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I hope you are sitting in an upright position and your seatbelts are tightly fastened as we get ready to take off on an exciting culinary journey to one of the most colorful countries on our planet – South Africa!

We were grounded due to volcanic ash you see, and had to make sure all of our passengers got on board this exclusive trip, so we apologize for any delays and discomfort this might have caused. We are pleased to announce that this is a first class roundtrip for all passengers on board with a delectable and divine collection of dishes from South Africa.

Just before we take off we would like to draw your attention to our next luxury trip. For all those suffering hopelessly with a sweet tooth then this one’s for you.

Our pilot is the very lovely Erin of The Apartment Kitchen and together we chose the theme of Special Sweet Treats. So share sweet desserts, goodies and treats for special occasions with us.

Deadline: June 14th, 2010 


Now sit back and indulge in a wide array of flavorful and aromatic dishes to celebrate South Africa.

  1. My Easy Cooking: Pork Chops and "pap"
    Corn and Country Ham Quiche
  2. What’s Cooking: Mash and Boerewors
    Smoked snoek cake with dried apricots on a sweet potato fritter
  3. Homemade Heaven: Samp and Beans with Braised Mutton
  4. Served With Love: Bobotie
  5. The Creative Pot: Krummelpap/Putu Pap (Crumbly Porridge)
    L'Africana Pizza
  6. Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria: South African Bobotie
  7. Taste Space: South African Spiced Butternut Squash and Roasted Banana Soup with Coconut and Lime
  8. Ba-Bootie: Milk Tart
  9. Sizzle N Spice: Maharagwe Ya Nasi - Beans in Coconut Sauce
  10. Samayal Corner: Koeksisters 
    South African Yellow Rice with Baked Chicken Breast 
    Honey Glazed Soetpatats - South African Sweet Potatoes
  11. Eats Well With Others: Bunny Chow
  12. Taste of Pearl City: Koeksisters
  13. Veggie Belly: Bunny Chow with Chickpeas
  14. Health Nut: Cape Malay Tomato Bredie
  15. Split Pearsonality: Koesisters - Cape Malay "Doughnuts"
  16. Moja kuchnia w Irlandii: Bobotie
  17. Juls' Kitchen: Melktert
  18. Zesty South Indian Kitchen: South African crunchies/ Hawermoutkoekies/Oat meal bars
  19. Quinn's Cooking with Love & Passion: South Africa BBQ Ribs
  20. Will work for Biltong: Zoo Cookies
  21. Papilles et Pupilles: Bobotie du Cap
  22. Cindystar: Pear Chutney
  23. Fork Spoon Knife: Tomato Bredie
  24. TastyCurryLeaf: Herbed Vetkoek
  25. Pan Gravy Kadai Curry: South African Sweet Fritters
  26. Greedy Gourmet: Malvapoeding
  27. My Diverse Kitchen: Koeksisters
  28. Browniegirl: Biltong Potjie
  29. Cook Sister: South African waterblommetjie bredie
    Roosterkoek - a South African braai essential
  30. What’s For Lunch, Honey?: South African Bobotie - with a twist 

Thanks to all those who have joined me in this mingle. It was a lot of fun and I hope to see you again next time. In the meantime I hand you over to Erin and her Special Sweet Treats.

I am currently working on a few projects behind the scenes, including my presentation for the Food Blogger Connect Conference in 16 days. I wish I had a few more hours to my days!
I’ll be back with more stories and recipes next week.

In the meantime enjoy a few of these delicious crumbles and a story very dear to my heart, or take a bite of the tortilla while you celebrate your friends and finally a few of the delicate macarons while you enjoy a few good books.


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  1. Brilliant! I am so sorry I missed the flight but my bags are packed and I'm waiting at the gate for the next sweet luxury trip. I have so many fab recipes to check out here. Fabulous party!

  2. Oh how I miss melktert, vetkoek, bobotie, pap and koeksistes. Thanks for doing the Monthly Mingle on South Africa Meeta, I had forgotten how diverse our cuisine is! Really craving vetkoek now! I wonder if Marks and Spencer would consider doing it?

  3. "grounded due to volcanic ash"! LOL
    Glad I could make it to the party. Wouldn't have missed all this for anything.

  4. My lack of interest in eating red meat has unfortunately led me to get results stating that I'm borderline anemic. So, an African bean in coconut sauce recipe got my attention. This may just be the one that introduces me to a whole new culinary experience. Gotta get those beans into my system!!! Thank you Meeta for sharing referrals of other talented cooks.
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  5. A fabulous roundup! That is a cuisine that we rarely hear about.



  6. I love all the different recipes! Shows how much effort everyone's put into it. Kudos!

  7. Excellent roundup. Don't know which one to try..problem of!Count me in for the next MM.

  8. I made a Potato & Mushroom Bake from Cook Sister but the silly PC ate up all my pictures. What a brilliant round up Meeta ... great kick off for FIFA!

  9. OMG, that's absolutely gorgeous!
    thanks, Meeta, for this incredible round up and hope to join again the Monthly Mongle!

  10. All the entries sound delicious. I am going to take some time on Friday and peruse all your sites. Please check out my Africa Day Foodie event on May 25th. All of you posts for the South African mingle can double up for Africa Day 2010:

  11. Thanks for a great roundup Meeta! Such a wide variety of recipes, will be checking them all out.

  12. Thank you everyone for your comments! Hope you enjoy the trip across the blogs. I also thank everyone who took part! It would not have been possible without you!

  13. I am thrilled; I have heard about the beauty of this faraway country but never sampled their cuisine.

  14. Wonderful theme and country to choose. Round up looks delicious itself, got to snoop around all these blogs now.

    I haven't been cooking for any events these days, trying to lose some lbs. So far I have shed 2 dress sizes worth, about time I took care of that, been due for a long time!;D

    Have a great weekend Meeta, hugs.

  15. Thank you for the great roundup Meeta!

    I had fun participating in this event!

  16. What a lovely round-up. Bookmarking it, will sit back and enjoy the virtual treat !!!

  17. What a fantastic round up! I'm not all too familiar with South African cuisine but it have always intrigued me...can't wait to check out these dishes! :)

  18. WOW! Brilliant roundup and so much delicious SA food. How lovely to see my home country cuisine showcased here. I will be doing some visiting to all the blogs. Well done Meeta and everyone who contributed. Have a great weekend xx

  19. Wow! That's more South African dishes than I'd ever realized before! I'm going to enjoy going through them - thanks for the wonderful round-up Meeta! :)

  20. Thanks for hosting and for the round-up, meeta!

  21. Oh. So many! I am so excited to check each of them. Thanks for rounding them up!

  22. Wow! So many mouthwatering dishes, excellent roundup.


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