Spanish Tortilla with Asparagus, Fennel and Cress

 Asparagus Fennel Tortilla-PREP (0007) by MeetaK

Friends come in all sizes, shapes and formats. Some come, others go and only a handful leave an impression in our lives, chiseled in our every sense, for the lifetime to come. Friendships, while some will remain cherished and nurtured, others will break away maybe not forgotten but outgrown or remembered in disdain.

There are times when a person comes into your life and after exchanging just a few words you know you are going to click. There is that same wave you both are riding on and you feel it within your deepest self that this ones going to be a fun ride.

Sometimes, a friendship needs time to cultivate, like good wine, waiting for the right moment. When that moment comes around it opens the door to your heart and makes you wonder “why did we wait so long?” But you know the answer to that one already.

Asparagus 2010 (0010) by MeetaK

There are friends you have known for a lifetime, who have moved away and as life happens you loose touch, but on that day you get together again you pick up right where you left off as if not a minute went missing.

Others you have never met or met only briefly but shared so many delicate and treasured moments through emails, letters, telephone calls or tweets that a day without them is simply not imaginable.

Some friends come around to cheer you up with DVDs and food when you are down, others keep you company with gossip and make you laugh through emails and Skype when you are ill and feeling horrid. 

Asparagus Fennel Tortilla Diptych (1) by MeetaK

The Germans do it well - they define their cherished friends and meaningful friendships with the word “Freunde” or “Freundschaft” – friends or friendship, everyone else are “Bekannten” – acquaintances. You know where you stand with them.

So, this ones to all my Freunde, those who have offered me the honor of their precious Freundschaft. Last week while I was down with a flu and at home, so many were there in your own ways helping me recover.

You are there for me in more ways than I can thank you for. You are there to motivate, support and kick me in the butt when I need it. You are there to share your energy, your concern and your remedies. You make me laugh, you make me cry. You give me wings to fly high. With you I plan future projects that challenge me, events that excite me and trips that educate me. You advice, correct and proof-read. You are loyal, trustworthy and forever there!

Thank you friend – you know who you are!

Asparagus Fennel Tortilla Diptych (2) by MeetaK

When I was making this Spanish tortilla it was a gorgeous sunny day outside. I was imagining a lovely picnic somewhere in the hills, under a shady tree by a meandering stream. I had all my dear friends around me. We were laughing, teasing, story-telling and simply enjoying each others company.

With those who are close I know I will be realizing this vision often this summer, others I will meet in a few weeks and for a few days we shall be together for real. But there are others so far away and I yearn to be closer – one day my friend we will. In the meantime you are there under the shady tree enjoying my Spanish tortillas.

 Asparagus Fennel Tortilla (0021) by MeetaK

Asparagus and fennel with a sprinkling of cress makes this tortilla a feast for any picnic, any party, any mealtime. Making use of fresh Spring produce, without overcooking the vegetables, it is vibrant with a slight crunch. 

Spanish Tortilla with Asparagus, Fennel and Cress

Printable version of recipe here


4-5 eggs
2-3 medium sized potatoes, medium size cubes
250g asparagus, cut into 2 inch pieces
1 fennel bulb, finely sliced
1 garlic clove, unpeeled
Glug of extra virgin olive oil
Pinch fleur de sel
Handful of garden cress



  1. Heat a small drizzle of olive oil in a medium sized non-stick pan. Add the potatoes and cook for 2-3 minutes then reduce heat and continue cooking for about 10-15 minutes, turning frequently and making sure the potatoes do not brown. The potatoes should be soft and tender without taking on any color. Remove from pan and set aside.

  2. Add another drizzle of oil in the pan and heat to medium again- Add the unpeeled garlic, then the asparagus, toss to coat in the oil. After about 3-4 minutes add the sliced fennel and continue to sauté for a further few minutes. The vegetables should be slightly crunchy and not cooked through. Sprinkle with some fleur de sel and toss well. Remove from heat and set aside. Remember to take out the garlic clove and discard.

  3. In a large bowl lightly beat the eggs with a pinch of fleur de sel. Add the potatoes, cress and vegetables to the egg mixture and stir to coat.

  4. Turn the heat to medium and add the egg mixture in the pan. With a wooden spoon give the mixture in the pan a good stir. Once the eggs start to cook leave the mixture to set, simply evening the top. Cook for 2-4 minutes on this side.

  5. With a help of a plate flip the tortilla and cook for another 2-4 minutes on this side. Depending on how you like your eggs cook it for more or less.

  6. Sprinkle with some cress, cut into wedges and serve warm.


The Food Guide Tips:

- The luxury vegetable – Asparagus 
- Aromatic fennel





Asparagus Fennel Tortilla (0023) by MeetaK

The gently roasted fennel adds that subtle anis flavor giving a wonderful refreshing kick, while the crunchy green asparagus pairs wonderfully with it. All hugged by lightly beaten eggs and potatoes for the perfect weeknight meat. We enjoyed this with a large mixed salad, some good rustic bread and for the grownups a nice white wine. 

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  1. Wonderful pictures, Meeta!
    Now I'm wanting to eat a good spanish tortilla, too ;).

