Monthly Mingle 38: Warming Soups


It’s that time of year when all we want to do is get back home into the warmth and coziness. Nothing beats the cold and rain outside than coming home to a bowl of steaming soup.

Hearty soups, warming soups, comfy soups or chilled soups – whatever you are craving we want it.

My guest host Harini of Tongueticklers wants to tickle our buds and wants us to bring our soup creations to this month’s mingle – Soups.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a dish that fits the theme 'Soup for the happy soul' - only vegan or vegetarian recipes not involving eggs - please.

  2. Post about it on your blog between today i.e., 22.11.09 and 14.12.09. (Entries must be in English, please).

  3. Your creation must exclusively be prepared for this event and cannot be submitted to any other blog event.
  4. You must provide a link to Harini’s announcement post and/or this post and send the details called for below (please look up for links at the end of the post).

  5. If your recipe is inspired from a cookbook, site or blog please acknowledge and provide a direct link to the source.

  6. Please send a mail to 'sunshinemomsblog [at] gmail [dot] com' with the following details. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within 5 days please leave a comment and we will get back to you the same day.
  • Your preferred name.
  • Name of your blog and its url.
  • Name of the dish and url of the post.
  • Your location (Country)
  • A picture of the dish 300pixels wide.


So get those pots steaming with something delicious, we’re looking forward to all your entries.

Note about the Brunch Roundup: The roundup to last month’s theme will be posted next week. As I am off to London for the FBC this weekend I will not be able to get around to it – but look forward to over 70 incredible brunch ideas.

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  1. SCRRRRRRUMPTIOUS!! Can't wait to see the hearty offerings that people contribute :)

  2. I'm so doing this! And I already know what I'm doing! Wohooo!

  3. What a great idea!

    Definitely the perfect food for winter. Though I would absolutely love a chilled soup right now - very steamy here in Brisbane!

  4. Is there anyway I can post my recipe and picture withouit having a blog?

  5. looking forward to the entries!

    soma you can email them to harini with the recipe and a pic - it should be OK just cc me and I#ll let her know!

  6. @Meeta: Thank you so much. I can participate now....hooray. I will definitely do so.

  7. already posted an entry to the soup event!!

  8. Thanks, Meeta! It is good to be hosting the mingle:).

  9. I got my soup ready just need to get it photographed and "blobbed" as my husband would say!

  10. Ooh I have a soup idea I'm working on! Can it include butter and cream/milk?

  11. wow I love soups and they're perfect for this time of the year!milk and cheese are allowed?


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