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“Children are the promise of tomorrow.” It’s what a poster in Soeren’s school proudly displays. I walk past the poster everyday and smile when I look at all the kids running up and down the stairs to get to class.

But recently I find it hard to smile when I think of the pictures that flash through my head. They are pictures emblazoned in my mind from the news and media of the helpless children in Haiti.

They do not seem to have a lot of promise. Many are now living on a dusty soccer field lined with makeshift tents, which has become a sort of an oasis for the earthquake survivors. There seems to be a shortage of food, water and electricity. That is just touching the surface of their problems.

Parents are missing children and children are missing their parents. Something I would never want to go through or even imagine having my child going through.  


I turn to look at Soeren. He is privileged and as I explain to him what has happened I see sadness spread across his face. At this minute we decide to stop talking about it and to find a way to help. First we decide to donate to Unicef and to Ärzte Ohne Grenzen (working with Medecins Sans Frontieres). Because it goes to the children and goes to getting vital medication to the children.

The next day we discuss our idea with both the teachers of the 2nd Grade. Both Ms. Carl and Ms. Martin reacted brilliantly and soon we had notes out to the rest of the parents and posters hung up at the school.

“A Bake Sale For Haiti”

Over the weekend parents of the 2nd grade baked furiously to supply us with enough cookies, muffins and cakes to sell. Yesterday both classes spent an hour decorating and packing the goodies. Today they are spending their recess selling these goodies to the rest of the school.

The money we collect will be going to Unicef – from children to the children in Haiti.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks you to both Ms. Carl and Ms. Martin who managed to arrange this so quickly with me. Of course to all the parents who took time out from their weekend and baked like kings for the bake sale! THANK YOU ALL! You ROCK!


Finally I want to use this space to urge everyone to take an initiative and help. Whether, you organize a similar bake sale at your schools, workplace or neighborhood, or donate or even physically help – the people of Haiti need to have a promise to look forward to.

Bloggers around the world have gotten together and are raising money for Haiti too:  

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On Twitter bloggers have started a Haiti Relief Effort, so please help.

Thank you!

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  1. A bake sale is a wonderful idea to help raise money for aid. How extremely thoughtful. Actions like this make me smile :)

  2. Children really get stuck into fundraising don't they? Great to hear about Soeren's Haiti Bake Sale and glad it was rip roaring success. It's important for children to learn about stuff that goes on in the wider world and play their part in helping.

  3. When teachers and moms work together....great things can happen!!! You are an inspiration to many!!

  4. Specially looking at those orphan children in Haiti breaks my heart. I donated to Red Cross the next day after the Earthquake. We can all help in our own way no matter how small or big it is. Good for you, Meeta. In the end we are all the same when tragedy like this hits.I still remember the Earthquake in Gujarat few years ago.

  5. what a wonderful idea. So very glad it worked out so wonderful and was a great success.

  6. I agree, the images (and this is just on tv!) we see of Haiti are so overwhelming that it just takes over thinking of anything else. Soeren is a good, compassionate kid. I wish you much success in your bakesale.

  7. Wonderful idea this bake sale! It very nice to see that people try to help others.

  8. That is fantastic Meeta. Kudos to both you and Soreen.

  9. Wonderful. Not only did you help raise money for Haiti, but you planted seeds in the children's minds that they can make a difference and that compassion counts!

  10. It is fantastic that children are helping other children. It translates to a life time of helping.

  11. That's wonderful! I and a friend had a cake sale in the kids school, last year for ''children in need'', was a great experience.As for Haiti, the kids had a non uniform day and we send in little contributions. Yes, it is nice to get the kids involved.

  12. What a wonderful thing for the 2nd grades to do.Here to the kids in school are collecting money, but then here the city hall is helping the school too.

  13. Such a pro-active idea. Glad the sale was a success, feel very humbled at the efforts of little children.

  14. Awesome idea and great way to show the kids that they can help others, too.


  15. Haiti was & still is heartbreaking. YOU NEED A BIG HUG!! Wonderful job Meeta...inspirational in every way!!

  16. A bake sale is such a nice idea Meeta..It is good to see that everybody from every corner of the world are coming to rescue Haiti, and they need our help so badly. I contributed in whatever way I can for 'Hope for Haiti Now', a relief campaign initiated by George Clooney, here in US.


  17. What a good way to raise funds - and you get to enjoy some tasty treats! It is funny how children can get stuck into charity events isn't it? A kid in the UK has raised over £100,000 doing a 5km sponsored bike ride in his local park - really touching!

  18. This is such a great thing to do to help the people of Haiti. Not only that, you get to spend your time with the kids and see them use their creativity in designing cupcakes and cookies as well. All in all, it's like a productive activity that will surely lend a helping hand to the ones who are in dire need. The place I work at just had a day wherein most of the sales would be donated to the victims. It's just so heart-warming to know that people actually care.

  19. I like your photos girl. they are high def...


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