Monthly Mingle Brunch Roundup


I know this roundup has taken a while to get posted. Golly we’re already looking forward to the next roundup. I’ve been pushing it back and finally I can present you with 74 grand Brunch creations from across the blog world.

This was an incredible party. We have all sorts of interesting and scrumptious Brunch dishes. Just in time for the holiday season. Hope you have fun browsing through these innovative creations.

  1. Sumi's Kitchen: Pav Bhaji with Moong bean sprouts
  2. The Cooking Ninja: Caramelized Walnut Apple Pie

  3. CookSister!: Mirabelle & ginger jam

  4. Dil Se..: Anaheim Scramble

  5. Cafe Liz: Mustard blue-cheese omelet

  6. Le petrin: Orange & raisin brunch bread

  7. Fork-Spoon-Knife: Leek & Prosciutto Tart with Arugula Salad and Warm Apple Cider

  8. cindystar: Raisins Bread

  9. TastyCurryLeaf: Hotteok- Korean Stuffed Pancake

  10. Pan Gravy Kadai Curry: Brunch Setting For One

  11. Yummy Food: Lemon Rice

  12. Italian Food Forever: Panettone French Toast

  13. urban bites: delizie da Hong Kong: rice croquettes with chives

  14. Zesty South Indian Kitchen: spicy-spinach-mushroom-frittata

  15. greenismyvalley: Pohe or Beaten Rice Pilaf

  16. Siri's Corner: Tofu Rancheros 

  17. Honey From Rock: Fruit-filled Crepes

  18. Soulful Creations: An Indian brunch 

  19. Food o' del Mundo: Quiche with a Perfect Crust

  20. Quinn's Baking Diary: Condensed Milk Pound Cake with Vanilla Gelato

  21. The Improviser - Pretty Girls Use Knives: Breakfast Bread Pudding

  22. Preethi's Recipes: Chicken Pepper Steak with Mashed Potatoes

  23. BakeFresh: Chocolate Muffins

  24. Health Nut: German Oven Pancakes

  25. Breakfast Lunch Dinner & Punch: Coconut Sweet Bread

  26. Colloquial Cooking: Quince and Orange Blossom Honey Jam 

  27. An Edible Symphony: Easy Cheddar Biscuits 

  28. My Divers Kitchen: Spiced Green Tomato Bundt Cake

  29. Dhanggit's Kitchen: Yakiniku and an Asian Style Brunch

  30. winos and foodies: Grilled Mango With Prosciutto and Labneh 

  31. Kitchen Gossip..: Cut Masala Cheese Dosa

  32. Spice-Club: Crust less Pie

  33. J's Kitchen: Caramelised Banana Cake

  34. Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes: Eggless Butternut Squash & Chocolate Breakfast Bread With Almond Milk

  35. Cook@Ease: Wheat Oats Adai (Pancake)

  36. Nandini's Recipes: Thali

  37. eCurry: Skillet Eggs with Potatoes and Mushrooms 

  38. Repository of my tried and tasted recipes: Raw Jack fruit biryani

  39. Chakh...Le...Re!: Rotini in tomato garlic sauce with baked veggies

  40. sailaja: Couscous Curd Bath

  41. Flavours and Tastes: Minty Potato Salad

  42. A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine: Spinach-Chick Pea, Fruit & Veggie Salad and Almond Milk

  43. teczcape - an escape to food: Garlic-Herb Butter Crostini 

  44. Queen of my kitchen: Colorful omelette (eggless)

  45. Denufood-Delicious & Nutritious Food: Masala Dosa

  46. Ria's Collection: Indian Chicken Samosa

  47. What's cooking today: chicken bell pepper crostini

  48. Asankhana: Mooli Parantha with Matar Ghugni

  49. Shanthi Krishnakumar's cookbook:Gulab-e-Aab

  50. Goodies In A Basket: Omelet with green pepper, mushrooms and chilli

  51. Taste Space: Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

  52. Chaya's Comfy Cook Blog: Smoked Salmon Delish Dish

  53. Cook Like a Bong: Dahi Vada

  54. vanillastrawberryspringfields: ommey turned frittata with zuchinni,walnuts & cherry toms-a cheesy wheesy delight 

  55. Eats Well With Others: Baked Apple Pancakes

  56. Cooking 4 all Seasons: Aloo Matar Masala

  57. Foodelicious: Spinach lemon rice

  58. prasukitchen: Vegetable Frankie

  59. My Life & Spice: Vegetable Pie

  60. MyKitchensAroma: Veggie Puffs/Pattice

  61. Erbe in cucina: Cinnamon Basil Tea with Cocoa 

  62. Junglefrog Cooking: Apple walnut Clafoutis

  63. La vida en Buenos Aires: Aspargus salmon tart

  64. Cooking with Simi: Tomato-Poached Eggs

  65. What's Cooking?: Fall Sopes

  66. Life's a Feast: Chocolate Meringue Coffee Cake

  67. Hot N' Sweet Bowl: Banana Cinnamon Bread

  68. food blogga: Ricotta Hotcakes with Warm Spiced Apples and Maple Syrup 

  69. Diet, Dessert and Dogs: "Sausage" Patties and Biscuits with Gravy

  70. My Kitchen Treasures: Full English Breakfast

  71. Cardamom and Cloves: Semolina Pancakes

  72. Recipes for all Occasions: Sol Kadi

  73. Spanish Recipes: Shy Omelet

  74. What’s For Lunch, Honey?: Whole Wheat Granola Goji Muffins

So that’s it for now folks. Hope you have a great weekend looking through these great Brunch recipes. I suggest bookmarking this page because you’ll never find so many great recipes on one page.

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  1. Awesome Meeta!! The roundup looks wonderful with so many brunch recipes !!!! Thanks!

  2. O wow, now I am just gonna have to check all of them out! Great roundup!!

  3. Lovely roundup Meeta. :)..I already bookmarked couple of brunch ideas for next few days.. now that weather here on east-coast gonna be horrible.

    ~ Siri

  4. thank you meeta, im extremely honoured!


    What's Cooking today -

  5. More than 70 entires. One have things to make every weekend, for a brunch.
    Thankyou for hosting.

  6. I agree Meeta! These are such lovely entries!!! Great roundup too....Thanks

  7. Going over these on a lazy weekend.. Delicious!! Lovely round up and perfect time over a weekend. Thank you dear Meeta.

  8. Meeta,

    What a wonderful list. I looked at several of them and this is just so complete meal.

    From bread to dessert to chocolate and pies and cake too..

    Thank you for posting this list.
    Neel from Learn Food Photography

  9. Oh my, EVERYTHING sounds delectable!! Stellar brunch fare :)

  10. Hi Meeta,

    Bein my first Mingle, I was really looking forward to the round up. Thanks!! This was fun. I am sure I will be participating often.

    I enjoy your blog a lot.


  11. In order to make the ones I want, these will have to be separated into breakfast and lunch to cover them, timewise.

    If I do brunches, we are over a year. Each recipe, I looked out, was a gem.

  12. Wonderful roundup and theme. All are delectable entries!

  13. Wow! What an incredible brunch we have here! Fabulous recipes, many of which I want to make now! Great job, Meeta! And all of the bloggers who created such amazing brunch dishes!

  14. Such a great roundup, and I'm so happy to see so many recipes for my favorite meal of the day! (And it's especially nice to see so many I can eat on my "special" diet!) :)

  15. was waiting for this roundup....great entries and proud to be part of it :)

  16. I have been feasting my eyes on the photo album. What an array of ideas! loved them all. Thank you.

  17. Thats a great round up Meeta..thank you!


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