MM Caribbean Cooking Roundup and Monthly Mingle 31 Announcement

I am clapping my hands in absolute pleasure. Although it was a slow start, things picked up along the way and each one of you rose up to the challenge I presented, with perfection. The result: an awesome, colorful buffet of delicious Caribbean cooking spread out for all to indulge in. Cynthia you can be proud of us!

I got entries from all over the world and was excited to see so much variety and for me I personally was excited to see a few come out of their box and cook something they generally would not. That is what I love about these mingles.

With 33 grand entries, from Singapore to Canada, we can all sit back, sip on our cocktails and relish the good food we made. Time to party!

Before we dance our way to the roundup let me introduce you to our next Monthly Mingle theme.

Monthly Mingle 31 - Kid's Lunches
MM KidsLunches This mingle is being hosted over and Srivalli's Cooking 4 All Seasons and she chose the theme Kid's Lunches. What we are looking for this month are innovative, healthy and wholesome dishes. Be it a soup, salad, healthy dessert or a nutritious meal let your creativity run wild.
No kids! Then imagine your nieces, nephews or neighbors kids are spending the day with you - what kind of meal would you make for them?
Srivalli and I have a room full of hungry kids, who are so looking forward to some good food. So, cook up something scrumptious and healthy, post about it on your blog and send Srivalli your creation. Your deadline is April 13th!
Here’s how it works:

  1. From now till April 13th 2009, cook up any dish that you would give your child (or niece, nephew etc.) and post on your blog with a link back to Srivalli's announcement and to the official Monthly Mingle page.
  2. The entry can be any course of the meal, from any cuisine both Veg and Non - Veg. You can send in multiple entries but all posted on your blog between now till April 13th. The recipes should all fit into the wholesome lunch theme.
  3. You can send in your entries from Archive, provided they are re posted specially for this event and not clubbed together.
  4. Entries sent to MM can be entered to other events but not more than 2 other events. Which means your entry cannot be sent to 4 events all together.
  5. You may include the Kid's Lunches logo in your post.
  6. Please send in your entries to with the following details:
    Sub: MM: Kids Lunch
    Blogger name
    Post URL
    Recipe name
  7. Non bloggers can send their entry with the recipe details and picture, if any to my email account.

Note: Please do not use the Monthly Mingle Form for this session.

And now I present the grand Caribbean cooking roundup.

    1. Aroma!, North Carolina, USA: Festival Bread
    2. Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality, Athens, Greece: Tomato Choka
    3. Siri's Corner, Washington D.C., USA: Cornmeat Cou Cou
    4. Jumbo Empanadas, Toronto, Canada: Roasted Pineapple with Banana Ice Cream and Coconut
    5. My Kitchen Treasures, Belgium: Jerk Chicken and Bean Rice
    6. eCurry, Texas, USA: Jamaican Curry Goat
    7. Cooking with Swapna, Germany: Caribbean pumpkin soup
    8. Spice Club, California, USA: Coconut bake
    9. Konkan World, USA: Fried Yucca with Garlic Sauce
    10. Greedy Gourmet, Canewdon, UK: Caribbean Chickpea & Sweet Potato Casserole
    11. Coffee & Vanilla, London, UK: Jamaican Peanut Punch
    12. Jugalbandi, Northwestern USA: Jamaican Rice and Peas
    13. All Things Edible, Ontario, Canada: Caribbean Chicken with Orange and Pineapple
    14. Soulful Creations, Massachusetts, USA: Jamaican Rundun
    15. Essence of Andhra, USA: Caribbean Rice
    16. My Diverse Cooking, Goa, India: Dhal Puri
    17. The Spiced Life, Ohio, USA: Caribbean Chicken Fricassee
    18. Yambalaya, France: Poulet boucané
    19. Fresh Kitchen, California, USA: Caribbean Spice Stuffed Chicken
    20. Health Nut, Ohio, USA: Carribean-style Kabobs With Rice and Beans
    21. Delectably Yours, Atlanta, USA: Caribbean Platter
    22. Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes, Paris, France: Caribbean Caramelised Bananas
    23. Feeding My Enthusiasms, USA: Caribe French Toast
    24. Culinary Adventures of a New Wife, San Diego, USA: Cornmeal Crusted Mango Salmon
    25. eCurry, Texas, USA: Flor de Jamaica Beverage
    26. Saivam, Fremont, USA: Jerk fried rice
    27. TastyCurryLeaf, Banglore, India: Gizzadas-Jamaican Coconut Tarts
    28. My Kitchen Stories, Hamburg, Germany: Caribbean Coconut Rice with Cuban Salsa Verde along with Sweet potato and Zucchini
    29. Will-O'-the-Wisp, Seattle, USA: Caribbean spiced Shrimp with Pineapple Salsa
    30. Veggie Belly, Virginia, USA: Jamaican Style Kale and White Bean 'Patties'
    31. Edible Garden, Singapore: Breadfruit Chips
    32. For the Love of Food, Fürth, Germany: Shrimp Ceviche
    33. What's For Lunch, Honey?, Weimar, Germany: Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Corn and Bacon

