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Chicken Club (05) framed by MeetaK

The three of us most definitely are the picnic type of family. You'll often see us on a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon loading our backpacks on the bicycles and heading off for the afternoon to one of our favorite spots.

With that, I've just told you what kind of picnic people we are!   

While this might come as a surprise to you I am not one of those extravagant picnic packers. For us when we go on picnics we are mostly out on our mountain bikes and enjoying the time together. If you thought I was the type who had the picture perfect picnic basket with bone china plates and napkins - ZONK!

I do not own a picnic basket!

I am the type who will make scrumptious sandwiches or wraps, cuts up fresh vegetables and fruit, whips up a dip and makes a few small tea cakes. All these will be neatly packed into Tupperware boxes, drinks filled in our Sigg bottles and colorful paper napkins folded neatly. All are piled into backpacks and we are ready to go.

When we are out and about, food kind of takes a side role. It's still very much part of us but being together and simply enjoying each other's company is what's important to us.

We are awed by sights and sounds we experience. We tell stories and play make believe. Discover the world around us in it's fullest glory.

And glorious it is!

While we were in Austria we found some of the most incredible places. Each one we celebrated with picnics in our own style.

Enjoying the cool misty silence here ....

Austria_LeichtensteinKlamm 02 framed

... or the rocky waterfalls here ...

Austria_LeichtensteinKlamm 03 framed

... or just lazing with the cows under the sun at 1800m with the most breathtaking view of the Alps here ...

Austria_Rossbrand04 framed

So, you'll understand that a picnic basket just does not fit in this scene. But my chicken club sandwiches do! They are packed with tender grilled chicken breasts, ripe avocados, juicy tomatoes and spiced with a touch of chipotle Tabasco. My secret tip - a few springs of coriander leaves.

Chicken Club (06) framed by MeetaK


Chicken Club Sandwiches

Printable version of recipe here.

400g chicken breasts
1 ripe avocado
1 garlic clove, crushed
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon paprika powder
2 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin powder
1 teaspoon Chipotle Tabasco
4-5 slices bacon
A few cocktail tomatoes - sliced
A few Romana salad leaves
1 red onion, sliced
A few coriander leaves
8 slices multi-grain whole wheat bread, toasted 
Salt and pepper


Prepare your grill or alternatively pre-heat the grill function of your oven.

To prepare the marinade for the chicken, mix the crushed garlic with the olive oil and paprika powder in a large bowl. Place the chicken breasts and allow to marinate for at least 30 minutes.

After the chicken has spent enough time marinating, quickly grill it on a charcoal grill or in the grill of your oven. Salt and pepper to taste. Allow to rest.

Peel and remove the pit from the avocado and using a fork coarsely mash the fruit. Stir in the lemon juice, pinch of salt, cumin and a few dashes of chipotle Tabasco. Set aside.

Fry the bacon slices in a non-stick pan until brown and crispy. Allow to drip on some kitchen paper towel.

To assemble the sandwiches lay 4 slices of toasted multi-grain bread on a clean chopping board and spread some of the avocado cream on each slice. Then place a few salad leaves, tomatoes slices, onion rings, bacon and coriander leaves on each slice. Thinly slice the chicken breasts and place evenly on the bed of salad. Cover with the other slices of bread and cut in half with a sharp knife.

Wriggle and press down. If necessary hold together with a toothpick. 



Chicken Club (02) framed by MeetaK

Extravagant - it's not, delicious and simply picnic perfect it certainly is. I love the little Indian touch by spicing it with a bit of cumin powder and adding a few sprigs of fresh coriander leaves. It just gives a wonderful kick to the typical club sandwich.

After a short break Johanna returns as The Passionate Cook and invites us to a summer special of Waiter There's Something in my ... Picnic! Nice to have you back Johanna and hope you like my sandwiches and my picnic spots!

