Summer Delight: Berries on Lemon Buttermilk Mousse

Berries Lemon Buttermilk Mousse (01) by MeetaK

Isn't this just wonderful. Long summer days, with cotton candy clouds gliding past a sea of baby blue skies. As I sit out in my back yard the fragrance of lavender and mint in the air, I can hear the laughter and clinkering of glasses as somewhere in our neighborhood people are celebrating.

Yesterday evening we too were celebrating. Nothing special - just summer. August is here and as we know we are headed into the bleaker and rather somber part of the year we wanted to get the most of what summer is bestowing upon us. It's been hot, sunny and simply picture perfect days.

Sure some complain - but then there are moaners for everything - right? Our motto yesterday was simply Summer. And no one was complaining!

Berries, to me illustrate everything summer. Like precious jewels they gleam in their glorious bright colors. How can one resist such treasure?

Summer Berries boxes 01 by MeetaK

The pale green of the gooseberries, the ruby colored red currents, the deep purple blackberries, sapphire colored blueberries and finally the deep maroon cherries are the colors of my dessert palette. A bounty I brought back from my mother-in-law's paradise she calls a garden.

Berry Lemon Buttermilk Mousse Diptych by MeetaK

After all your guessing I'm afraid no one was able to come up with the right answer. It was a pudding of sorts - a buttermilk lemon mousse, but you see that was only a sidekick to the berries. The berries were really the stars, transformed into a jello-like dessert - a pleasure on it's own I am sure. However, I wanted to bring the puckery tart flavor of lemon into the game. What I had in the fridge was more than enough to create the perfect summer dessert. 

Printable version of recipe here.

For the Buttermilk Lemon Mousse

500 ml buttermilk
Zest and juice of 1/2 lemon
6 sheets white gelatine
80g Quark
1-2 tablespoons sugar

For the Berry Jello

500g mixed berries, I used gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries, red currents and cherries.
250 ml sour cherry juice
3-4g powdered gelatine
1/2 vanilla bean
2-3 tablespoons sugar


For the Buttermilk Lemon Mousse

In a bowl of cold water soak the gelatine sheets for 5 minutes.

Heat about 3-4 tablespoons of buttermilk in a saucepan. Squeeze the water out of the gelatine and dissolve it with the hot buttermilk in the saucepan. Remove from heat. Mix in the lemon juice, zest and sugar and stir to dissolve.

Pour into a bowl and refrigerate just until the mixture starts to gelatinize.

Whip the quark until smooth then fold into the lemon buttermilk mixture. Divide into small glasses and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

For the Berry Jello

If using cherries make sure they are pitted.

Scrape the vanilla bean out and mix it, together with the pod into the sour cherry juice. Pour into a saucepan, adding the powdered gelatine and bring to a boil. Allow to simmer for about 2 minutes.

Add the berries and cherries and sweeten as desired. After about two minutes remove from the heat. Place in a bowl and refrigerate preferably overnight.


  • The consistency of the jello is not typically like the jello dessert we all had as kids. It's slightly more saucy, which is what you want.
  • If you get flavored lemon/lime buttermilk then go ahead and use it. Follow the recipe above omitting the lemon juice and zest. A super easy dessert!
  • If you like you can flavor the berry jello with other spices like cinnamon or star anis. Substitute the vanilla with one of these spice, while heating the juice.
  • If the dessert is for grown-ups, add a shot of Kirsch, vodka or rum.
  • The fact that this recipe has a total of about 3-4 tablespoons of sugar makes it rather light on the hips ;-)
  • Are you moaning because I used quark? Stop it - Eva of Sweet Sins has the perfect quark recipe. If you do not want to make your own quark - then you may substitute with sour cream.



Berry Lemon Buttermilk Mousse 02 by MeetaK

It's the pure anticipation that gets to me. Often when I make desserts for parties or get-together, I am doing a bit of tasting here and there. But never of the entire dessert! After the long meals, with a lot of laughter and story-telling it is finally time to bring out the dessert. I myself can hardly wait to dip my spoon into the creation to see if I'll be stultifying myself. Then a relief on my face and a burden drops when I see that everyone has gone silent and I hear the still sighing of satisfaction. 

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  1. Buttermilk Lemon Mousse!! I was sort of close with the zabaglione?? haha, maybe not. This does look refreshing and wonderful though : )

  2. I love summer too, particularly for its savoury fresh berries that are available everywhere.
    Sound delicious your mousse!

  3. You are the luckiest DIL I ever know :) Those berries are delightful. Red currants are a treasure, I have been wanting to taste them fresh but have not seen them around here.

  4. Beautiful, Meeta -- and how lucky you are to have a mother-in-law who grows such wonderful berries! I love the combination of berry with lemon, too.

  5. Aha!! Now, that's one creative winning dessert! :)
    And as always, gorgeous pictures! :)

  6. Your berry photos are so wonderful! Luckily winter seems to leave us here in Sydney but it's still a long way to go until summer...

