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menu for hope

I'd like to thank everyone who helped raise $62,206.86 for the Menu for Hope charity. It just shows that even though the World's economy is at an all time low, we as a a wonderful food blogging community have so much compassion and generosity in our hearts and give to the needy. For us, as food bloggers we talk, think, cook, photograph and blog about food almost everyday. Food comes easy to us - but we know not to take it for granted and we do what needs to be done to support those who do not have it easy.

I thank you for your compassion and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this great community.

My prize for the Menu For Hope was the fantastic 600 Curries, a new and exciting cookbook by Raghavan Iyer and it did attract a few bidders. In the end a Mr. Jean-Luc Besson managed to place the winning bid and get his hands on this incredible curry bible. So, Mr. Besson your copy of 660 Curries is awaiting you - please contact me via email under: blogmeeta[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

Monthly Mingle BadgeWe have a mingle winner! Our last mingle roundup produced some exciting and elegant cookies. Each one of you gave your best and it really was a lot fun to browse through each of your cookie creations. There was something to win this time!

Anita of Dessert First has just completed her first book - a fantastic Field Guide to Cookies: How to Identify and Bake Virtually Every Cookie Imaginable. She was kind enough not only to judge but also provide the winner with their own personal copy of the cookie book. It was a tough decision but Anita chose La Boheme Cherie with her Lingue di suocera with star anise. Anita said she liked the addition of star anise in this cookie recipe. Cherie, congratulations and come on down to collect your prize! Please send me your mailing address so that you can get your own copy of this great cookie book. You are also welcome to use the winner badge to display on your blog.

I thank Anita for taking time out of her busy schedule to help me with this mingle. You are a true darling.

MM healthy family dinners

Talking about mingles - the current mingle is in full swing and my guest hostess this month is Michelle of What's Cooking Blog. The theme this month is Healthy Family Dinners and we've been getting a few fantastic submissions already.

If you want to join us for the fun all you need to do is send us your entry by 9 February 2009. We're looking forward to it!



Finally my last plug to get you to cast your vote for The Daily Tiffin in the Food Blog Awards 2008, category Group, by tomorrow. The Daily Tiffin is a fantastic group blog with a few amazing people putting a lot of effort into it. We're up against tough and stellar competition, but we're proud to be amongst the five finalists. Maybe we can still tip the scales LOL!

If you've already voted for The Daily Tiffin, thank you! If you have not then please vote here - for The Daily Tiffin of course.

So all I can say TGIF! I have the house to myself this weekend as my boys are off on a boys only weekend. I have plenty of things I want to do and a few recipes I want to test. I am also going to be doing my Daring Bakers challenge so wish me luck!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all that time to yourself, Meeta! It's fun sometimes! :))

    I am not so lucky, got a busy weekend ahead and busy Monday too. Got to choose a nice dining set with china cabinet this weekend, getting rid of the old one to dinette! :D

  2. Hi Hon, Just casted my vote.

    Hope you and the family have a great weekend!

  3. Congratulations to the winners!! And I cast my vote the very first day:) I will be proud to see you win Meeta! Best of luck!

  4. Congratulations to the winner.Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Congrats winner!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. So much fabulousness!!

    Happy weekend, dear Meeta!!

  7. Awesome to be able to raise that amount of money for the charity. Congrats to the winner. All the winners. Best wishes for your nomination.


  8. great news! kudos to you and ur work :)

    gud luck on ur baking challenge!
    hve a gr8 weekend

  9. Kudos to all of you for collecting that amount of money! Just voted.
    Have a nice weekend. Angela

  10. Hello Meeta:

    Thanks for everything. I'm glad you like my blog and my recipe of Chicken Satay. Thank you very much for your words.

  11. Congratulation to the Winner!


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