RAW & Delicious 2009

It's time to think ahead folks. 2009 is right around the corner and a few of you wrote to me asking me if I was going to be making the RAW calendar again. Yes - but this time you're not getting one but a choice of two different calendars.

Delicious 2009

Scrumptious and mouth watering - Delicious 2009 takes a few favorite desserts from the past year and each month becomes a sweet treat. Here's a closer look at the 12 pictures featured in this delicious calendar!

Delicious 2009 01 

Delicious 2009 02

 Delicious 2009 03

Delicious 2009 04

You can order the Delicious 2009 calendar exclusively at my Zazzle gallery.

RAW 2009

My RAW series has been very popular in the past two years and for 2009 I've created the latest calendar in this series. RAW 2009 has glossy pictures of fresh fruit and vegetables, some never been seen on the blog. Take a closer look at the pictures featured.

RAW Set 01 

RAW Set 02 

RAW Set 03 

RAW Set 04

 RAW 2009 is also available at my Zazzle gallery.

All further calendar details regarding sizes, customization, price and quality can be found on the link for each respective calendar.

For future reference you will find the link to the calendars easily on my sidebar.

If you are in Germany and are interested in one of these calendars, please contact me per email. As Zazzle only offers calendars in English and the shipping prices to Germany are rather high, I have arranged for other means. The calendars are in German, with German Bank Holidays and delivery prices are very reasonable.

Hope you like these calendars!

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  1. The calendars are gorgeous Meeta! You ar such a talented photographer!

  2. As someone who follows a high-raw diet, I'm DEFINITELY all over that new calendar!!! :-)


  4. Amazing Meeta, you are an inspiration to me!!!

  5. Hi Meeta,

    I would like to place an order for delivery within Germany (the RAW calendar). When I click on 'email me' my yahoo mail opens up but my browser does not get your mail id in the winder. Basically I can't find your mail id:( Please help!

    Thanks... they are both lovely had a hard time deciding! But i think the RAW one will inspire me everyday to remember the portions.

  6. Thanks for your comments (and emails)! Glad you like these calendars.

    Joey - *BLUSH* thanks!

    VG - Hope you like a dosage of fresh each day in 2009!

    Nina - thanks for the lovely comment!

    Latha - the email address is located in the menu bar under "contact" - blogmeeta[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

  7. Yes, absolutely gorgeous calendars.



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