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  1. ah - this is perfect for this round of WTSIM! what a great eternal classic! i am glad you enjoyed austria - am doing the same at the moment, as much hiking as the boys will allow and far too much eating - could swear i have put on what feels like 10 kg easily ;-)

  2. Meeta, every line of your post made me smile, a really wide one...for a moment, I thought you were writing about my family...the four of us often go on such impromptu picnics on our bikes, with similar backpacks/food/drinks bottles. On a recent trip to Scotland, we had picnics in similar environments...and i don't own a fancy picnic basket either ;-)

  3. Ahh Meeta, this look absolutely yummy I want one right now!!! I love your new look at page look pretty! xGloria

  4. Hey Meeta, I can imagine how fun filled your picnics are! cumin and coriander tip rocks!

  5. I want one of those sandwiches!! Yummy!!

    I think I'd love to go on a picnic too; just have to wait 'til the weather's warm enough, but not too hot that the flies come in swarms around our faces. (yeah, good luck Christy, you know what Melbourne's like once hot weather hits...)

    Sigh...I wish i were there....

  6. This looks so yummy! And I know, corinader can add good flavour to the sandwitches. I love coriander.
    And the strawberry and basil icecream from the previous post is a great idea. The pictures look so beautiful too! Finally getting time to write about it :)
    And the header is beautiful, so summery!

  7. The picture with the mist according to me, one of ur best shots meeta! i m completely in awe seeing that snap...even the one with cows with the alp mountains in the back drop....god! its just too good....

    I bet people who come to ur place must be in awe too seeing ur family pictures and the snaps from your other trips!

    simply superb!



  8. by the way the cow pic reminds me of the movie "sound of music"....forgot to mention that in the previous comment:-)

  9. Lovely scenery on the pictiures Meeta. I like you am a back pack girl, we pack everything up in tupperware just like you said.

    Looks like you had a really nice time. :-)

  10. You just reminded me how much I love picnics - especially since it gives me an excuse to use the picnic basket that has been in my family for many generations (and is still in good condition!!).

    FABULOUS scenic photographs!

  11. I wish I could take a bite from that sandwich now. Love your idea of picnic and I could visualize a very well planned food/drinks for picnic. Wow...

  12. wow! ur pics have taken to picnic along with u guys....picnic is always fun and ur with a sandwich like urs who will ever say a no to picnics...luved it!

  13. Thats one huge sandwich! Looks too delectable.

  14. Meeta, this sandwich looks so yummy. I'm a great believer in coriander and its power to brighten up the flavor or fresh dishes like this one. The pictures are stunning.
    I pack the same way for my picnics. We are lucky enough to live in an area bursting with lush green forests and wonderful picnic spots.

  15. What a gorgeous place! Makes me realize how I need to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery around me.

    And that sandwich - I could enjoy that anywhere!

  16. GORGEOUS!!! Those pictures are mesmerising! I started humming..'the hills are alive with the sound of music..."

  17. Great pictures meeta...lovely lovely!!...wish we were there too!...and those sandwiches are awesome looking!

  18. I want to go on a picnic with your. ;-)

    Love your holiday photos!

    Paz xxoo

  19. Those pics are wonderful, each a gorgeous place for a picnic which is no doubt delicious.

  20. OMG, if I have that splendid backdrop, I'd be eating all of my meals outdoors! This is a lovely post and mouth-watering sandwich.

  21. OMG, Meeta, your post is so beautiful.

    My BF "Big Bear" will just love the picnic that I am planning for him, because of your help.

    Thanks a million ... and I REALLY needed some help, because the "Bear" has been wandering a little bit, lately.

  22. Oh wow, what a great picnic place...and what a wonderful sandwich to take with's almost too gourmet for a picnic!

  23. Your club sandwich is almost as beautiful as your misty silence photo!! I'm a big cilantro/coriander fan, so I definitely appreciated seeing that among the layers :-)

  24. those pics from austra are gorgeous.

  25. Meeta all those pictures of Austria are beautiful. And yeah for hiking and mountain climbing tupperware would ideally be the perfect thing to carry. The chicken club sandwich looks fab, something i could make n take to the beach tomo ...Sunday ... time to hit the water :p

  26. We love picnicing too.
    Those pictures and the views are gorgeous.

  27. I love picnics eaten in unusual places. Just this weekend while camping, we got caught in a fierce rain storm, and ended up eating a picnic in the car with the rain so heavy that it blurred the view of everything around us. We loved it!

