Ending on a High Note: Bacon Cheese and Leek Tart and a Giveaway

Bacon Cheese Leek Tart (0081) by MeetaK  

You can’t choose family. You just get them and are stuck with them for the rest of your life. You either love them or you don’t. But blood is thicker than water and regardless of the cards you are dealt with you know you will support, protect and love them for a lifetime to come. 

The luxury of having friends is that you are free to pick and choose at your leisure. There is no pressure nor is there any obligation to pretend to like someone when you don’t. On the other hand, when you have found that soul mate, you have all the pleasures and appreciation of enjoying a rock solid friendship. Friendships based on loyalty, understanding, appreciation and motivation is something to hang on to and never let go.

Then there comes a point were the friendship reaches it’s final limit. It’s not enough, you want and feel more - she’s not just a friend. You know no matter what you say or do, it will never ever shake their belief in you. You know there in no judgment, nor is there envy or jealously. There is fun, a secret language and private jokes. You love the laughter shared, but feel the freedom to cry openly.  The bond that binds you is stronger - is this blood thicker than that of a friend?

It’s the sisterhood that develops overtime that becomes irreplaceable and you know that this level of friendship will never reach its final limit - for the lifetime to come.

My sister-from-another-mother, Jeanne came to visit me in Weimar not long ago. If we told you we had been planning the trip since December I am sure you can imagine how our excitement was building up. It was not only our getting together again after the FBC 2010 in London earlier in June, but it was also getting together to celebrate our favorite 80s band a-ha on their final tour “Ending on a High Note.”

We celebrated from the minute I picked her up at the airport. For the four days we spent together, a-ha played endlessly on the iPod while stories of life, love and fantasies were shared. What else do two sisters do when they get together?

Well we storm the first shoe store and buy shoes of course!

We eat, indulging in long lunches, late breakfasts and even later dinners. Tarts, bratwurst, cheese, chutney and chocolates - we enjoy every bite, always talking, giggling and simply enjoying the warmth of having a wonderful sister to share these moments with. We also drink – lots of wine, beer and create killer cocktails that will go down in history.

Weimar (02) Diptych by MeetaKWeimar (04) Diptych by MeetaKWeimar Hibrido Salad (0014) by MeetaK
Of course when one is in Germany one cannot pass the opportunity to savor fresh grilled Bratwurst. They come in all sizes and spiced with different flavors, Bratwürsts are always great with a smidgen of typical German mustard. Who can resist?

Dresden (01) Diptych by MeetaKDresden (03) Diptych by MeetaK

Dresden Bratwurst (0013) by MeetaK

The concert – absolutely EPIC! The venue was on the breathtaking banks of the Elbe River in the grandiose city of Dresden. We managed third row and had Magne, Morten and Paul up close and live like never before. As the sun began to set, the sky turned a vivid crimson and the mood could not have been better. 25 years in a span of 2 hours, right from the first Take on Me to the last Butterfly Butterfly (The Last Hurrah), they played classic hits and the album songs that no one but the true fans knew. And I felt elated - I was there from the very first moment at the age of 14 back in 1985.

Dresden a-ha by MeetaKDresden a-ha (0023) by MeetaK 
Stunning setting for a concert, wouldn’t you say? On one side an old ministry and on the opposite the stunning backdrop of the Frauenkirche.

Dresden (0004) by MeetaK

We strolled the streets of old Dresden, taking pictures, visiting the wonderful old churches, opera and museums. We even made a very impromptu appearance in a movie shoot as we crashed the sets of a movie to get to the other side of the bridge!

Dresden Jeanne (05) Diptych by MeetaKDresden (0051) by MeetaKDresden (0062) by MeetaK

The four days flew by far too fast. But we have memories of an amazing time together, jokes that we still laugh at and all the a-ha songs that made each moment special. I also know that Jeanne secretly has 2 a-ha tickets for November in London!

Raspberry Prosecco Cocktail (02) by MeetaK

We spent some time in the kitchen too and it was not just to open bottles of wine and mix cocktails, we cooked and tucked into a delicious yet very simple tart. The flavors of a herby cream cheese with smoky bacon and subtle leek bedded over flaky puff pastry was simply divine. The side of a rucola, cherry tomato and parmesan salad drizzled with a pumpkin seed oil and balsamic vinegar vinaigrette rounded off our late dinner perfectly.

Complementing the meal was a cocktail that highlighted both our spirits and persona so magnificently. If you are looking for the ingredients that make up that incredibly drinkable cocktail Jeanne is holding, you’ll have to head on over to Cook Sister for the recipe.

