Test Driving a Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving Feast by MeetaK

What do you think? Look good to you?

It certainly tasted awesome. I need more time to put my thoughts together for you. Tomorrow - I'll let you in on a lot more than just the recipes for these two dishes. I'll give you a few tips on planning a perfect menu for your Holiday meal.

In the meantime you can tell me what your difficulties, problems, ideas or thoughts are about planning a menu for a feast.

Stay tuned?

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  1. That does look good. I am looking forward to reading more about it.

  2. Was that last year's Thanksgiving dinner or are you test driving a Thanksgiving dinner pre-Thanksgiving? I'd be a little worried I'd get sick of turkey by the big day!

  3. That looks good..Meeta. This is my first comment on your blog although I have been following it for quite sometime.I must say this was my inspiration to start my own blog...

  4. I usually serve Indonesian meals which are rarely served elsewhere in Kiwi kitchens hehehe... *in awaiting for your next writing*

  5. Meeta, although I dont celebrate thanksgiving.....I and many of your regular readers look forward to every single post of yours. Will look forward to your tips if not for a thanksgiving meal. Will try to incorporate whatever i can in general!

  6. this looks deelumptious! Staying tuned!

  7. It looks mighty good! A colorful and delicious Thanksgiving meal!



  8. Thanks for your comments!

    Kevin - it was good!

    Joie - no i am test tasting this recipe for this year. i made it a while ago and my logic is - if it tasted really good we would not mind having it again on Thanksgiving. If it did not then we won't be serving it for Thanksgiving LOL! I test several different meats not only Turkey for Thanksgiving. This year it seems like it will be Turkey!

    Anitha - thanks!

    Arfi - good concept! I am sure it is always a blast!

    Veda - the tips can actually be used in any menu planning - when entertaining there are always a few basic rules or rather guidelines which makes things easier.

    Eunice - Thanks

    Mrs. Ergül - almost there!!

    Rosa Thanks!

  9. that looks yummy...do tell soon its recipe....
    have started following your blog recently....its gud...
    check out mine too...i started recently :)

  10. I have problems planning a menu when there are a lot of dietary restrictions - trying to make something that every one can eat and also making dishes that will go well together and not just random dishes that accomodate the restrictions. I look forward to reading your tips.


  11. Looks good to me--can't wait to hear more. I've certainly gotta get moving on my pre-Thanksgiving testing...eek!

  12. Looks delicious! Can't wait to read more about it.


  13. I'm always looking for new ideas, so I'll come back tomorrow to learn more!

  14. That does look good! I am not a turkey fan, and we always get out of town during Thanksgiving, so I've never really hosted a proper Thanksgiving meal! Good luck with yours!

  15. Well blogging sometimes makes planning a feast harder - so many great ideas which lead to a tension between the fascination of the new and the comfort of the old! Once I am past the decision making, planning the feast is much easier! Will be interested in your tips!

  16. Looks good to me :) I am tuned and reading your follow-up post :)
    Getting excited for this year's thanksgiving.

  17. Luckily, I've never hosted, so I've only been asked to bring part of the meal. This does look delicious!


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