Monthly Mingle Coffee and Tea Roundup

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No liquids! I had asked you to come up with innovative and unique ideas using coffee or tea. Send me anything using the two ingredients however, not in their liquid form. Of course you came up with a few delectable and creative ideas. I did not expect anything less!

Monthly Mingle - Low-Sugar Treats

MM low-sugar sweet treats Before we get into the roundup let me tell you a bit about our next mingle. This month I am extremely proud to announce that the Monthly Mingle will be hosted over at the Daily Tiffin. My lovely team mate Dee is going to be your gracious hostess for this session.

For those of you who know what the Daily Tiffin is about will know that we are a team of fabulous bloggers who believe in a healthy well balanced lifestyle. The next few weeks will be filled with festivities, food and sweets. Sweet treats that everyone loves to indulge in. Our theme is all about sweet treats - however, we are looking for low-sugar sweet treats. Sure we want to allow our kids to have a sweet treat extra at this time of year and we say yes to indulging. Life would be boring if we always lived by strict rules. But we want to indulge sensibly and with no guilt.

We would like you to help us this month create a plethora of sensible treats. Join us and share your low-sugar sweet treats.

For more details please join us at the Daily Tiffin for Low-Sugar Sweet Treats!

Now lets pour ourselves a steaming cup of coffee or chai, sit back and enjoy the Coffee & Tea roundup. Pictures for each entry can be viewed at the Coffee & Tea picture gallery.


  1. Coco Cooks - Tea Smoked Wings
  2. History of Greek Food - Tea chicken wrapped in dough


  1. Cooking Books - Prune and Apple Compote in Vanilla and Earl Grey Tea
  2. My Kitchen Stories - Green tea and Quince jelly

Cakes & Cookies

  1. Eats, Eats & Eats - Cappuccino Muffins
  2. Health Nut - Chocolate Espresso Mousse Cake
  3. Couture Cupcakes - Chamomile and Orange Carrot Cupcakes
  4. Aficionado - Mocha Roll
  5. Chocolate Chips for Breakfast - Mocha Cupcakes with Coffee Whipped Cream
  6. Spice-club - Espresso brownie bars
  7. A Foodie Froggy in Paris - Caramelized Pear and Walnut Muffins, Coffee Icing
  8. where's the beef? - Bittersweet Symphony Slice
  9. Cook With Love - Earl Grey Tea Loaf
  10. Fun and Food - Fudgy Mocha Pistachio Brownies
  11. Tasty Curry Leaf - Coffee Cookies
  12. Passionate About Baking - Chocolate Espresso gateau
  13. Zaayeka - Jasmine Matcha and Coffee Chiffon Marble cake
  14. Spanish Recipes - Panellets
  15. Tangerine's Kitchen - Cappuccino Chiffon Cake
  16. eCurry - Layered Coffee Gateau
  17. Pearls of East - Coffee cup cakes
  18. Fragole & Cioccolata - Giant Coffee Bean Cookies
  19. The Singing Chef - Coffee Walnut Cake

Desserts & Sweets

  1. Café LynnLu - Espresso Caramels
  2. Rolling In Dough - Almond Chai Panna Cotta
  3. Lucullian Delights - Cappuccino Tapioca Cream with Chocolate Chips
  4. Morsels & Musings - Orange Slices with Earl Grey Syrup (+ Earl Grey Tipple)
  5. Pearls of East - Coffee creme brûlée
  6. R Khooks - Crème brûlée au thé
  7. My Kitchen Treasures - Spiced Creamy Coffee jellies
  8. HomeMadeS - Jasmine Tea and Lime Parfait
  9. Fundamentally Flawed - vanilla cream cheese panna cotta with coffee gelee
  10. Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes - Coffee Panna Cotta with Chocolate Chips
  11. What's For Lunch, Honey? - Spiced Chai Latte Cream

Have I missed anyone? I am sorry, just let me know in the comments section of this post and I'll correct my mistake.

Now let's get to those low-sugar treats. See you then!

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  1. Nice round up.Happy to be a part of it.Next theme is more challenging I think.

  2. As usual, food bloggers rise to your challenge and how!
    Thats a beautiful round up. I'm itching to try every single one of those recipes. The only thing better than the liquid coffee or tea would be baked good with coffee or tea in it, right?

  3. So many recipes. As usual a wonderful round up.

  4. Nice roundup.. Couldn't find matcha powder for my recipe so I couldn't participate :( But enough excuses.. Will make it for the next one :)

  5. You missed out mine! I'm definitely in for the next one as well.

  6. I have been looking forward to this roundup - coffee being a fave flavour with my son and I! And there is a lot to choose from here!

  7. lovely round up~~ also a well chosen theme for the next one!

  8. Great round up Meeta! Thanks.

  9. Some days ago I sent you an e-mail, but I think you didn't receive it.
    This is the link:


  10. As always wonderful rpundup.
    Will have to go and check all thoes fabulous entries .

  11. This was an unusual theme and I did want to send in something, but life keeps happening. :)

    I will try to be a part of the next one. Liked that theme very much.

  12. Wonderful Meeta and thanks for the fantastic round up.

  13. Great round up of intriguing sounding treats - I am sorry I didn't get to put in anything - I found a recipe just the other day with tea that looked great and now have forgotten it - life's a bit like that sometimes - but will have to trawl these ones - and will think about low sugar treats - sounds like a good theme!

  14. Wonderful Round-up it is! Meeta, Pls check out YAAT post at my blog!
    I have something for you...

  15. Hi Meeta!

    Very interesting monthly mingle about healthier low-sugar sweet treats!
    Fantastic roundup because this sweet theme is perfect for me ;-)

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Gera .:. sweetsfoods

  16. This is a great roundup. I always enjoy coffee/tea-based sweets, but for some reason, never seem to make any myself. Looks like I have a bunch of good looking reasons to work on that

  17. Hi Meeta,
    I've just encountered your blog and think it's great. Really enjoy the desserts stuff in particular as I also write about desserts! Anyway, keep up the good work. Cheers from Australia!

  18. i thank you all for all your entries and lovely, creative dishes!

  19. fabulous roundup Meeta! and now I'll start preparing some low-sugar sweets!:)

  20. Thanks Meeta for the lovely round-up. There is plenty of choice other than liquid coffee and tea :)


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