It’s Sweeter With Mango Yogurt Mousse - Eggless

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“Everything happens for a good reason!” was a sentence I heard often these past few days. It probably does – but right now it kind of feels like things are happening for no reason at all! Still I hate crying over spilled milk for long. I do not have the patient for it. Yes, I lament, get mad and am frustrated at being thrown into this situation. The thought of having to unpack the boxes, I just packed a few weeks ago, makes me want to kick them to the Moon. But surprisingly I am on a high!

Yes I am riding a wave of enthusiasm right now and although I know keeping my balance might get trickier, I want to be able to grasp every minute of the magical support, motivation and joy I have been getting. It feels like balsam and makes me feel safe to face whatever is going to come my way. Everyone and I really mean everyone, whether it’s the friends, parents at the school or colleagues and of course my blog family have been offering so much support, good words of advice and affection that it lifts me up higher and higher. 

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I am plowing ahead though. Although I have not unpacked and re-set up my photo studio yet, I am channeling my frustration into positive energy and have been taking photos again. I missed this! Just clearing my head and thinking of nothing else but exposure, aperture and lighting. There are no boxes, no fears of being separated and having to see Soeren be sad to be apart from his best buddy – his dad. Just me, my camera and my motive.

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My mind is also back in the kitchen and I cannot wait to start experimenting, cooking and baking again. The past several weeks it was mostly quick meals and as I packed or sold off my kitchen tools, room for experimenting and being creative on a large scale was out of the question. One of the first things I did this week was contact Ivonne and Lisa and asked them if they would take me back into the safe and snug arms of the Daring Bakers. I’m looking forward to this month’s challenge.

Another thing I am also doing is planning – a “I-am-back-without-really-leaving-and-thank-you-for-the-support” party! Those who know me, also know I always thank with food. Food comforts and brings people of all cultures together and food makes everyone happy. Many of my friends are used to getting jars filled with homemade apricot salsa or a medley of jams, jellies and preserves, favorites are of course my experiments of pralines or truffles. I have been playing around and trying to come up with a few special recipes.

I know that I can hit the nerves of all my dear ones around me – here in Weimar and on this blog – if I tickle their sweet tastebuds.

Sensually sweet mangoes and thick creamy Greek yogurt make this mousse an airy and delicious delight. Delicately infused with vanilla and topped with pure mango cubes, I am hoping that all of you who have been there for me over the past days will accept my humble way of showing my deepest gratitude.MangoMousse

Mango Yogurt Mousse (Eggless)

Printable version of recipe here


2-3 ripe mangoes, 2 puréed and 1 cut into cubes
250g thick Greek yogurt
65g fine sugar
240 ml heavy cream, chilled
1 vanilla bean, insides scraped out
1 sheet gelatin


  1. In a food processor or blender, blend the sugar, mango purée from 2 mangoes and vanilla into a smooth mixture.
  2. Take about 2 to 3 tablespoons of the mixture and gently heat in a saucepan. Dissolve the gelatin in the mixture then add it back to the mango purée mixture. Blend everything quickly to ensure the gelatin in incorporated well.
  3. Transfer everything into a bowl then with a whisk, whisk in the Greek yogurt until smooth.
  4. In a separate bowl beat the chilled heavy cream until it holds stiff peaks. Gently fold the whipped cream into the mango mixture until thoroughly incorporated.
  5. Divide the mousse into 4 dessert bowls or glasses and chill overnight.
  6. Garnish with the mango cubes and serve well chilled with chocolate Florentine cookies.

notepaper2 Kopie

You can use both low-fat yogurt and cream for the dessert. The heavy cream can be totally substituted by another 240-250g of Greek yogurt. However note that the texture will be slightly different. Expect it to be a bit more dense as when whipped cream is used.

Canned mangoes, available at most Indian stores, can be used if you cannot find ripe mangoes in your area.

Add a handful of pistachios or hazelnut brittle for a bit of crunch.


MangoYogurt Mousse05 framed

The test version of the mousse got enthusiastic thumbs up from both Tom and Soeren. I cannot imagine anyone not being a fan of mango and mousse. What I like about this dessert is that it is so quick to make and being an eggless dessert should get it a few additional bonus points. The subtle vanilla flavor highlights the aromas of mango intensively. A pure delight for all my sweet friends!

I am taking part in an event after a long time. The social mingling will do me good and as Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons is having a Mango Mela I just have to be a part of the fun!

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  1. Wow! Your pictures are amazing!
    I love mangoes and your recipe looks absolutely delicious.

  2. Hey Meeta,

    Your Blog is soo refreshing..

    i have been following it for the past one week.

    You Photography is also soo innovative.

    As for the Mousse, I am gonna try that this weekend. you have enthused a non foodie like me enough...

  3. Your pictures show me you're on a high. :)
    Mango and mousse, that's unbeatable especially as it's eggless too.
    Right now I envy your friends who get to taste this.

  4. Yes, i cannot think of anyone not liking mango or mousse:-) i have my kids sucking on mango with juice dripping down their elbows:-) just like back in india, & it makes me happy to see them

    This mousse is delicious (your pictures speak Meeta), & this is how i make it.. with slightly different proportions. other than home, it is a huge party delight.

  5. Wow this looks mousse and eggless, is sure a winner :)

  6. What a delightfully fresh and delicious tasting dessert! I love your idea!



  7. Good to see you cheery with mango sunshine err mousse. Looks delightful

  8. Love the mango mousse. I am tempted to make them as it looks really refreshing.

  9. Oh goodness, in my opinion you'd have to be in the nuthouse not to like mangoes. :P I'm glad you have such a positive outlook on things and are all systems go to resume doing what you do best! ;) Now, have I earned enough brownie points for a mousse of my own? ;)

  10. so sorry to hear abt that Meeta..but hope things will get back better...and this mousse is simply superb.thanks for the lovely entry!

