Rich Chocolate Banana Breads with Pistachios, Pink Praline and Au Naturel

Rich Chocolate Banana Breads with Pistachios, Pink Praline and Au Naturel (05) by MeetaK 

I can hardly believe my stay in Dubai is coming to an end. I’ll be flying back to Germany tomorrow and just thinking of the cold there makes me shiver. But the 22 – 26 degrees C we’re enjoying here has warmed us up right to the core. Wonders what sunshine does to the soul and mind.

We’re feeling full of life. Not sure if it really is the sun or the shopping or the family or the food or the friends – maybe a bit of all.

Those following me on Twitter and Facebook are keeping up with my busy schedule and a few pictures I’ve been sharing with you. Yes – I have done a bit of shopping but really what’s totally spectacular is the fact that I am having fun meeting friends. I had the pleasure of meeting fellow blogger Komal from Lifealicious and my dear friend (and macaron tester) BS. from Weimar is here spending a few days in Dubai and we’ve been having fun on the beach and exploring the spice souk. However, what I’ve really cherished was meeting my old school friend T.A. T. is the younger sister of my bestest friend N. from our old Doha College days. It’s been almost 20 years! And this week we met again – two gals in their mid thirties chatting like we never missed a day, T. texting and sending pictures to N. in Lebanon. N. we missed you!

Another pretty interesting experience I had was enjoying an evening at my mum’s “kitty party”. Do you know the concept of kitty parties? Well it’s very Asian – Indian more particularly, where ladies get together once a month to enjoy a evening of chit chat, gossip, games and food. Each lady puts a specific amount in a so called “kitty,” which is collected and part of it is paid towards the hotel/restaurant bill. Each month a hostess is chosen and she is responsible to set up the party. So, let’s say I had an interesting evening listening to talk about who’s got the biggest diamonds, the newest daughter-in-law or who’s son/son-in-law has the highest paying job.

Well I do not know about all that – I do know who’s got the richest and best tasting chocolate banana bread around here though – ME!

Rich Chocolate Banana Breads with Pistachios, Pink Praline and Au Naturel (01) by MeetaK

In three different varieties – au naturel, topped with gorgeous crunchy pistachios and with lovely pink almond praline (courtesy Pam).

One afternoon Jamie and I got together in our kitchens via Skype and decided to bake together. These kind of cakes, loaves and breads are a vital part of my baking repertoire on the weekends as both Soeren and Tom enjoy taking a piece or two with them. Another one of those “hit and run” dishes – you know – I have told you about them before – hit on them and then run! I usually make them in loaf pans as they are easy to store and handle. The recipe below makes about 3 small loaf pans.

Rich Chocolate Banana Breads with Pistachios, Pink Praline and Au Naturel (03) by MeetaK

The richness and smoothness comes not only from silky chocolate but also a good sprinkling of cocoa powder. It’s kept moist and tender with the addition of ripe bananas. Together they make an unbeatable pair in giving a deep and rich flavor to the cake/bread. 

Rich Chocolate Banana Breads with Pistachios, Pink Praline and Au Naturel

Printable version of recipe here


100g bittersweet chocolate,
150g butter, softened
170g Muscovado sugar
3 eggs
175g all purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
25g cocoa powder
2 large bananas, ripe and mashed

For topping
Pistachios, coarsely chopped
Pink almond praline


  1. Heat oven to 180 degrees C. Butter and line 3 small loaf pans with baking paper and set aside.

  2. Melt chocolate in a double boiler or in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water.

  3. Cream butter and sugar until creamy, fluffy and pale. Gradually add the eggs, one at a time, beating well between each addition.

  4. Sift flour, baking powder and cocoa powder and fold into the the wet ingredients using a spatula.

  5. Add mashed bananas and melted chocolate and fold well.

  6. Divide mixture between the three pans, top one with pistachios, the other with the pink almond praline and leave one plain. Bake for about 30-45 minutes or until a wooden toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Cool on a rack, then wrap in baking paper or foil.

Sticky Note Kitchen Notes- The loaves will stay fresh and really moist for 3 to 4 days kept in an airtight container.
- Make double the recipe and freeze the loaves. If you cut them in slices before freezing you can easily take individual slices out a few hours prior to eating.




Rich Chocolate Banana Breads with Pistachios, Pink Praline and Au Naturel (02) by MeetaK

These are probably not going to last too long so I really recommend making a double portion. Why not? They freeze so well and will be devoured in no time. It’s simply irresistible and moist and ohhh so chocolaty. I love the flavor or bananas in cakes and loaves, together with deep chocolate the loaf takes on a wonderful new dimension.

Jamie is hosting this month’s Monthly Mingle and has chosen Bread & Chocolate as her theme. A fantastic pairing I think and here is my offering! Make sure you join us you still have a few days so pop over to Jamie’s lovely blog and check out all the details!

It’s hard to leave such gorgeous weather behind. But looking forward to seeing Tom again and spending a nice Valentine’s with him – mmmmm! ;o)

Come back  next week and I’ll take you on a high flying trip to Dubai in pictures with me. Have a good one!


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  1. What a combination you got there, Meeta! I love all 3 types. :) A perfect bread for my family.

  2. Those cakes are marvelous! I love the toppings!



  3. I'm not a big fan of chocolate bread but I must admit that I could have a piece of each! ;) Glad you had fun in Dubai!

  4. I can understand how nice you should be feeling after meeting your friends and family.. humm... I will love this bread...It sounds really Yumm...

  5. My Meeta! Is that decadent or what?!!! Hmm.. pink almond praline! that sounds so interesting .. must try but I am guessing it's a European thing :( sighh..

    Anyway, have a safe flight back! :))

  6. pink praline's had me at hello!!

