An Emotional High


Take a long weekend, add to it a friend so close to the heart that she is in actual fact a sister long lost but now found and cherished for a lifetime …


… throw in an epic concert set in the scenes of an incredibly breathtaking city,

… stir up a few decadent and extremely drinkable cocktail creations …


… bring on a lot of laughs, giggles, talk of the 80s and …

what do you get?

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  1. I'm SO glad you two had such a good time! Don't be bummed, the reason you're bummed is because you had such a good time, which is the important part. =)

  2. Oh, sweetie, this was only the first of a lifetime of sister get-togethers. I am so sorry I missed this but thrilled you girlfriends had such a blast. Waiting for the next one... xoxo

  3. You get eine kleine hangover (ahem !) on Sunday morning. You get hoarse from laughing, talking, singing and screaming "Mooooorteeeeen! Maaaaaags!". You get very little sleep. You get the best late-night Skype session with Zurich ever. You get old 80s music videos that you didn't even know were on YouTube. You get long lunches, long breakfasts and long cocktails. You get trapped on the wrong side of a bridge by a movie shoot. You get a lump in your throat every time you think of the weekend and your darling sister-from-another-mother, who lives so bloody far away. Stay on these roads, Zesty! All my love, Mrs Furuholmen :)

  4. Aaaah, you two lasses had the most amazing time. I am so so glad you had this precious time together. And yes, when you come down from a high like that it can be quite distressing! Your photos are beautiful. Dresden is beautiful, that fraulein tucking into the hot dog is beautiful. Those cocktails are darling!!! Hugs to you both....Spice Girls ROCK!! xoxo

  5. Sweet post! I love your photos--they are truly breathtaking!

  6. I find it so extraordinary that we meet people on the internet that we can grow to love so much. And to think for so many people the internet is an ugly place....
    I am glad you two could make these memories together.....

  7. You must have had a great time together! Great shots!



  8. Thanks for the comments! Can you believe this is just a teaser? There is more to come soon!

    Hilda - of course you are right! but it still sucks saying goodbye!

    Jamie - You were supposed to be here too. The next one will be too hot too.

    Jeanne - you summed it up right there Sweary! Miss you!

    Colleen - Thanks! Your words always makes me feel better! Hugs to you!

    SP - Thanks!

    Nina - probably does not happen often but when it does we should cherish it!

  9. Great teaser - now give us the real post with all the pics, gossip & scandal! ;-)

  10. LOL! Marisa - you want the dirt? might have to do that on email though. The full and complete story coming up in a few days!!

    Peachkins - thanks there's more to come!

  11. What a lovely time you both had! Hugs to you both :-)

  12. Is that Berlin? Such an awesome city - I miss it already.

  13. Oooh great time you both had, it's fabulous to have a girlie weekend!

  14. What a great celebration of friendship. I can't remember which one of you said on twitter about seeing their sister from another mother but it made me smile. I have many of those. It's lovely x

  15. Just returned from a couple of weeks in Germany (Frankfurt/Budingen (where we lived for a couple of years)/Heidelberg) visiting friends. Eagerly awaiting more shots of your weekend!

  16. So fun, Meeta! I'm so glad you guys got to share this. :-) You're making such fabulous memories. :-)

  17. what do you get ?? you get a truly memorable weekend, that is sure to be repeated, time and time again. zesty + sweary - you girls are quite the duo. and i have to agree with mrs furuholmen above, that a certain skype session across the border was a highlight of the weekend. well, for me it certainly was. even sans cocktail ! what a tease this is here, can not wait for the follow up. and what a comment from jeanne above, classic !! just love it. you girls are so fabulous. but wait, who's morten again ?? (tee hee)

  18. Gorgeous shots and love to hear about all the fun you're having. The shot of the cocktail with berries is especially tantalizing.

  19. How comes I'm reading this post just now?!
    What an incredible time you had together!

  20. I love Dresden...wonderful city, great food too...but if you travel a bit outside the city, it gets even more interesting...I made a series on Dresden and its surroundings in my food blog:

  21. Looks like a lot of FUN FUN FUN!! ;-)

    Thank you,
    Bridget (The Internet Chef)

  22. you get an unforgettable weekend which i bloody had to miss. crumbs.


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