  11. They look awesome and I think it is good if and as you are channeling your energy towards other things, it might be a good distraction.
    The time apart is only temporary and I am sure you will get through this. :)
    Try to enjoy doing what you are.

  12. You know what..I was missing you a lot all these past days when you were busy.... I am glad you are back..

    The photographs are amazing and I love the look and feel of your blog...

    Mango Mousse looks delicious, will defi try soon!

  13. I am so glad to hear that you're doing better now, Meeta. I can totally feel the positive energy flowing from you... This mousse looks amazing. And I have mangoes hanging around waiting to be used up. Thanks for the perfect summer dessert! :)

  14. Beautiful Beautiful Mousse Meeta, and eggless too, that makes it even more appealing.

  15. The pictures speak volumes.unbeatable combo,thgh I must confess I am not a mango fan but have now started using it in baking. Absolutely divine looking

  16. looks delicious! especially since it s eggless. and that praline on top yummy just the right crunch :)

  17. Just excellent Meets...welcome back with open arms! Great to see the kitchen fired up again...this mousse is fab! Just so anyhting is right up my street!! YUM!!

  18. That is a picker-upper dish for sure! Glad you are slowly getting back into your cheery self again :)

  19. the idea of having yogurt and heavy cream, so it is not too rich, yet tasty. Great presentation as usual and very nice pictures.

  20. Im excited that you are excited! That means delicious food is coming, beautiful pictures, and fabulous recipes.

    Keep your head up. Everything happens for a reason. :)

  21. Even when the reasons are not clear right away, I think they are there. You will find it. Already you seem on your way with this mousse. Taking advantage of what you have and turning out this gorgeous dessert. It is so bright and clear it will be wonderful eating.
    I get surprised how relaxing the demands of getting a good photo can be.

  22. :-) I believe that:

    And I just finished the last of the mangoes today... shall buy some soon.

  23. Thank you everyone for your comments and wishes! i am sure once we have made the decision of what we are exactly going to do - things will settle down. i appreciate all your words of comfort. so glad that the mousse is exciting your tastebuds. i hoped it would!

  24. I am sooo addicted to yogurt and this yogurt with an oooommpphh!

  25. This sounds like a refreshing, guiltless sweet treat! I love it! And your photos look amazing, great job.

  26. Oh, that sounds delicious. I've been meaning to try Greek yogurt for quite some time. It sounds so rich and good.

    Wonderful photos.

  27. I love yougurt with mango! Beautiful shots!

  28. You KNOW I love mango. Looks delish.

    Hugs from NY,

  29. I just LOVE your photography so much. brilliant blog I must say. The presentation is so neat. the template is pleasant and super good. I am in love with your blog. :) Will take hours looking at all the pics. :)

    Keep it going. your are professional. :)

  30. sounds soooo yummy! ( I like the no egg part the best!)

    I love your blogs pics ...very nice :)

  31. Hello Meeta, This mousse looks very refreshing and exquisite. I would love to try it, but since I'm a vegetarian I would like to replace the gelatine with agar-agar or chinagrass? Have you ever tried using agar agar in desserts? I recently tried butterscotch pudding with it and it was quite excellent.

    You sound happy to be back to your old fold. Have a great time moving back in!

  32. Your photos are beautiful, and that mousse looks sooo delicious!

  33. The mousse looks lovely, but what I am really loving is your addition of the praline on top!

  34. It looks absolutely delicious! I am a huge mango fan and well mango mousse... can't get any better then that! Love the photos as always!

  35. I am glad you are so positive through everything! And these put a smile on my face, they look amazing.

  36. That looks so good! I have to make it!

  37. I'm always looking for easy deserts to impress my friends with. And this desert worked a treat this weekend in hot summery London! I live in a small-ish apartment in the city and so a simple desert that doesn't use too many ingredients is always top of my list. Thanks v.much for sharing this one Meeta

  38. Thanks for passing from my blog even if I haven't been around lately. That mango mousse sounds delicious and your photos are amazing with or without your photo studio.

  39. ooh yummy end to the event Meeta :) Don't forget to send me the event details though! :D

  40. thank you all for the feedback!

    priya - glad this was a hit with you and your friends. makes me smile knowing that you spent the weekend with friends and my mousse lol!

    appreciate all the positive vibes here. love you all!

  41. Mangoes and Greek yogurt...this is a divine combination! Glad to see you are doing well! Big hug! :)

  42. This really is a wonderful recipe Meeta. And I so love mangoes. I love that it's eggless too. The pictures made it look all the more scrumptious.

  43. Just wanted to tell you that I made this dish for Valentines Day and it was amazing! Thank you so much for the recipe, it is one we will be enjoying again and again! Also the potato flan turned out great.

  44. Meeta, as you know I took your advice and made your mousse. It was so good I made it again and got some decent pictures this time.
    Posted on my blog at

    Thanks for the recipe. :)

  45. Beautiful pics as usual. Do you know where to find Greek yogurt in Germany or what it is called? I find the yogurt here to be very runny.

  46. thanks everyone for all your comments. so glad that this mouuse is finding your liking!

    yelli - you'll find greek yogurt at any supermarket. i get mine at eith tegut (FAGE) or kaufland. it'll be marked "griechisches jogurt". also if you have a turkish store near you you'll most certainly find something similar there too!


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