A Beautiful Spring Day in Weimar


Let me take you away on a few sights of Weimar in Spring. I love this city in Spring. Actually I love all four seasons in Weimar but Spring is simply gorgeous. The colors, the aromas, the sounds and the light all put a little skip in my stride and give a buzz to my energy. Not that I need it! 

But there is an extra buzz and I feel like spending all my time taking in all the kaleidoscope of colors around me. In his time Goethe knew what a special city Weimar was. It inspired him to write some of his most famous masterpieces. Often when I stroll past his garden house (picture below) I wonder if he too loved Spring in this quaint city as much as I do.


Did he see the different shades of pinks, whites and yellows, from the cherry, almond and apple trees that stand tall on both sides of the meandering river, Ilm?


Where did he sit and get his inspiration? Was it this bench, the same that I am sitting on, that motivated him?


A bench, a shady spot under a tree or dangling my feet into the river are just some of the places where I derive my strength from, create ideas and precise my thoughts.


I’ve been doing a lot of that lately – having many ideas and organizing my thoughts. I feel the energy to move forward and be creative. The colors I see around me help me plan my next photo shoot. The sounds I hear of birds chirping, the rustling of leaves in a gentle warm breeze and rushing of water create words, sentences and paragraphs in my head – I need to write them down lest I forget them. I know I will need them again.


I want to reach up and touch the sky, frolic in the clouds and reach for the stars.

My first step towards the stars is getting myself a piece of the sky. I have finally invested in a some real estate – internet real estate. Have you noticed my new address? Yes, What’s For Lunch. Honey? has a new home – www.whatsforlunchhoney.net. This is where you all need to head to when you want to come over to visit me from now on so make sure you bookmark it.

I have updated my feed so all my subscribers should still get their updates without any delay. You can update you links in your blogrolls, but as Blogger will be redirecting everything from the old blogspot address to this ne one, it is not necessary.

Finally, I say thank you to a special friend who has motivated me through this, has helped me, guided me and given me the occasional kick in the butt. Ilva I love you bella! Thank you.

I hope you all have a gorgeous Spring weekend ahead, Catch you all next week!

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  1. Congrats on .net and the colours are sheer beauty. I am so longing for a DSLR. Have a superb weekend!

  2. What gorgeous shots! A wonderful day, indeed!



  3. Great photos. Love the vibrant colors of spring.

  4. Hey,
    Congrats on moving to a new domain! From the pictures I see what a beautiful, picture perfect place Weimar is. Makes me feel sorry for myself since my home is a stone's throw away from the highway and doesn't look anything at all like the second picture.

  5. Gives me the me the peace of mind. Beautiful!

  6. Thanks for the walking tour of Weimar. It is truly beautiful.

  7. The new addy works fine with the old feed in my google reader! Hallo to your new home! And wow, beautiful spring!

  8. Congrats, Meeta, and now it's really my turn, but as you know I'm expecting you and Ilva to kick me some serious butt for more important things but that lifesafeast.net is out there waiting for me in cyberspace. Gorgeous, beautiful photos and I can almost smell the flowers and feel the warming breeze on my face. I'd love to stroll through Weimar with you.

  9. my pleasure my dear. and with a reward like this lovely walk, I'd gladly do it again!

  10. How very beautiful Meeta! Its so amazing to be surrounded by such beauty. Added bonus is a camera to record it for posterity! :-)

  11. Congratulations, Meeta. :)
    You do live in a very beautiful place. Thanks for giving us a tour.

  12. Seeing lots of blogger changing to their own Domain, but i think i am too chicken to do it.
    Congragumations. And love the tour of Weimar, you have inspired to take my camera and take picures of Knokke. Nut for the next days the weather is really dull and rainy :-) maybe when the sun shines again.
    Love that second pic, it looks like a faitly tale book picture :-)

  13. Just gorgeous ! I can not wait to stroll those streets of Weimar together with you one day. We have but ONE border between us, that should be no obstacle :)

    Meanwhile, as you enjoy visiting Goethe's garden house and perhaps his bench... when you come to Zürich I'll take you to one of our favorite Weinstube - the Goethe Stübli ! (http://www.kaisers-reblaube.ch/goethe-stuebli.html)

  14. Gorgeous Meeta, absolutely! I have to agree Ilva is such a supportive sweetie, aren't we lucky to have such great friends?!

  15. CONGRATS ON YOUR SPACE.Excellent clicks Meeta

  16. Meeta,

    Congrats on your new space, nice clicks.

  17. Oh Meeta, these are wonderful, just wonderful!! My heart is happier just looking at them. :-)

  18. Congratulations on your move and thank you for the lovely blossom pictures. I especially like the first pink one.

  19. Beautiful photos Meeta (as usual). How lovely to be able to dangle your feet in the river, sounds so idyllic :)

  20. Absolutely beautiful. What joyful spring photos. I look forward to visiting your site at its new home!

  21. Congrats but oh no! I redirected my blog feeder to your new address and now it keeps telling me you are posting 10 at a time but shows me nothing! And I deleted the old link! :-(
    We'll figure this out, I'm sure, and I will still get to see your beautiful pictures and drool over dinner.

  22. Congratulations on the new .net domain Meeta. It does feel good to own your own domain now does it not? And your images of spring are just pure beauty. Love them!

  23. BEautiful pictures meeta.. COngrats on ur new domain. gorgeous pictures . Oh wow I love flowers.. I love the first flowers they looks beautiful filling the whole tree to that color.. Peep in my space when u find time.


  24. Beautiful photos! The blossoms are stunning. Glad you are enjoying such beautiful weather :-)

  25. Thnx for the beautiful shots...made my day :-)Cant wait to be there in May for P2P


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