Roasted Cauliflower and Pearl Onions with Smoky Paprika and Coriander

 Roasted Spiced Cauliflower (2) by MeetaK 

It’s the time of year when my CSA box has begun to bring cauliflower, cabbage and co. to my doorstep each week. I admit I am the type of person who gets excited at the site of the milky white flower like vegetable or the sturdy variety of cabbage. I am well aware that my delight is not often shared by many people and me squealing with joy at the sight of cauliflower does raise an eyebrow or two.

I adore cauliflower. It’s the simplicity and the variety of ways one can prepare this gorgeous vegetables that makes it so attractive for me. I remember several years ago when I first came to Germany and missed my mum’s cooking, I’d hit the nearest Indian restaurant and order the famous Punjabi dish of Aloo Gobi. It was a piteous version of what my mum used to make but I still savored it to the very last morsel. It was cauliflower and as close to Indian cooking as I could get.

A popular German way of serving cauliflower is by slathering a sauce Hollandaise over lightly steamed cauliflower florets then layering it with ham and cheese, finally to be baked in the oven. If made properly it’s an exquisite dish but pretty heavy on the calories and nasty to your waistline. What’s more, the sauce takes away that wonderful distinct flavor of cauliflower.

Roasted Spiced Cauliflower (1) by MeetaK

And that is exactly what I love about the cauliflower - that sweet almost nutty flavor which can be paired with several spices and herbs. In this extremely simple dish I use a smoky paprika powder and ground coriander to flavor the cauliflower. It is then roasted gently in the oven to allow the flavors to harmonize and melt with each other. A sensational and remarkably easy way to enjoy this truly fantastic vegetable.

Roasted Cauliflower and Pearl Onions with Smoky Paprika and Coriander

Printable version of recipe here.


1 cauliflower head, cut into florets – you should have approx. 500g cauliflower florets
10-15 pearl onions, cut into halves.
1-2 teaspoons ground coriander powder
1-2 teaspoons smoky paprika powder
2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper
Handful coriander leaves, coarsely chopped


  1. Pre-heat oven to approx 200 degrees C.

  2. In small bowl combine spices, oil, salt and pepper to taste.

  3. Place cauliflower and pearl onions in a larger bowl then drizzle the spiced oil over the vegetables. Toss well to coat.

  4. Spread the spiced vegetables in a roasting pan or an ovenproof dish evenly. Bake in the oven for approx. 25 minutes, tossing occasionally until the vegetables are starting to brown. The cauliflower is perfect when it has started to brown slightly and is still crisp and crunchy.

  5. Sprinkle with coriander leaves and serve warm.

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The Food Guide Tip:

- Coriander powder

Sticky Note Serving Tip
This cauliflower makes a fantastic side dish. It can be enjoyed with all kinds of poultry dishes like this ricotta spinach chicken (leave the vol-au-vents out) or a simple lime chicken or this grand turkey caprese. As the flavors of the spiced cauliflower is fairly mellow it pairs up perfectly with a German beef roulade too. Fish lovers can enjoy this cauliflower with an exquisite Spicy Black Sesame Sea Bream.



 Roasted Spiced Cauliflower (3) by MeetaK

The spices give the cauliflower a bit of zing without overpowering the natural sweet nutty aromas of the vegetable. It’s low fat, packed with vitamin C and full of healthy nutrition. A perfect guilt-free side. We enjoyed this with a chicken filet, spinach and ricotta dish prepared very similarly to this dish. Both Tom and Soeren relished the meal thoroughly.

Thanks to everyone for all your lovely wishes and regards on my last post. I was very moved by your spectacular sentiment and am humbly honored.

This weekend it’s time for The annual Onion Market here in Weimar. Last year I took you for a virtual trip around Weimar’s Onion Market. As always, this year both Tom and Soeren will be running the city run, which always accompanies the Onion Market and I will be out and about with my camera trying to capture it all on film. Hope you all have a sensational weekend too.