I do not think I missed out any entries this time thanks to the great Monthly Mingle submission form! I hope that you too found this form as easy to use as I found getting all your entries together in an organized fashion without loosing any to the SPAM monster!

This list is going over to Cynthia, who will go through each entry. Once she has picked the winning recipe, I will announce the lucky person here on WFLH, who will then receive a autographed copy of My Caribbean Cookbook.

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  1. Thankyou for hositing Meeta, yeah i think it was a real challenge this mingle as I too had to look aorund for carribean cusine in the net.

  2. Yaaa to this Caribbean Round up. I think I am going to try out each & all of them!! besides it gave me a lead to a refreshing discovery.. Love the mood around here.

  3. wow!! thats quite a fabulous roundup! i was waiting for this!

  4. Great theme, fantastic roundup! I have bookmarked so many of those recipes :D Cant wait to try them! Btw, the form was so much easier than an email entry!

  5. Hey meeta,

    I'm sorry I submitted my entry thru your form. I did not notice your note. Came to know of this event from srivalli's blog. I have followed the other instructions though.


  6. Each one of them are super delicious, great choice and wonderful round up Meeta.
    I have one adult kid now, Trisha just turned 18 today and got a full driving license as well! YAY! I will make something very kiddy for Srivalli! :)

  7. I love Caribbean food. What I especially love is a good jerk sauce. Someone in my class (I'm a culinary school student) made one the other day and it totally rekindled my love for Caribbean foods.

    Now I need a mango!


  8. Great roundup Meeta..I am imagining a table with all those going crazy..:D

  9. It was fun going Carribean for a post. A good round-up. I'm sure Cynthia's going to be happy to see them all.
    Yes, the submission form is an excellent idea.

  10. Such a lovely collection of recipes that covers so many things from soups to desserts. Great mingle, Meeta!

  11. Yay! :) Thanks for the effort, Meeta!

  12. Great round up Meeta! Looking forward to trying some of the recipes!

  13. wow! nice effort!
    lovely array of recipes!
    do visit my blog whn u find time and join in the cookies event going in my blog!

  14. wonderful assortment. caribbean cooking was a great event idea!

  15. Great round-up--I love the recipes listed here and will try them!!

  16. Fabulous round up and yes it was great searching for Carribean recipes which were similar to Indian.Thanks for the challenge

  17. Thanks for letting me know about your fantastic event, Meeta. What a splendid array of dishes. Well done, guys!

  18. What a round-up! I am looking forward to participating in Healthy Kid Lunches!

  19. Lovely roundup and everything sounds delicious.

  20. Thats a wonderful round up Meeta...glad so many came in...:)..each one so different!

  21. Just when I was at a loss for what to cook this weekend--there's a lot of great dishes here that are saying all the right things to me right now. Great round up!

  22. That is alot of tasty sounding food - good thing we didn't have pot luck or we would all be rolling down the aisles, bulging!

  23. That is a lovely round-up Meeta and enjoyed all the dishes!


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