Props for the Perfect Food Shot – Guest Blogging at Lucullian Delights

Meeta's Prop Shelf  

I am sure many of you have heard about Ilva of Lucullian Delights’ outstanding Prop Series. If you haven’t and you are an aspiring food photographer then I really suggest you make your way over and browse through the posts.

Ilva invited me a few weeks ago to share a few of my secrets and tricks for getting my perfect shot. I was extremely honored and enjoyed writing the post for the series. So, come on over to Ilva’s and find out what I use for props, how I go about using props for my images and get a peak into my prop shelf in Part 8 of Food Props on Sunday.    

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  1. That is a great and very interesting post! I love Ilva's blog!



  2. I saw your post there earlier today, it's been a brilliant series and you've made an excellent contribution to it. I love your neatly piled napkins on those shelves. Mine are inside a load of Ikea boxes so I don't get to see them stacked up like that.

  3. Meeta,
    I am a decent cook but horrible at photography. You should see some of my old shots when I just began blogging some 8 months ago. Seeing your blog, i have learnt a few things -- how to use fresh flowers, making use of ladles, spoons and fork to fill up empty spots and such.I have somewhat improvised but I have a longgggg( i mean very long) way to go. Now let me head over to Ilva's spot for some free 'Prop-Series' sessions.

  4. Ww they looks so neatly kept , the few things i have is mess in a heap.

  5. It was a wonderful and informative post. Thank you for introducing me to Ilva's site as well!

  6. I have to give you major kudos for keeping all your blog props so organized and neat. I just threw mine in a box, and this box is in a room where some of it's contents have spilled out all over the table. Thing is..I barely use any of them because well, they're kind of I need to find some really good stuff LOL This series is a great idea!!

  7. Hi Meeta - there is a reason your blog is up there with the best - for one thing, you writing is truly inspired, great recipes, great photos and styling and most important, your generous spirit and willingness to share information is amazing. Keep it up!

  8. Hi, Meeta. This was fun and informative. I enjoy seeing others' props and approaches to styling.

    On another note, I wrote about studmuffins awhile ago on my blog, (I won't be opening the shop of the same name, so be my guest.)


  9. Wow, it looks almost like my pile of fabrics and bowls that I use only for photos... Some of them live also under my bed, in a suitcase ;)

  10. very interesting post and Nice shot.... :)


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