Studmuffin Macarons for a Birthday Girl

Studmuffin Macarons (0009) by MeetaK  

The birthday girl – well that would be me I guess. And how am I celebrating? Well with a few of these delicious macarons of course and a glass of pink champagne.

If you are wondering what Studmuffin Macarons are – well let me just say this – only a handful ladies know what a Studmuffin is. And every girl needs one ;o) These macarons were inspired by my Studmuffin and it makes me walk on the wild side.

Unfortunately I can only tease you right now because I am packing my heels, a few party dresses, my presentation and of course a few of these macarons for my gorgeous, sexy, sweet and hot spice girls, and am heading towards London to celebrate my birthday at probably the wildest slumber party this year.

This weekend we are all of course going to be speaking at the Food Blogger Connect 2010 and I am looking forward to seeing everyone who will be there. 

When I return I’ll not only share the incredible flavor explosion that make up these macarons but I will also tell you what a Studmuffin is.

See you next week and stay Zesty!!

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  1. shall i explode in excitement here once again about seeing you in just a few short days ?! nah, you already know all that. but i will say, OH LA LA to those macarons above, i can not wait to find out what their secret ingredients are. hopefully not *too* zesty for sweet spice over here ! ;)

    best of all, it is after midnight my dear, so you know what that means... it's already june 2nd. it's official. YOUR BIRTHDAY IS HERE !!!

    h a p p y b i r t h d a y meeta !! can't wait to exchange a studmuffin macaron for a few hugs !! :)

    Happy birthday my lovely friend!
    Very very excited to see you on Thursday and through the whole weekend with the rest of the crazies. ;)
    That is all.

  3. who's hilda callin' crazy ? ;)

  4. Very special birthday wishes to a very special lady. May your day be wonderful and may God bless you and your family abundantly in the year ahead of you. You sound so happy and excited my sweet. London is going to be awesome and i will be there with you lovely spice girls in spirit. Godspeed. Cant wait to hear about these delightful macs. Much love and hugs, Colly xx

  5. Yup, all the crazies are up way past their bedtimes :) Happy birthday, my gorgeous, zesty sister-from-another-mother!! I can't wait to give you a huge hug on Thursday and talk studmuffins all night. Yaaaaaay! With lots of love from Sweary Spice :)

  6. Happy birthday dear Meeta! Wishing all the best in the world for such a lovely person! :) Sounds like you are going to have an awesome celebration!

    Can't wait to see what goes into these delectable sounding macarons!

  7. HAppy Birthday Meeta! Enjoy the weekend away and I look forward to reading all about it (including your studmuffin macs!)

  8. Happy Birthday! Have a great time in London. Hug Jamie for me.

  9. Happy Birthday Meeta and have a WONDERFUL time at FBC 10. Jealous! Love the macs, btw.

  10. Happy Birthday dear Meeta. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Will be waiting eagerly to hear about your London tales and studmuffins

  11. Happy Birthday Meeta!!! Have a great trip.

  12. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and The Spice Sistahs will be partying hard this weekend in our heels, singing loudly and off key and ogling all those studmuffins! Happy Birthday my dear friend and may you have about a million more, each one happier than the last. And funny thing is I feel like I got the best birthday present here - you as a friend! xo

  13. Happy birthday to u meeta!what a afantastic way to celebrate the great day! Lucky ladies who gets to taste that beauty!

  14. Happy B'day Meeta and I am sure you are going to have a fabulous slumber party with the rest of the spice girls.
    Macarons look beautiful and have a wonderful time in london with all the FBC ppl.

  15. Thanks to everyone for all your wonderful wishes. You will love studmuffins and you will go wild for these Studmuffin macarons!!

    Kerrin - oh no do not explode - who's going to give me hugs if you do.

    Hilda - love you thanks and yes crazies we are and shall always remain. That is all!

    Colleen - Thanks for the wonderful comment. YOu are the best. Hugs!