  7. Lol...kitty parties!
    I had to sit through one of those way back when I was in school and my mom couldn't find me a babysitter.
    Imagine being stuck in a room with 20-25 women, all of whom are talking at the top of their voices about thongs!
    My only consolation that day was that the restaurant was nearly empty and no one noticed a red-faced 11 year old girl sinking into her chair with embarrassment.
    Anyways, the bread looks so festive, I love it!

  8. Meeta,

    Hope you had a great trip. Absolutely amazing background use. I was just putting together a post for on light and background in food photography and this seems a great example for the message in the post. I am linking this post for its photograph.

    Absolutely awesome and inspiring as always.

    Thank you for posting.

  9. These loaves look amazing. I cannot believe you are still in Dubai, it seems like you've been there for ages! Lucky you still had so much time left after you weren't well at the beginning.

  10. I love banana bread! And I never tire of trying new recipes..will be adding this to my banana bread file! Thanks Meeta and glad to hear you had a blast in Dubai! :)

  11. What great loaves! Never thot of putting pistachios on my bread but you know what...little toppings like that is what 'makes it'!

  12. i think my favorite would be the pistachios one. yum! have a safe trip back home.


  13. Dubai has changed so much in the last few years, so much to do.... It's nice to note you had a good time.

    Very tempting breads, pink praline, very interesting, never had it, must try sometime. Also wanted to mention, you have a lovely webpage. Cheers!

  14. This banana bread recipe sounds so delicious. I am going to try the au nature. Those kitty parties sound like something we do here. We girlfriends meet once a month for breakfast and take turns hosting it. In addition everybody brings something. It is always fun and we look forward to it every month. I think I will bring your banana bread next time and see what they think.
    thanks for sharing your lovely recipes and all your stories. I really enjoy reading your blog.
    herzliche grüße aus der Mitte Deutschlands

  15. Meeta;
    Do you remember how many cups or what weight of bananas you added to your chocolate bread? Bananas vary widely in size and I want to follow your recipe as closely as looks tempting. thanks.

  16. Meeta,
    These loaves look addictive--I'd be afraid to keep more than one around in my house! Love the addition of the pistachios.Gorgeous pictures, too.

  17. Stumbled onto this cute blog through Tastespotting! The banana bread looks fantastic.

  18. Glad to hear you're having such great fun in Dubai Meeta and I think I will have to agree with you on that banana bread! It's looks gorgeous!

  19. All three look so wonderful! But so dangerous... if I had three different loaves around, I'd have to keep trying each one! And the pink almond praline - so pretty and so much more exciting than, well, anything non-pink!

  20. So skyping results in such beautiful bread? Its chocolate, Meeta. :)

  21. Looks divine. I'll take all three. How come I can't access your twitter a/c? Maybe I'm being small brained...

  22. All I can say is we are on the same wavelength for this MM.....Lots of ♥ and I can imagine the fest of colours in Dubai! Come back soon to cold Europe!

  23. Lovely! I have been out of the loop for a bit, but it's so nice to be visiting your blog again. One of my favorites for sure.

  24. wonderful cake, love it! packed with delicious flavours and colour, well done, cheers from london

  25. SOudns like a wonderful time away and I'd never heard of "kitty parties" before :) The kids won't eat banana bread but this sounds perfect for disguising the fact that it is banana bread! Definitely going to try these out as they look so scrumptious!

  26. loved reading ur post..and the its just delicious looking!!!

  27. You know I love banana bread, a lot. And of course I always make it with chocolate chunks, but I've never made a whole chocolate bread with banana in it, although do muffins count? They were goooood. They look delicious.

  28. Nom nom the deep, dark chocolate flavour Meeta, and the 2 toppings and the au natural! I have frozen RIPE bananas in my freezer. Destination found me thinks!!
    Welcome back to cold Germany!!

  29. thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and feedback. i am sure many of you will enjoy this chocolate banana bread - it's rich, moist and simply too easy not to make.

  30. It's so good to have you back Darling! These look so yummy, I could have them all in one go, I'm sure!

    Also, loving the idea of a kitty party. Might have to have one next FBC =) xxx

  31. Well I for one am glad you are back on my Continent. You were too far away. And I am thrilled that i get to see this fab bread that I helped you bake! Scrumptious. And I so love the gorgeous way you decorated the loaves. I am so trying this recipe. It does look so moist and rich. Yum! Thanks for sending this to my MM!

  32. Thanks for this great recipe. i have tried this one last week and it rocks.

  33. Your bread looks so moist and delicious! Love your picture in the loaf pan!

  34. It's nice to know that you really enjoyed your stay in Dubai and you had an unforgettable experiences their.
    Well, your chocolate banana breads was absolutely awesome. The combination of the flavors really makes this cake more delicious.
    Thanks for the post...

  35. Lol I can't imagine you sitting through a kitty party. I hate them! I will never be a part of them when I grow up! The breads look delicious! And pink praline appeals to me oh so much. Where do I find it?

  36. it's good to be back and trying to get back into some kind of routine! nope kitty parties is not for me but it's fun once in a while! glad you all are enjoying the choc-banana bread!

  37. Holy, moly, now THAT'S what I call chocolate banana bread (i.e. a lot more chocolate than banana!). My choice would be the pistachio one. I have some pink pralines lurking in my cupboard - maybe this is the way to use them up :

  38. Meeta,

    I'm a chocolate lovers...
    your bread looks yummy, thanks for sharing this recipe.
    Hope I can try this recipe soon.


  39. Meeta, thanks for the recipe. The cake is just fabulous! Regards :)

  40. Is there a recipe for the pink pralines? I would like to make my own as I haven't seen them in specialty stores.


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