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  1. Oh Meeta,
    This dish sounds heavenly. I adore the addition of the smoky paprika. I can just imagine the flavor as "we speak."

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  2. My hubs hates cauliflower, but maybe if I made your recipe he would become a lover, not a hater:) Looks fantastic!

  3. Here they mostly serve with cheese sauce, i think i would much more prefer roasted like this.

  4. I need smoky paprika pronto Meeta. This sounds absolutely delish! Gorgeous pictures... can't wait for the 'aloo gobhi' season to begin! xoxoox

  5. I share your love for cauliflower and love it in all farms...puréed, boiled, roasted whatever.....I like the idea of the earthy smoked paprika.

    PS. Are you doing better now after all the changes???

  6. I also love cauliflower and just waiting for the season, this looks and sounds awesome.
    Drop by sometime dear.

  7. Meeta, I too share the same love for cauliflower. This version sounds so delicious...the paprika and coriander giving it a lovely lift!

  8. I love cauliflower. That dish looks wonderful! Great flavor combo!



  9. Sounds lovely and looks gorgeous as ever, Meeta.
    I know some people think cauliflowers are awful but we love them :)

    Btw, there was a "Nielson online survey" box which popped when I opened your site. Is that something you've allowed? Just thought I'd mention it incase you haven't.

  10. Smoky paprika is fantastic, and I love using it. I'm a huge fan of cauliflower too, so I'm definitely trying this recipe out.

  11. thank you everyone. this really is a spectacular way to enjoy cauliflower the mix between the smoky paprika and coriander really adds a perfect zing to the dish!

  12. Hi Meeta, I stumbled on your blog, while bloghopping (which I enjoy doing). You got a lovely site going on. The cauliflower recipe seems awesome. My family loves cauliflower.
    I think I have to visit you more.
    I have a book blog, if you enjoy books visit me sometime.

  13. Hey meeta, nice post after a really spicy post about your news unh :) I was expecting something sweet...really, ok...if i could request...pls dish up a simple sweet recipe for us ... your treat :)

  14. wow that looks really really good.
    more of this please

    greets from germany,

  15. Just the title is enough to make me feel full :-) love the idea of roasting caulliflowers!! what a healthy dish to serve my hubby who hates veggies lol

  16. I love cauliflower. really interesting recipe with the pearl onions. never had that combination before.


  17. Oh Meeta, this dish looks outstanding. Bookmarked to try.

  18. Meeta , I see the same excitement in K whenever he sees fresh cauliflower. This is exactly his kinda dish !! Bookmarked to try !

  19. Love cauliflower and this is a perfect dish! Simple and flavorful! Strangely enough I just brought back a jar of smoky paprika from the US!

  20. Roasted cauliflower is definitely something I should be making more often- it tastes fantastic! I love your version here! :)

  21. Haha! I think me and you together will raise alot of eyebrows. I love cauliflower alot and in a soup, it's to die for!!

  22. I have made roasted cauliflower many ways but never with smoky paprika. I love this idea, Meeta, and will be trying it this winter. Thanks!

  23. It's in the oven :) How come yours looks all white, while mine looks all red (from the paprika)?

  24. Mmmm, this looks great. I just so happen to have a good amount of cauliflower and paprika on hand, and coriander is my favorite spice! Seems I absolutely MUST make this in the next few days... looking forward to it!

  25. Flower like vegetables?

    Biologically seen they are just that, unopened flowers on the stem jst like brocolli and romanesco too.

    If you want to give it a try, let a head of brocolli in the garden get older until the flowers break open. A sunny yellow on top of lush green...a vinagrette and you have a nice flower salad.

    I once hated cauliflower, could not stand it. Until 8 years ago i tried different dishes with cauliflower in an indian restaurant.

    I am also a bit wary about pearl onions but i may give it a try in the future..thanks to the indian cuisine


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