Raspberry and Nectarine Clafoutis

Raspberry Nectarine Clafoutis (04) by MeetaK 

Last week every time I opened the fridge I was greeted with a huge variety of berries and stone fruit. Packed in various boxes I had everything from blueberries to gooseberries, from nectarines to mirabelles. It was a delight for me to say the least.

The reason for an over bulging fridge full of summer fruit was simply because at this time of year all my friends’, neighbors’ and also my in-laws’ gardens are bursting at the seams with a delicious plethora of berries, fruit and veggies. Knowing that I have a food blog makes them put 1 and 1 together and I am often greeted with a basket full of something pleasant when I arrive from work. I never say no! The advantages of having a food blog are many but this is one that I just love.Giggle! 

In return however, each generous and very charitable friend, neighbor and my dearest in-laws get to sample the creation I make with their wonderful donations.

Last week was definitely the week of the clafoutis! Clafoutis, clafouti. Clafoutis, clafouti – it makes me happy just saying it. Try it – kla-FOO-tee! See what I mean? So imagine if just saying it makes one elated, what it does when one actually has the pleasure to taste it.

Raspberry and Nectarine for Clafoutis by MeetaK

Clafoutis is that wonderful French custard-like dessert made by baking fresh fruit and a batter very similar to pancake batter in the oven and indulged in when still warm. Traditionally it is made with cherries and purists will say anything else is not a clafoutis but a flognarde.

Since it’s so easy to whip up, this is the perfect quick dessert to impress all your dinner guests with. What could be better than delicious fruit baked till the juices ooze out and fuse with the thick creamy batter to produce a delectable custardy cake-like sweet treat.

Raspberry Nectarine Clafoutis (05) by MeetaK

As clafoutis is something to be enjoyed while still warm it really tastes best made at home, or maybe ordered at a restaurant.

So last week got me doing the clafoutis! I made clafoutis three times to use up my fruit and veggies. I made two different types of sweet clafoutis and tried my hand at a savory variety of the clafoutis. I’ll be sharing all with you in the next few weeks.

This one is a basic clafoutis recipe, but because I wanted to thank my neighbors for their raspberries and nectarines I decided to be a little generous and added a bit of cream to the batter for a richer taste. As I also had a lot of red currents I added a very small handful.RaspNectarineRecipeCard

Raspberry and Nectarine Clafoutis

[Printable version of recipe here]
[Recipe serves approx. 6]


250g raspberries, washed and dried
250g nectarines, sliced
small handful red currents (optional)
95g all-purpose flour, sifted
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 vanilla bean, insides scraped 
60g fine sugar
235ml milk
60ml thick whipping cream
50g butter, melted
icing sugar


  1. Brush a large oven proof dish or 6 small shallow ramekins with some of the melted butter.

  2. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C.

  3. Fill the dish or dishes with the fruit in a single and set aside.

  4. In a mixing bowl whisk together flour, eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla and cream until smooth. Pour in the melted butter and mix until incorporated making sure not to overbeat.

  5. Pour the batter over the fruit and bake for 30 – 40 minutes, or until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.

  6. Dust generously with icing sugar and serve warm.

Sticky Note Serving Tip
My favorite way to serve clafoutis is with a nice scoop of good vanilla ice cream. But we also enjoy it with vanilla sauce. You can also serve it with whipped vanilla flavored cream, a dollop of crème frâiche, or clotted cream. 



Raspberry Nectarine Clafoutis (07) by MeetaK

There you see – no dessert could be simpler. I really like the way this fruit and veggie exchange for a dish works. I get homegrown produce and in return make a little something for the generous people. There is always enough not only for us but actually to feed the neighborhood!

Furthermore, through these clafoutis, the neighbor on top of the hill got to taste the raspberries from the neighbor down the road and they in return got a taste of the juicy nectarines. And so this is how we spread our love for food like a magic sparkle throughout the neighborhood. These were thoroughly enjoyed by both sets of neighbors, Tom and myself. And as we know word of mouth travels a lot faster, it was not long before I had blueberries, red currents and gooseberries on my doorstep the next day – but that is another story or should I say dessert! ;-)

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Monthly Mingle

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Deadline is August 17th. Hope you’ll be joining us!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL clafoutis!!!!!!! Your pictures are always so stunning!!
    I too seem to be given more produce than one knows what to do with tihs time of year!! I love it though!! More reason to bake!

  2. Looks delicious. I wish I had your fruit problem, I seem to never have enough fruit on hand! Its so expensive around here.

    Your photography is breath taking, and I look forward to studying your pictures each time you post!

  3. I can relate to the fridge bearing fruit problem...grin...if it is indeed a problem. Clafoutis, buckle, bettys and more....tis the season!!!!! Very beautiful presentation and I love clafoutis!

  4. Looks yummy! Sad thing is that i'm on diet :(

  5. Oh! I don't know what it is called, but it is DIVINE;-)

  6. This is gorgeous! I may just use clafoutis as my foodie vocab lesson of the week!

    Also, thanks for helping promote the Marvelous Melon Monthly Mingle!

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  11. Amazing clafoutis! I love all those wonderful fruits... My fridge is literally exploding with all the summer goodies that can be found during this plentiful month of the year!!!

    Stunning shots, as always!



  12. Oh Meeta, I love clafoutis! As always you captured the beauty of the dish with these drool worthy photos! The chicken recipe sounds fantastic as well!

  13. Beautiful Meeta! Lucky friends and family who get to sample the delights from your kitchen!

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    What I wouldn't give to find a load of ripe juicy berries on my doorstep. Totally jealous!!!

  15. gorgeous colours. clafoutis is such a lovely dessert :)

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  17. Honestly, this is the first clafoutis that is tempting me to make it!!!! Normally it looks dry and unappetizing to me, but your puds is crunchy and moist and uses 2 of my favorite flavors!!!!

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  21. Gorgeous Meta! I actually made clafoutis this last week with cherries, even though they're not in season here...beautiful pics as usual!

  22. Looks wonderfully summery and utterly delicious

  23. thank you all for your lovely comments. trust me if i could i would hand out the clafoutis through your screens LOL! glad you are liking this. it really was a great dessert and even better with the juicy fresh homegrown raspberries and nectarines!

  24. Meeta you always make such wonderful desserts. And your pictures are so gorgeous that they make us hungry.

  25. I made clafoutis for the first time a while back and totally loved it! Since it was my first I made it the traditional way with cherries, but I will definitely be making this again with other fruits.

  26. I love how you are an emissary of neighborly food love! I would love to be you neighbor Meeta :)

    This clafoutis looks so yummy!

  27. Another story or another dessert!
    You have a real neighbor problem (hehe) the very best problem there is.
    Clafoutis is wonderful but yours here looks like a jewel.

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    And I'm not going to say it looks good, because I say it all the time! :)
    Never made one before. Shall once the fruit season is here.

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  36. Wow, I've never tried cooking clafoutis before, but this seems to be very simple! And I think nectarines and red currants is a very nice combination!
    Thank you for this recipe!


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