At Dusk

Dusk Tree (02) by MeetaK 

Phew! It’s been a pretty intense and exhausting week! Work wise I was a bit confined to the desk, with a few things to plan and do, but was slightly distracted. Away from work I’ve been working on a new photo assignment and really enjoying myself. Hope the Client sees the fun I was having and likes what I am doing.

If you have not heard already let me tell you some exciting news. A brilliant blogger meet is being organized in London this November. The Food Bloggers Connect is the first European Food Bloggers’ Conference and will be taking place on November 28th. It’s going to be a one of a kind event on this continent and trust me many exciting things have been planned. The response so far has been quite enormous. Yes – I plan to be there and look forward to meeting several of my fave blogger buddies and readers. I am hoping to see many of you there so get those tickets to London booked quickly and RSVP the event here.

Tabletop Design (02) by MeetaK

I had a post and a recipe for you today – something sweet with mirabelles, lemon and poppy seeds – but I am pooped. I’d rather just crash on the sofa and get lost in the world of Jane Austen.

So instead I am sharing a few impressions of my favorite things around me and wish you all a great weekend.


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  1. What beautiful pictures! Dreamlike...

    Have and great weekend and cheers,$


  2. Ah! Austen!!! just PERFECT!
    I am watching Pride and Prejudice (BBC)!

  3. The pictures are mesmerizing, they look so calm and quiet. I heard about the Food Blogger Connect, but no way I can get there :(. Hope it gets held in India the next time.

  4. I know all of the bloggers meeting in London will have as much fun as we had at BlogHer Food last month. Wish I could be there with you!

  5. I love photos of trees outlined against a evening sky - so beautiful

  6. And I can't wait to see you in London Meeta! Food Blogger Connect is going to be a blast.

    And sometimes you need a refill and quiet time with Jane Austen. Beautiful, dreamy pictures, Meeta!

  7. love the colours in those pics :) I heard about the London Conference from Sunita's blog but sadly, unless something comes up in Asia, I can't go :(

  8. Beautiful pictures Meeta, and refreshingly different from the others. The client knows how much you enjoy shows!! I'm gonna catch u at the FBC, camera and all! xo

  9. What beautiful photographs! Oh my! Just lovely...

    I always love drooling over your photography.

  10. I would have loved to be in London too, but due to family circumstances have to skip... :( I am sure you will all have a terrific time there!

  11. I always come here to see the lovely pictures, and of course I never get disapointed.
    These are beautiful. Hope you had a nice weekend.

  12. Gorgeous pictures Meeta! Am so looking forward to meeting you at the FBC!

  13. thank you all for your comments - so glad you are liking these shots. i was practicing for the photo job and i wanted your thoughts on them. much appreciated.

    yes i am looking forward to london and hope many of you can make it!

  14. Recipes can wait Meeta... let's all relax a bit now :)

  15. amazing clicks meeta!. Truly . The first one is mesmerising!.

  16. It seems as if we're finally going to meet, Meeta! :-)

    My only concern about the conference is that it's quite short. They should probably expand the event next year and do it BlogHer style. I look forward to your talk though!


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