Delicious Apricot Olive Oil Tea Cakes

Apricot Olive Oil Cakes (03) by MeetaK

A few days ago one of my favorite neighbors celebrated her 55th birthday. She’s a lovely lady and I love spending afternoons in her little oasis she has as a garden. By profession she is a florist and has often helped me making my little home design bouquets. She is sensational at what she does and has arranged the interior of her house so beautifully I often feel like I am on a mini-vacation when I am there.

She was having a little tea party and had invited several guests. I was very honored to be amongst her carefully picked guests. I was also the youngest. For weeks I had pondered on what I should take along to complement my main present. Flowers – well do you give flowers to a florist?

I finally decided the best thing to do was to give her a little something that came from me. A piece of me – in a matter of speaking. She knows about my hobby and is a passionate reader of this blog. Often telling me that although she enjoys my desserts and cakes the best, she loves this space because I tell such great stories and it’s almost like she is a part of the story.

She has done a lot for me and loves Soeren to bits. I have never actually seen her not smiling. I am sure she even smiles in her sleep.

My idea was to make a few delicate teacakes to show her my appreciation. I wanted it to be something a little different and a bit out of the ordinary, because that’s exactly how she is. She is full of life and vivacious, bringing a bit of sunshine with her where ever she goes. So how do I define all that in a teacake?

Apricot Olive Oil-Diptych (01) by MeetaK

I was inspired by the olive oil pound cake from Pure Dessert by Alice Medrich. Although I have not gotten around to making it in its true form, the flavor of olive oil in a cake intrigued me immensely. I also was not looking for a muffin consistency with these cakes. Although I wanted to bake them in muffin forms to make eloquent individual portions, I wanted something more moist and spongy. I decided to use natural yogurt not only for the moister texture but also that slightly tangy flavor. Apricots gave the tea cakes that final touch of sweetness and epitomized the sunshine my neighbor is for me.

The result was delicious and elegant teacakes with such exquisite flavor that they quickly became the star of the afternoon!

Apricot Olive Oil Cakes (02) by MeetaK

I have used less sugar and of course the olive oil substitutes the butter. This makes the cakes lighter and fluffier in texture. The natural yogurt brings a slightly tangy note to the cake making it a delightful partner for the sweet apricots.

Printable version of recipe here.

200g all-purpose flour
2 eggs
80 ml olive oil
2 teaspoons baking powder
125g Demerara sugar
300 ml natural yogurt
200-300g fresh apricots, a few quartered the rest coarsely chopped
Pinch of salt


Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C.

Prepare the muffin tin or forms by brushing with some melted butter and flouring them. Alternatively you can line them with baking paper.

In a large mixing bowl whisk together eggs, sugar, olive oil and yogurt into a smooth batter. In several portions incorporate the salt, flour and baking powder into the batter.

Gently fold in the chopped apricots, reserving the quarters for the tops.

Fill the forms with the fruit-batter. Place a quarter apricot on the top. Place in the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes until golden or when a wooden toothpick inserted into the middle of the cake, comes out clean.


  • You can use a variety of stone fruit for these teacakes. Try plums, peaches or even other fruit like figs work extremely well.
  • Serve these warm drizzled with some vanilla pudding for a lovely after meal dessert.
  • If you like a crunchier texture add a few chopped nuts to the batter. Pecans or pistachios are just perfect.


Apricot Olive Oil Cakes (02) by MeetaK

My neighbor loved these teacakes, however I had a bit of a guilty conscience because of all the fuss they created with her guests. See I decided to serve them slightly warm with some thick vanilla sauce and they became addictive. Her guests were constantly asking her for her recipe and she kept sending them to me. I was kind of uncomfortable standing in the middle of the group explaining how I made these. But in the crowd I caught my neighbors eye standing at the back, who winked and smiled at me, lifting her plate to show me that she had managed to grab the last teacake. I love her nonchalance!

I wish you all a great weekend. If you are looking for something to cook this weekend I am sure you'll find several interesting ideas in my recipe book. Looking for something vegetarian? Then check out my latest article at FoodieView where I discuss Vegetarian Specialities and give a few great ideas from across the blogs.

See you Monday with the roundup for the Chocolate & Fruit Monthly Mingle.

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  1. Well, Meeta this totally puts you into the genius category! Those are really stunning. Your neighbor is lucky and smart.
    I've been looking at a number of recipes with olive oil and am very intrigued with the idea. The apricot is a brilliant addition.

  2. I hope you don't mind me following your blog. Your photos have pulled me in.

  3. I hope you don't mind me following your blog. Your photos have pulled me in.

  4. So pretty, Meeta! i love how you wrapped the cakes in parchment paper!

  5. These cakes are beautiful - what a great way to show your appreciation!

  6. Oh boy! That is one lucky neighbor! Those look amazing. You think I could substitute apricots though? And what is Demerara sugar?

  7. I like the yoghurt and olive oil idea, combined with a juice fruit it's right up my alley. Great pairing Meeta!

  8. Such lovely cakes to bring to a birthday party -- and how nice that you were able to celebrate with your friend in such a festive way!

