My Late Cheesy Click!

Cheese (03) by MeetaK

We love our cheese. What you see in the photo above is a supply for about 2-3 days! Although we do not indulge in such treats often, but when the craving for nicely aged and full bodied cheese gets to us, I can't resist the huge variety offered at the cheese counter at our store.

Then it's fresh wholegrain bread from the market, still warm and filling the air with it's delicious aroma. At home that aroma is accompanied with the sharp, sweet, pungent or mellow aromas of the cheese. A happy dinner!

For February's Click the gorgeous two at Jugalbandi wanted a lot of cheese and they got plenty of cheese too. Being the judge this month I'm seeing several great shots so I just wanted to say - well done to you. Some of you have improved your photography immensely, which shows me how important such workshops are.

For my own shot I decided to keep the wrapped paper the cheese was packed in, just crumpling it more for more texture. I like the way the different levels bounces the light differently in the photograph. This, in my opinion gives the whole shot a great multi-dimensional feel.

Here are the technical details:


  • Camera: Nikon D70s
  • Lens: Nikkor 18-70mm
  • Tripod: Bilora 1211
  • Focal Length: 48 mm
  • Exposure Time: 1/250s
  • Aperture: f/8
  • Lighting: Both Lowel Ego lights, using thin lightly gold colored sheer fabric draped over one for a slightly warmer light. A bounce was used directly in front to light up any dark patches.

I am taking a little break from my judging seat at Click. I need to pay attention to several other things right now. I should be back in that seat by October again so Bee, Jai hope you keep it nice and warm for me ;-)

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  1. lovely snap meeta although i'm amazed you managed to restrain yourself from eating them long enough to take the picture!

  2. A gorgeous shot! I love cheese so much...



  3. I am the only one in my family to share this passion for cheese!!! Luckily I do not have to share. Lovely photo, I like the informal look.....I just want to tuck in!

  4. Better late than never. Beautiful click as always.
    Here we too love cheese, especially in the weekend, then sometimes i buy variety of cheese , french bread and a glass of read.
    Just the thought makes me want to have cheese :-)

  5. Wow I'm so envious of the variety you get there. I'm going to pack a bagful before I head home!

  6. Your pictures just stick to my head! That's the effect:-) So natural, so lovely!

  7. Very homely and very inviting, Meeta :)

  8. Your photos made me love cheese some more!Your photos looked so yummy, good thing you finished the shots and wait until you can eat them!

  9. We adore our cheese too, and yes, the great variety on offer does make one spoilt for choice.

    A yummy click :-)

  10. Hi Meeta - It felt good to read all about you as well as enjoy the cheesy snapshot. Well it was the cheese that caught my attention... both my daughter and granddaughter love their cheeses. I am always keen to learn more. Your site is wonderful and now bookmarked!

  11. All that for 2-3 days? You are all cheese heads! Hahaha!! Looks great, Trisha is a cheese monster too. Enjoy, great CLICK! :)

  12. You folks sure are cheesy :D As usual beautiful click

  13. I haven't seen cheese look this appetizing in a while.:)
    And this picture's really good, a bit different from your usual style.

  14. I love cheese...with a glass of red wine. Best relaxation after a day of work. Great picture!

  15. That pic has me drooling, I love cheese!

    And I'm back this month for the MM! Finally!

  16. That's a great photo Meeta! I also share your love for cheese...this photo really made wish for a good slice! I also love the texture of the paper...I can almost here it crinkle!

  17. What a lovely shots! Thanks for the shooting tips! Nice to see you are Nikon, as my camera is not very stable and down from time to time, may need to consider to get a new one, that is move on the DSLR.

  18. I love cheese too and I only wish they weren't so expensive in this part of the world... Your cheese picture is great! Now what are we supposed to say to smile for a picture?? Oh yes, Say Cheese!!

  19. that is gorgeous. and yes, your seat is reserved for october and beyond.

  20. I hope one day to find the time to get back to taking part in these online events :(

  21. This is the exact reason why wine and cheese parties are amazing! Love cheese too!

  22. Lovely image Meeta. You are such a talented photographer.

  23. hi everyone! thank you for all your feedback - did not know there were so many cheese lovers out there!! glad you are liking the picture and appreciate all the comments! hugs!

  24. Lovely click Meeta and lovely choice of cheeses.

  25. Add some olive crackers and some pickled figs and you're in heaven!!!

  26. Hey meeta

    Congrats you made it to the 50 worlds best food blog list .

    Here is the link. Enjoy .


  27. That picture is like glancing inside of a European cheese shop.

  28. Looks great! I love almost any kind of cheese... except goat cheese, but even I got convinced to this one a little bit recently... ;)
    But brie is my favourite with cracked pepper and some tomato on fresh bread...mmmm

  29. My newest favourite from the cheese world is smoked German cheese. You must know it!


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