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What a historic day! I was very much glued to the TV/Radio watching and listening to a man address his nation with such finesse and dignity. I had tears in my eyes and hope in my heart. I am pretty darned sure that I shared the same emotions, feelings and thoughts with millions around the world as Barack Obama spoke in Washington today. A historic day indeed!

I woke up with a pretty good feeling today and as I logged into my mailbox this morning I was very excited to read a mail from a friend. She was more excited than me because she has never made so many spelling mistakes in her correspondence to me LOL! The news she shared was that The Daily Tiffin was amongst the five finalists in the category Best Food Blog - Group for the annual Food Blog Awards!

This one's special to me because The Daily Tiffin is a blog I have experienced ups and a few downs with. However I have a fantastic team behind me. Some have been around for quite some time others have recently joined and others yet - left their memorable mark. All - however, added to the flair and filled The Daily Tiffin with life and spirit. Post for post - they research and take time from their busy schedules to make The Daily Tiffin a place for "A Healthy Family Lifestyle!"

Who are they? Well come with me and let me introduce you to our fantastic Daily Tiffin Team.

And because you will be making the 15 of us, that make up The Daily Tiffin, very happy, I'd like to request you to cast your vote for the Daily Tiffin in the Food Blog Awards 2008, category Group, by January 24, 2009.

If you are new to The Daily Tiffin, please take a few minutes to browse through the blog. Besides a few grand lunchbox ideas, we also have extensive posts on nutrition, health and of course food. We discuss family rituals, children, parenting and tips & tricks. If you are looking for fitness or exercise you'll find informative posts - all this - on one blog!

You see why I think this one is special don't you?

I thank all those who nominated us for this honor. Most of all I thank this unique team for their hard work and effort!

Now allow me to solicit a few votes for us ;-)

Vote for The Daily Tiffin as Best Food Blog 2008 in the category: Group - vote here

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  1. Congratulations to the whole Daily Tiffin Team! You guys have my vote :)

  2. Yes! Congratulations on the Daily Tiffin being nominated! All the best and good luck!

  3. Meeta I voted. Daily Tiffin deserves the best:-)

  4. Good Luck Meta (and Peter) will vote for both of you.

  5. Congrats! And I think a lot of folks think and feel the way you do about the inauguration and new administration. ;-)


  6. Meeta!!! Thats amazing and you know now where I am heading to

  7. Good news to wake up to Meeta...your baby's growing up & all the hard work is paying. YAY!!

  8. Well done to all on the DT. I always leave a ship when it's on its way up.. tee hee - You got my vote.

  9. Hehe, I voted for you before I read this post. Love, Hilda

  10. My vote is cast definitely for you :)


  11. Congratulations to you and the Daily Tiffin team! :)

  12. Congratulations....there are oscars for films and these for food blogs great timing!

    My vote for you!


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