  9. I always have my eye on olive oil cakes, but for some reason I haven't actually made one yet. Your cakes are beautiful!

  10. Soooo, can I get you to make this and pack my lunch bag for work? :)

    Off now to read your article.

  11. Hi meeta
    This is Vij.
    I am pretty new to this blogsphere... and this is my first visit to ur blog.. mussay that u have a wonderful space...
    Your cakes look yummy!! i must try it sometime soon!!

    Just popped into say a hi!
    Happy blogging!!

  12. Happy belated birthday to your neighbor!! Sounds like such a lovely person.

    How wonderful that you made these tea cakes for the occasion!! They sound quite enticing.

  13. Happy Birthday to your neighbor. I'm glad your tea cakes were a hit with her and her guests. They do look delicious.


  14. Sounds like the tea cakes were a big hit, they're gorgeous!

  15. Your tea cakes look amazing! I love the taste of olive oil in baking. I certainly will have to make them when I host our next girlfriend lunch.

  16. wow, wow!! I adore the idea of the olive oil and tangy yogurt - very mediterranean :) haha, I think all I would need is a sprinkling of some pistachios over that yummy vanilla sauce and I'd be on the next flight to Germany!!

  17. that looks yummy Meeta. Really really pretty shape :)

  18. Sigh...i want one right now!! And your neighbour is so right about your stories. They make us all want to return for more!!

  19. Great shot of them coming out of the bag!

  20. What a lovely friend you are. I can not believe you can still get apricots though. I am half Assyrian and I grew up with homemade yogurt with crushed garlic in it for on top of grape leaf dolma. It is probably something only custom can love but everyone can love yogurt in baked goods. They look wonderful and I love love love the fork. Table settings just thrill me, I would have a hundred sets of dishes and silver if I could.

  21. Exquisite in every way Meeta...beautiful indeed. Lucky neighbour & I do love her non-chalance too. The vanilla sauce really perks it all up. The pictures are full of character...what a nice beginning to my blogging day!

  22. they look sensational....making them for your neighbour is such a lovely gesture....and am sure she is a special lady to deserve this...cheers!!

  23. Thanks for you comments everyone. The olive oil and yogurt really brought out an exceptional flavor to these.

    Tanna, actually when I am with my neighbor I cannot help but compare her to you. From our correspondence and blogging you very much seem to be like her! Thanks for you sweet comment.

    Mr. Rush, glad you could make it! Look forward to seeing more of you!

    Divya - Demerara sugar is a general term for raw cane sugar and is brown in color. I have updated the ingredients section with a link to more details. Hope it helps.

    Cyn - if you come here I will promise to pack your lunch along with Soeren's and spoil you rotten!

    Tony - you know i can do pistachios ;-)! So when can i pick you up at the airport?

    Amber - thanks! i hear you on the silverware and dinner dishes. if i could i would too!! i made these a few weeks ago when apricots were more readily available. thanks for you lovely comment.

    Deeba - glad i made you start nicer. thanks for your comment!

  24. What intriguing little things; and they look adorable in their paper bag.

    I love Olive Oil-based sweets, they're always smell so good.

    Happy Birthday to your good neighbour friend!

  25. These look fantastic (and I especially love that first photo). Its no surprise these would steal the show.

  26. These look very tempting - they came out a beautiful shape, somehow cute looking!

  27. little tea cakes. I have made ALice Medrich's olive oil pound cake and it was delicious. Can't wait to try this and have it with vanilla pudding!

  28. Meeta, these are so cute! I'm sure they tasted fantastic as well! Lucky, lucky neighbors!

  29. What a wonderful idea! they look delicious! :)

  30. these look really wonderful, dear meeta.

  31. Hi Meeta - I found your blog linked through my high-school friend Shruti, who I think happens to be your cousin, small world! :) I absolutely look forward to reading every story and recipe. I think the beautiful photography and the stories pulled me in! Gorgeous stuff! There's not enough time for me to try all these recipes!

    For these tea cakes, can you recommend a fruit other than apricots that I could substitute in? I don't think apricots are in season anymore out here in Seattle.

    Happy Blogging,

  32. Wow - that IS really genius! Those are so gorgeous - I'm inspired to try!

  33. wonderful! A great recipe! wonderful pictures! as always....Missed this one somehow.
    have to try them. :)

  34. These look so unusual and delicious... I love cakes made with olive oil. It adds a richness all of its own.

  35. Great recipe Meeta, will surely try it. I am not much into baking myself, but your recipe does inspire me to give it a shot.


  36. awesome very gud recipe,thank you

  37. Your tea cakes look so lovely. And I drooled when I saw them with the vanilla sauce. What a beautiful gift and fabulous post.

  38. Hi Meeta,

    Tried the recipe in 2 different ways... One by using mixed fruit medley and made muffins out of it and it turned out to be awesome... the second recipe i made was using fresh rasberries , keeping the same batter and it turned out to be amazing as well.

    The batter is very soft and spongy and gives a great body to the cake.


  39. Thanks so much everyone.

    Shifali, great - i like the sound of adding raspberries. glad you liked it!

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.


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