  2. What a beautiful post. I'm so glad that you're feeling better and to hear about your amazing friends. The tortilla looks incredible. I think I know what I'm making for brunch this weekend ;>)

  3. A yummy tortilla! What refined flavors! I love your shots...



  4. Gorgeous Tortilla.. love how the texture of the table cloth and that of the plate are in sync :)

  5. Absolutely perfect for a picnic. Thank you Meeta!
    Miss Whistle

  6. Yummy Tortilla! Beautiful pics, Meeta :)

  7. Well said Meeta! Wonderful post and your photos; makes me long for spring even more! Beautiful!

  8. That is a lovely post Meeta.Friendship is all those things and our lives are richer for it. Glad you are feeling better. The tortilla is wonderful.

  9. Good to know you are on the road to recovery!An artfully baked Spanish tortilla!Love anything with Asparagus in it. It did take a while for me to get used to it but now I am hooked.

  10. Hello Meeta...can't help but feel the inner beauty you seem to so dearly possess. Your writing and culinary skills completely amplify what you are so talented at.
    An aside...I don't know if I would have got the chance to cook the fennel...since the fennel bulb in its raw state gets eaten by no other than me...myself and I ;o)
    Thanks for sharing and flavourful wishes, Claudia

  11. Awww, love you right back, sweetie! What a gorgeous post - so true that some friendships take time to mature like fine wine, and others click right away as if you are sisters separated at birth. Borg sisters :) And as for: "trips that educate me" - hahahaha, roll on 3 June! The frittata looks fantastic - so fresh and Spring-like!

  12. Hello dahling freunde, so good to see you back on your feet and doing what you do best ... writing evocatively and cooking magic! Knew you'd kick the flu in the butt, and am so glad to see you back. We just need to get 'them' away to Mars, and then we can all spend our days languishing under trees wherever - Nantes, Norway, Goa - eating, drinking and making merry! Beautiful post Meeta, and gorgeous food styling. Big hugs!!

  13. That looks absolutely delicious I love asparagus!
    and your pictures are fantastic!

  14. Meeta...a wonderful rightup n soo true...
    Fennel in a to me and looks soo refreshing ...must try.
    Love all de beautiful shots as usual..

  15. We do connect somehow, Meeta. I have learned a great lesson about friendship lately. :)

    Love this tortilla as well. Will be making it when the summer returns to us for picnic. No wait, I'll make it for lunch soon!

  16. Such beautiful shots! Seriously in love with them. The food looks good too. :)

  17. Sweet friend, you have said it perfectly, described a wonderful, perfect circle of friends that only living in the same town could make more perfect. You and the others came into my life just when I most needed you and I know are there to stay. What would life be without this friendship, love, support and laughter. So slice me a piece of tortilla, pass the bottle of wine, let's kick off our shoes and kick back and savor this friendship for a long time. (((hugs)))

  18. love the lilac napkins. gorgeous pics as always :)

  19. Beautiful post, very sweet...I love the way you write, It makes me really relax and feel good...
    The asparagus spanish tortilla is a great idea...
    I love asparagus, but my favourite are the wild ones, with a stronger taste...My future husband mother every year goes to pick them up in the countryside near our town and her vegetable garden...She is pretty good to find them! I'm not pretty good at that, they are so thin! You need years to develop the skill... ^_^

  20. A lovely post about Freundschaft und Freunden! The tortilla looks delicious and photos are beautiful! waow!

  21. This does look yummy, and innovative way to prepare this.

  22. Meeta fotos maravillosas. Y la tortilla con el toque de hinojo sugerente.
    Un beso

  23. Beautiful photos. This much be delicious with all the lovely fresh produce!

  24. The picture of the Asparagus is stunning, they seem real!
    Your friends must be really proud to have such a wonderful friend as you are! :D

  25. The fennel sounds like a really nice addition! I also love that your recipe doesn't use tons and tons of oil. I've avoided making Spanish tortilla because I see a lot of recipes calling for way too much fat for my liking!

  26. Meeta

    I have to agree with you on the topic of friendships; family is essential, but friends make life sweeter!
    Beautiful photos, eye candy, and the tortilla, yum, I could eat it happily!

  27. There are big ships and there are small ships, but the best ship of all is Friendship- Unknown

    I definitely had a hunger-ship after seeing this tasty post :)

  28. Hi Meeta, I love your writing style - I love your outlook on friends and friendship and I love the spanish tortilla!

  29. Stunning photography... makes me want to make it! and I'm gunna! :D

  30. What a beautifully written post. Hope you are feeling good and doing ok Meeta.

    Love the pictures and the recipe. Now I feel like going out for a picnic with this lovely dish and the wine.

  31. Thank you so much dear friends! I appreciate your comments and words and so glad you like my thoughts on friends and friendships. I am glad I can share this with you all. Warm hugs!

  32. Yum! I love that you added fennel here. Sounds perfect! I bet this is even good leftover the next day as a frittat sandwich. So fresh and lovely for spring!

  33. Glad to hear you are feeling better Meeta! Beautiful tortilla...great spring flavours! I especially love the fennel in this!

  34. That crumble is right up my alley! Love the spring flavours and the actual crumble on top is perfect!

  35. This would be a really nice way to enjoy springs bounty!

  36. What stunning photographs! Your blog is brilliantly written and those shots just make it perfect!

  37. Very delicious items and stunning photographs

  38. This looks perfect for spring picnics! I'll try it with the Damascus Bakery flatbread, is a very tasty and healthy bread, check it out :

  39. First time here and i am just know i was in the middle of writing a post on friends myself and got a comment from someone n from there i landed here .........n found this ...there are some things which strike at the right moment.

    your food and pictures are all great...i am at loss of words.
    and you write so well.

  40. This sounds really great! I might prepare it tonight. Cheers, Karin


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