    Jeanne - Love you my sistah! Thanks for staying up late to wish me. Cannot wait to get those hugs in person! And of course talk studmuffins all night!

    Joey - thanks sweetie. Glad to have met you through the blogs. Hugs!

    Peter - Oh I will enjoy it and return with many tales. Thanks for the wishes - hugs!

    Barbara - thanks I will give Jamie a lot of hugs and will squeeze one for you too!

    Mardi - hope you can join us next time. Thanks for the wishes!

    Cool Lassie - thank you so much. Stay tuned!

    Ambika, Veggie Belly, Raaga, Mika, Snooky Doodle - Thank you!

    Jamie - Aww! You said that so wonderfully. I think so too - you in my life as a sistah means so much. It's my biggest present! Thanks for all you are and do!

    Shabs - Yeah they are lucky. Tell them that! LOL! Thanks for the wishes!

    Final Thanks for the wishes dear! I think we will be having a pretty good time on the weekend!

  16. Happy Birthday, Meeta! Have a lovely day.

    Those macarons are beautiful!



  17. Happy Birthday to you!!! All the best :)
    And those macarons look lovely !!

  18. Happy Birthday meeta and yes I definately want to know abt the studmuffins when we meet!

  19. Have a wonderful birthday and a great time in London!

  20. Oh those are very colourful and delightful! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and a great time in London!

  21. Joyeux Anniversaire Smiling Meeta (from the French touch of all those wonderful comments :D) & have a Delicious Weekend in London with all the participants of the Food Blogger Connect 2010 <3
    ENJOY ♥
    Hum very girly colour of your macs :) J'adore !
    Bisous xxx

  22. Happy Birthday to you Meeta. Go get them in London girl. Macarons are to die for and Pink Champagne is perfect with it. Enjoy! :))

  23. No girl could resist these...have a wonderful birthday and a fun trip :D

  24. Happy Birthday dear Meeta :-) Have a lovely day!

    Those macarons are gorgeous!

  25. have fun on your trip.

    birthday hugs and kisses from ny,

    paz xoxo

  26. Happy birthday dear Meeta!!
    I truly hope it has been a great one! There's no doubt your weekend in London will be insane... hehe - but only in a good way of course!! ;-)

  27. Happy Birthday Meeta. Hope you had a wonderful day

  28. Tanti Auguri...Buon Compleanno Meeta ;0)
    I hope you're having a fantastic time in lucky muffin!
    I don't know who you're StudMuffin is...but mine is my very cherished Hubby.
    Can't wait to read what you have on your return!
    Ciao for now, Claudia

  29. Happy Birthday Gemini girl!
    I can't wait to hear from you when you come back!

  30. Happy birthday! You choose what is maybe the best way to party : macarons & pink champagne... delicious!

  31. happy bday dear..........what a bful color..looks divine....

  32. Happy Birthday dear Meeta!

    I know you will have an insanely good time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  33. Happy birthday and I look forward to hearing about the wild girl time in London!

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Happy Birthday Meeta, have lots of fun in London!

  36. Happy Birthday Meeta, have fun in London. You are a real expert in macroons.

  37. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your weekend in London and all those macaroons.

  38. Happy birthday dear Meeta from somebody whose birthday is on the 3rd of June. When is yours actually? I just came back from London and it is a shame that I will miss your presentation there. Have fun and enjoy. Looking forward to the recipe.

  39. Happy Birthday-your studmuffin macarons are gorgeous-enjoy the celebrations.

  40. Have wonderful and fun trip... Happy birthday Meeta!!!

  41. Meeta, darling.

    Happy belated birthday. I'm so sorry I forgot to congratulate you on your day.

    I hope you have had a gorgeous day with your men and a second celebration with all the spice girls in London!.


  42. Oh my! Thanks so very much for all your lovely wishes. You've made my day. Look forward to these next week for sure!


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