A word of warning: this potion is lethal and we take no liability for any actions you commit post-cocktails!

So, the next time you have an evening planned with your sisters, try serving this palatable bacon, cheese and leek tart and pair it with the perfect drink. You’ll be guaranteed an evening of fun, laughter, maybe a few tears and a lot of happiness.     

Bacon, Cheese and Leek Tart

Printable version of recipe here


1 portion puff pastry for a tart form approx. 20cm diameter
Some melted butter
300g soft herb flavored cream cheese, we used 2 portions of Boursin Shallots & Chives
150g smoky bacon, cut into small cubes
3 leeks, sliced
100g Parmesan cheese, grated
Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to approx. 180 degrees C. Lightly brush the tart form with some melted butter and line it with the puff pastry.

  2. Sauté bacon cubes until crisp and golden then add the leeks and continue to sauté for just a minute so that the leeks soak up the fat from the bacon. Check for seasoning and salt and pepper according to taste. Set aside.

  3. Spread the cream cheese onto the pastry, then add the bacon-leek mixture over the top. Sprinkle with grated parmesan and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until the puff pastry is golden and crispy.

  4. Take out of oven and serve immediately with a large salad.

The Food Guide Tip:


Make your own homemade puff pastry and store in the freezer to make such delectable tarts without fuss.





Raspberry Prosecco Cocktail (01) by MeetaK

Even though both Jeanne and I are so alike in many ways (we even suspect we were Siamese twins separated at birth) we have our distinct differences. In the matter of this cocktail we were indecisive on what to name it – RaSecco or Time Machine. So, we are calling on you to come up with a name you think would fit this cocktail created by both of us.

This is where the giveaway comes in. We’re both giving away a copy each of The Vodka Bible by Paul Knorr to two lucky people who come up with an original, unique and fitting name for this cocktail. The rules are simple: just leave a comment on either this post or on Jeanne’s post with your suggested name for the cocktail. You have till Monday 12:00 AM CEST (Midnight), after which we’ll go through the suggestions and choose a lucky winner from each blog.

Jeanne & I are entering both the cocktail and tart to this month’s Monthly Mingle. Sara over at Sara’s Corner has been my gracious hostess all this month and has invited us all to come over with Party Treats.  I’d like to seriously apologize to Sara who has been left alone to plan and execute this mingle all by herself as I’ve been busy with several projects. She’s doing a great job and I hope you will all join her at the party. The deadline is on August 17th. Hope to see you there.

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  1. What a wonderful post. Isn't it fun to have a sister like this. Mine lives in Germany as well. Hopefully we will be seeing each other soon.
    (by the way: it is one Bratwurst and two Bratwuerste, no ue in the singular and no s in the pural, just an e)

  2. Hey, it's nice to hear about the German summer...I'm currently living in Australia, but the rest of my family lives near Leipzig.
    I think a good name for the cocktail would be 'Bubbly love', the raspberries look like love hearts, they taste bitter sweet and a the champagne bubbles (obviously) and makes one bubble even more when you've had one too many! And it seems you love the person you created this cocktail with and you had lots to talk about.
    I would love to sip on a summer cocktail right now, but it's 'winter' over here. Enjoy the last days of summer!
    Henriette x

  3. What a wonderful friendship/sisterly bond you have. It makes me smile just to hear about it. The tart looks great, too. To share good food and conversation with any type of loved ones is a big "small" thing in life that I'm learning to appreciate more and more the older I get.

  4. This is such a brilliant post right from the heart. I c you enjoyed every bit of the moment ...de simple small moments are more memorable and wat else wud one want from life.
    Tis tart is superb and wud like to bake it sumday sans de bacon.
    The cocktail looks gorgeous wit de berries floating at de bottom n wud like to call it 'Sissy Mingle'- seeing tat tis lethal potion (in ur words)is a lovely blend mixed by compatible sis's...reminiscing the small big moments of life.

  5. I'm so glad you had such a beautiful time with your friend, Meeta. :-) I have a few friends that are treasures like her, and how I love them. :-)

  6. A wonderful tart! What great summer food.

    A pretty cocktail! It could be called "Pink Mojo"...



  7. oh i am liking the few suggestions so far! very nice. thank you for your comments!

    kirsten - thanks for your comment. next time you're here do shout out and maybe we can get together too. (i do know that it's bratwürste in german. ;o) just anglicized it! bad me!)

