaiya dish....i m damn sure i m gonna see a breathtaking innovative arrangement for these pretty -fried little

  5. oooh...this looks delicious. Hey, Meeta I know you love Pierre Herme, but if you don't have his miniatures yet I have a contest on my blog giving away full sets of them.

  6. Oh, this picture has made me really hungry.beautiful little patties.

  7. Meeta,

    I found one of your photographs at the following blog:

    Just wanted to bring it to your notice...

  8. Thanks for the comments. Oh I had fun with this one. Look forward to the delicious treats a little later.

    Veron - how can I miss PH!

    Chandrika, thank you for informing me. I have left a little message on the blog. Let's see if they comply!

  9. Dear Soeren,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday...hope you have a great day :-)

  10. Lovely post and beautifully presented vadas.Not mention about the lovely birthday cake.Wishing your boy belated happy birthday.


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