Monthly Mingle #32 – Spring Cakes

MM-Spring Cakes

Do you hear the birds chirping outside and the perfume of spring flowers all around you? It is officially Spring in the Northern Hemisphere folks.

For my part I am intensively enjoying the gorgeous colorful bounties of fruit readily available in the markets at the moment. I know this will be my last chance to enjoy real Spring fruit and vegetables in Europe for the next few years, as in Qatar I will get almost everything all year round regardless of the season we are in.

It's a goodbye party of sorts as this will be my last Monthly Mingle for a while. I have lined up a few fantastic guest hosts who will help me continue the mingle all the way till October. You can check out the MM Calendar for more details so that you do not miss out on the event when I am away.

I wanted to celebrate with cake and thought I'd invite you all to a Spring party of cakes. Rhubarb, raspberries, strawberries, apricots, and cherries - there is a plethora of fruit to choose from and with your great imaginations I am sure you will come up with explosive creations. Whether it's cheesecake, Bundt cakes, layer cakes devil or angel food cakes - a cake, gateaux or a torte is what I am craving. Not a tart or a pie but definitely a fresh, thick, moist Spring fruit cake.

So, I hope you will come over with your fruity Spring cakes, made especially for me, to celebrate my favorite season of the year - Spring. I am so excited about this that I can hardly wait to see your creations.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a dish that fits the Spring Cakes theme as described above.
  2. Post about it on your blog from now till 13 May 2009 (entries must be in English, please).
  3. Your creation should be prepared for the current Monthly Mingle theme and shared with a maximum of 2 other blog events. Let's try and keep the creations as fresh as the ingredients you use.
  4. You must provide a link to this post and/or the official Monthly Mingle page.
  5. Once you’ve posted your dish, please fill the Monthly Mingle form to send me your entries.

Note: The Monthly Mingle form is the new way to send all your MM entries to me. This ensures that I do not miss your submission if it lands in the spam folder. Please fill out the form carefully filling out the required fields (those marked with *). Upload your image - 300px and below 1 MB - and click on the submit button.

Please do not send me the entries via email. You can easily access the form via the submission button on the sidebar under the section "Come Mingle With Me" or via the official Monthly Mingle page.

If you have any questions, queries or issues drop me an email at:

Never miss a mingle! Keep tabs as the Monthly Mingle travels around the world via the MM Calendar.

MMMMM! Come on get those cakes baking!

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  1. Wow Meeta, lovely theme, will definately send my entry for MM...

  2. Your new theme is great. Very springy, which is great for this post as well.

  3. And you will never say "it's cold" ever again in the middle East! :D

    I will bake for you of course. Enjoy the Spring there. It's getting warmer everyday here too, birds, flowers and all! :)

  4. Tagged! Pls. do this one Meeta - would love to read ur take on it!

  5. I will try and make this event although we are moving towards autumn. I can't miss the opportunity to bake a nice cake, can I?

  6. Yay - this theme I love. Will send in something for this soon :)

  7. Wow if it was spring dessert my entry would have been there tommorow, i will have to make a cake in the theme, will surley send you something spring cake.
    Is Tarts allowed too?

  8. What a great idea!! Spring cakes is a wonderful theme. I'll have to see what I can come up with.

  9. However much I try to avoid, I will bake something for you this time:-)

  10. Ahh Spring Cakes! I'm planning to make the kids something this weekend since Wifey is promises but if I do something, it'll be sent in to MM!! Hugs!

  11. am really hoping you all will send me your take on the theme.

    Happy Cook - nope no tarts just cakes!

  12. wow
    meeta, the theme is good .

    recently i started a blog can you please have a look at it .

  13. Nice theme my dear, will do my best. But as times are a bit too hectic lately and they will only get worse, do excuse my big absence. Congratulations on your move. Is it you who has a new job or your husband?

    big hugs and good luck with the move.


  14. A MM that falls in my bday? Now you know I can't miss that!!

  15. Well I wanted to join in on this one but just could not squeeze it in. Sorry Meeta! :-(


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