  28. Meeta, what a great choice for a picnic item and location!! I love it, love it, love it!! Wonderful post :)

  29. Thank you, thank you! I really appreciate all your comments. Austria was great and the picnics even better. Great to see that so many of you share the same passion.

    Johanna, 10 kg + on Austrian food is easy! Especially with all those sweets and pastries!!

    Sunita, I knew we had a similar karma!

    Gloria, thank you!

    Poonam, yes the cumin coriander combination is great!

    Christy, spring is headed your way so I think you'll be enjoying the picnics soon too!

    PG, thank you for all your feedback!

    Veda, thank you so much. I love the misty silence too! Sound of music! LOL!

    Jeena, thank you!

    Veggie Girl - picnic are great. love to see a few vegan picnic ideas from you!

    Shilpa, it's easy - make the sandwich and take a bite LOL!

    Sangeeth, Mona thank you both!

    Alexa, yes coriander does add a wonderful touch to sandwiches. I am sure your picnics are full of interesting nature explorations in the forests!

    Deborah, yes - it's important to take a break. Even if it is only down to a park.

    Manasi, hahaha!

    Srivalli, thank you.

    Paz, c'mon over and we'll pack a great picnic together!

    Brilynn, my bacon lover! Thanks for the comment and I thought of you when I was frying the bacon! LOL!

    Susan, you and me both. LOL! Thank you!

    Chiff0nade, glad I could help your wandering bear! (?)

    Veron, you think so? OK then I packed a gourmet picnic sandwich. Lol! Thanks for the comment!

    Paninikathy, thank you for the feedback. I love playing around with flavors for sandwiches and this really worked well!

    Bee, thank you!

    Kate, a picnic by the beach is what I miss here. You lucky girl! Hiking and trekking is a lot of fun but after 2 hours I start nagging "are we there yet?" LOL!

    Lydia, those are the best kind of picnics. Yours sounds kind of romantic!

    Aparna, thank you!

    Tony, Thanks!

  30. That sandwich looks so good! I really like the idea of adding coriander leaves to a sandwich. Great photo of the misty trees!

  31. I don't need the sandwich, just take me to that heavenly place gal!! picnics are always fun, we just had one at work on friday:), and yeah, we love biking and hiking too...and with a place like that as a destination, you don't have second thoughts!

    the pics look beautiful...

  32. Hi Meeta, absolutely yummy shots,as always :D

    Perhaps you might be interested to join Foodie Photo Contest this August?

    Have a look here for more details:

    There're some prizes for the lucky winners as well ;-)


  33. Gorgeous photos -- we've spoken recently of visiting Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and just can't decide! How beautiful it is, and how fun that you took the time to have picnics. I love coriander (cilantro here...) in so many things, it really is a perfect ingredient for these sandwiches. Those bottles are hilarious! I just may need to get one.

  34. Your pictures of Austria are gorgeous! The sandwich looks good too.

  35. Oh my! I love every single photo in this post! (not that I have disliked any, but I totally adore those in this post!) Nice sandwich!

  36. Meeta, the sandwiches look so yummy!
    Somehow the food always tastes better outdoors.

  37. Thanks so much for all your comments. I hope to share more Austria pics with you soon so look out for those!

    Kelly - All beautiful places to visit. If you do make it to Germany PLEASE put Weimar on your travel itinerary.

  38. What a cool coleslaw you have made! So different from the norm! Nice!

  39. The idea of a double-decker club sandwich makes me feel a bit drooly right now. . . .

  40. Wraps, dips and teackaes (all home made) sounds like my perfect picnic. Especially in a location like that!

  41. What a beautiful spot for a picnic! I would find it hard to come home after a lunch like that.
    We don't own a basket either. Well, I take that back. We do own one now that I think about it but it has never been used! We are pack it in the back pack kind of folks too.

  42. Hi Meeta! Wow, that is what i call a sandwich...

    That place is so stunning! x

  43. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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