  7. Ouuuuu, I am falling in love all over again with your blog - the cool melon/cucumber colour scheme that is soothing and relaxing and it just makes your excellent photography pop!

  8. Meeta,
    What a great combination of flavor! It's very playful and the pictures once again are pure beauty. Now, I have gone silent as well...

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Wow! Now I wish I had one of those in my fridge to nibble at.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous way to celebrate envious I am of these beautiful berries Meeta. I could just park myself here all day & drool over this delighful dessert! :0) Deeba

  11. Ah yes, I ADORE these long summer days; and I adore that beautiful mousse dessert that you made, as well!! :0)

  12. I love this simple dessert Meeta! but really loved the berries in a bowl pic! its gorgeous, same for your new header:)

    Happy Friendship Day gal!!:)

  13. I just couldn't stop myself to write here, The header with such a soothing effect and beautiful capture is a delight to see so is the berry pic.
    The desert looks so delicious and moth-watering........
    hugs and smiles

  14. I would never have guessed either, but what an inspired idea! Berries are my favourite fruits and this looks delicious.

  15. I love the berries..and that too with buttermilk lemon mousse sounds amazing. I just love to read your posts!!

  16. fantastic!fantastic!fantastic!

    I think I mentioned in nupur's comment box that i call you the Dessert Queen. And I am sure almost all of them with agree with me meeta!!!!!!superb enjoy your summer!


  17. Beautiful pics Meeta... You are dessert queen indeed :) And I love this new theme as well, very light and summery!

  18. Meeta, this looks and sounds heavenly! I love fresh cheese, and buttermilk, and berries. Basically, all my favorite stuff is here. Thank you for a wonderful recipe.

  19. those berries are delightful..and having them over a mousse is a treat! Nice one!

  20. Thanks everyone for the comments!!

    Tony - errr kinda - err not really LOL! But a very refreshing dessert just like a zabaglione.

    Indosungod - I am lucky - she sends a regular supply of fruit and veggies over!

    Lydia - she grows so much more - zucchini, aubergine, tomatoes - if I lived closer I'd be doing my veggie shopping at her place LOL!

    Neha - thanks!

    Eva - soon - summer will be around your corner of the world then you can taunt me with your summer creations!

    Cyn - what? were you erver OUT of love with my blog? LOL! Thanks sweetie for your motivation!

    Alexa - thanks so much. Great feedback!

    Jeanine - it's easy - make one and then you'll have it ;-)

    Deeba - if you lived closer you could park yourself on my couch and we could nibble and chat all day!

    Veggie Girl - thank you so much!

    Mansi - LOL! Frindship Day! Ahhh! Happy Friendship day to you too my dearest. Thanks for your comments and thanks for being a great friend!

    Jaya thanks for stopping by and commenting. It's always a pleasure to welcome new readers/commenters.

    Jack - one becomes creative with what is in the fridge. My best ideas comes from spontaneous dishes.

    Veda - Dessert Queen - me? No way but it's nice to know you love my desserts so much LOL!

    Sig - hehe! Thanks for the feedback.

    Vera - thank you for your comment. Great to hear this suits your tastebuds too!

    LG - Thank you!

  21. That is gorgeous work! I'm so envious of your glut of berries - winter here so they're all so expensive :(

  22. As I read your post I remember this sentence I love: ' beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. Your description of summer is so lovely and catching. As you say, some people just complain about the heat. Roll on sunshine I say. and what a lovely dessert.As usual you never cease to delight me with your creations.

  23. Ooo La la. Looks so delicious. very refreshing and delicious. By the way, I am hosting a ONE Dish MEAL - Salad event. I would love for you to participate and send a few recipes over. The rules to participate are in my site.

  24. Oh wow, I love the colors and your fabulous pictures. this looks delicious, Meeta!

  25. Oh, sweetie. You have got to be kidding - lemon and berries?? My true passions! I want this mousse, Meeta! :)

  26. Love your word picture...I can almost imagine sitting in your garden with you, enjoying the sweet smells and even sweeter lemon mousse with lucious berries. Delightful!

  27. Your posts ARE tryly an experience for all the senses, just wish I could smell them too!!
    Summer delight is delightful, as is the new header. Is that an amla in the pic ?

  28. Just eating those summer bounties by themselves is a treat - and them home-grown and with a moussee !!! Just awed by your creations !!

  29. Buttermilk lemon mousse never had this before. Looks tempting..

  30. Sound and looks wonderful. That little lemony citrus goes so well with berries. Perfect summer dessert.

  31. Firstly, I'm jealous you have access to such a garden! ;-)

    You did a beautiful job with all of those berries. The mousse, the jello--I really love the idea of the entire dish and wish I had some right now. Very summery.

  32. What a gorgeous summer dessert! What I wouldn't do for an assortment of berries like that right now!

  33. Thanks everyone for all your comments! I am lucky to have access to such a garden! But I am nice and share the desserts i make from the bounty!

  34. Love all the flavors in this dish! Nothing beats lemon and berries together!


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