Authentic Italy: An Event, A Dish & A Prize


I've been looking forward to announcing this event all weekend. Many of you know how much I adore the Italian cuisine. No - actually it's not just the cuisine, it's the country, the people, the flair, the fashion (shoes, handbags etc.) - just about everything the country has to offer I am crazy about it.

Being a food blog though we are going to concentrate on the wonderful cuisine.

Italian cuisine is so varied, each region offering it's own style and cooking habits. It's about fresh, earthy and down-to-earth products. No other country in the world offers such diversity in their cooking as the Italians. Each region offering their own wonderful speciality - Milanese risotto, Spaghetti Bolognese, Pizza from Naples. In spite of the regional differences, Italian food in general is often flexible and innovative.

No wonder that I am not the only epicure in Italian food, the cuisine has found it's fans all around the world.

The US edition of the fantastic La Cucina Italiana has been recently launched. This magazines celebrates vibrant and innovative Italian food like no other magazine I know. I regularly get my German copy of La Cucina Italiana each month and enjoy the colorful and fresh ideas it provides. The magazine offers a wonderful wealth of knowledge, not only in the spectacular regional dishes, but gives a closer insight into the culinary traditions of authentic Italian food.

I want to celebrate - not only the launch of this beautiful magazine but also authentic Italian food with you! I'd like you to dig deeper into your recipe boxes, files or the Internet and cook up great, traditional and authentic Italian dish.

For this one time event I am also glad to offer a wonderful prize. The person with the most delicious Italian dish will have a chance to win a fantastic one year subscription to La Cucina Italiana, very kindly sponsored by the team of this magazine.

For this contest I have asked two lovely and able connoisseurs of Italian cuisine. My favorite Italian cream puff living in Canada - yes, I am talking of the gorgeous Ivonne and the lovely Swede living in the beautiful region of Tuscany, who tantalizes me with every dish and every pictures, none other than the sensational  Ilva.

It's not going to be an easy contest as you can tell by the judges so, I need you to give me your best.

Here is an overview of the guidelines:

Contest Guidelines

  1. Research and cook an authentic Italian dish from any region. Write about why you chose the dish and why you think this is authentic. This is also a part of the contest as we want to learn about each dish, its origins and how it was created.

  2. You must use typical Italian ingredients, as fresh and as seasonal as possible. It can be a savory dish or a dessert.

  3. All entries must be in English.

  4. The deadline of the contest is midnight PDT 22nd September 2008.   

  5. Only one entry per blog.

  6. Please send your entries to with La Cucina Italiana in the subject line of your email.

  7. Entries will be judged in the following criteria:
    - Authenticity of the dish
    - The research matter - what you can tell us about the dish
    - How Italian in your dish?
    - Does your dish make the judges drool for more?

  8. The contest is open to entries from all over the world.

  9. If you follow a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or are allergic to certain products you may modify the dish according to your diet.

As soon as we receive all the entries and the judges have scored, the winner will be announced towards the end of the month.

Let the fun begin!

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  1. Can we make some modifications,like make a dish eggless or something like that?Please do confirm.

  2. Coincidence...I just received a copy of Made in Italy by Giorgio Locatelli.. That's a sign right? Tough jury though, yikes!

  3. Curry Leaf - thank you for reminding me! I had that point on my notes but somehow forgot to mention it in the guidelines. I have modified the guidelines now. If you follow a specific diet you are welcome to modify the dish according to that.

    BS - a tough jury indeed! i am looking forward to your ideas and dish!

  4. I'm a big fan of La Cucina Italina, too so count me in.

  5. nice event and i guess i do have to make some modification when it becomes to egg is that ok :)

  6. Ohh - I have just the right dish for this event! Just have to tweak my pasta dough recipe a little after last week's test run and I'm in!


  7. Meeta,

    I'm so honoured that you'd ask me. I'm a big fan of La Cucina Italiana and am really looking forward to the submissions!

  8. Oh great going girls. all three of us are looking forward to your submissions.

    SMN - yes modifications based on dietary restrictions is fine!

  9. Hi Meeta, am dropping by to say hello and am thrilled with this competition. I would love to participate and have fun while doing it too. Danke for sharing!

  10. What a wonderful contest! I can't wait to see the winner!

  11. This is going to be exciting. I'll try to send my best Italian recipe :)

  12. I'm in, Meeta!! I just decided what I'm going to make... now for some trial runs in the kitchen :)

  13. Meeta, it sounds great! I've got a question though. I've just submitted my very Italian cupcakes to Fanny for SHF. Can I use the same recipe for this event or do I have to create something exclusively for "Authentic Italian"? I do have a lot of ideas but not too much time :)
    Thank you!

  14. Looking forward to all the creations!

    Vera, yes you can! The cupcakes look delightful. Please just link to this post and mention that you are submitting this for the contest.

  15. Meeta I just sent in my entry. Great event.


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