  8. Oh Meeta, you had me in tears by the third paragraph... I love how we independently say very much the same things about that magical weekend (of course we would - we are the Borg!!) and I love the memories this post brought back. Mmmm, I miss that bratwurst... ;-) Thanks for featuring me as your model in your stunning shots! Stay on these roads - you know where they might bring you in November :) Love you, my sweet sister!

  9. Ha Ha Ha I think Rosa is right, and if she knew the two of you she'd know how spot on Pink Mojo can be! But I'll try and think of a better one.

    Fab post and I am so sorry that I had to be on a dumb family vacation in Florida instead of there with you! LOL! Seriously, you two have changed my life and I am so lucky to call you both sisters now. What a fabulous family we have created... I love you both. And I'll be there in November with bells on...

  10. I'd call your delicious looking cocktail "Sunken Berry" :) Oh, such amazing photos you took on your trip! I loved Dresden, too - there is so much to discover in this part of Germany.

  11. Definitely a unique & special bond that the two of you have! Lovely to read about it, and that tart looks like the perfect meal to share with good friends.

  12. I think I would call it Pink Déjà vu...becoz every time you make this drink I'm sure you will be accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity...the time you spent with your twin sistah ;-)

  13. what a wonderful time!

    have a nice day!

  14. Such beautiful photos and what a great time you had. Makes me want to come to Germany again for another trip!

  15. Both of your posts were just gorgeous! I loved the two deifferent takes on your gorgeous trip!!

    As for the drink..hmmm, Raspberry Parade...like Raspberry Beret by Prince, but in a drink...LOL!

  16. Meeta, you are so right, our family is thrust upon us and we get to pick our friends! Always a challenge in balancing them both!

    And what a better way to share your experiences with family and friends, than with great food!

    Bon appetit!

  17. What a great post. It's so great when you meet people like that. That you feel like you've known for years, and are so similar. When I think of how small the world really is, particularly with the internet and opportunity to 'meet' people with similar interests around the world, I sometimes just have to shake my head. Glad you had a great 4 days with Jeanne, and hope another visit is on the cards, soon!

  18. You are So lucky to have found your "sister from another mother"! My best friend in high - school and I were like that. We could have fun in a room with no windows. It's really rare to "connect" with someone like that!

  19. What a lovely post - I'm a long-time lurker, first time poster, but I've just got to say that I think your photography is just so beautiful, your food sounds delicious, and your posts are so well-written. It really is an experience for the senses!

    I have a couple of friends like this, and every time we're together we descend into childhood together, spending hours giggling over little things, setting each other off over the most ridiculous of ideas. It's great. I love your tart, too - shall have to think properly about a good name for your cocktail, though...

    Jax x

  20. Meeta..wow..what a lovely post!! I really enjoyed reading it..Love your blog too.. I am still drolling over the splendid photography!!!!

  21. What a great trip for your friend! The food looks lovely! And the landmarks are stunning. Thanks for sharing with us!

  22. Meeta, another fab post. Your words always hit home!! It's beautiful and so well put together. So wonderful to see Jeanne in so many frames and 'poses'. She really did enjoy being there! YAY for the spice sistahs! 'Bubble & Squeal' is what comes to my mind when I see the cocktail!

  23. What a great post and lovely tribute to friendship! I was sad to hear that it was A-ha's findal tour, though...
    Here is my suggestion for the cocktail:
    "Bubbly RA-haspberry"

  24. I love this post, it makes me want to crack open a bottle of wine with my sister! :)

  25. A great post on true friendships and how they matter Meeta...you and Jeanne looked like you had a blast! Love the scenic shots and the cocktails!

  26. Thank you so much everyone for all your comments, thoughts and suggestions. Having a great time reading them.

    Friendship means so much and so happy to read that many of you have cherished friends. Hold them forever!

  27. Oh my, I just stumbled upon your gorgeous blog. I think I've found my new favorite place to spend a few hours!

    Love it..

  28. fantastic post as always -- loooove to follow your blog (and now also your "sister's")!

    Cocktail name? simply "a-ha" I am sure that is what you were thinking when you mixed them up. It is what I will think when I take my first sip...
    Roni in Wisconsin USA

  29. As I said in my last comment, I'm new to your blog...but now I'm taking delight in exploring all your recipes. Tarts are my favourite things to make! And your posts are so beautiful...the images, the food - you do truly entice my senses. Well done!

  30. Beautiful photos but I must recognize that I love the second one with that double window image. The reflection in the glass is just marvelous.


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