Retrospective 2011

2011 Retrospective by Meeta K. Wolff Malta2011-0197

2011 ….

… is it already time to say goodbye you? It seems like it was just a few days back I was saying Hello to you and looking forward to paint you with vivid colors. Now here I am again - same place, same time and looking forward to greeting another new year with the same eagerness and enthusiasm. But 2011 … you have been good to me.

Looking back at all that 2011 will therefore be a lot of fun. I invite you to join me while I take a quick trip through a year that had many highs.

I’ve never been the one to make resolutions for a new year. If there are aspects of my life that needs changes then they need changing then and there and not putting it off for the begin of a new year. Why take the burdens of the old year with you?

They are goals I’d like to reach and while I take small steps forward I try to find the best path to achieve those goals. 2011 was very much about reaching my goals and … feeling good about those accomplishments. 
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In 2010 I had set the stepping stone to promote Meeta K. Wolff Photography more professionally. In 2011 I forged ahead with this goal, finally reaping what had been sown. It was pure pleasure to work on various projects with some exceptional clients, including Eckes-Granini, Air Canada, Laviva magazine to name a few.

All the time I am learning how the business works, making contacts and acquiring valuable knowledge that will help me further in the future. It’s an enthralling road and while I never loose track of my goal, I am enjoying the journey immensely.

I continue to enhance my skills, playing around with different styles and stepping out of my comfort zone to find new aspects of styling and composition. 2011 was very much about pulling all that I have learned over the years together and putting it into practice and daring to do things differently. It’s been elating to realize how at ease I have become with the more challenging aspects of photography, giving me more confidence to be adventurous.


Life_Portfolio_212011Retrospective04 COVER_Portfolio_01_June11FOOD_Portfolio_01_June11BerryPeachCobbler

The 11th Weblog Awards started the year off well as What’s For Lunch, Honey? I was once again nominated as one of five finalists for Best European Blog … maybe I’ll finally win it in 2012 :o) To all of you who nominated this blog I thank you so much for all your support.

I have been very ecstatic at the press attention What’s For Lunch, Honey? has received from the German press in 2011. My humble blog was mentioned and featured in big German newspapers like Süddeutsche Zeitung and Zeit Magazin and, Germany’s biggest online photography magazine worked together with me to feature my article on food styling and props. Another real high came from the feature in Harper’s Bazaar India, where I was featured and one of India’s “Food Inventors” … I was thrilled!

Crush Magazine Issue 6, run by the amazing and very debonair Michael Olivier featured a selection of my recipes pairing them with exciting South African wines. The Rambling Epicure portrayed some of my writing and ran photography features in the Food Art series and I worked with the lovely Silvanna from The Foodie Bugle as a featured writer.


Some of my favorite recipes from the blog this year have been:


For a chocolate addict there were many chocolate treats to entice the sweet tooth:


2011 was about traveling to sensational cities, visiting incredible food markets, swimming in gorgeous turquoise seas and enjoying the vivid warm colors of Fall. From Vienna to London to Gozo and Tuscany, 2011 kept my itchy traveling feet busy and camera clicking.

2011Retrospective122011Retrospective06Life_Portfolio_22Malta2011-01392011Retrospective07 2011Retrospective08Malta2011-0233Malta2011-0197Places_Portfolio-12.11_012011Retrospective092011Retrospective03Nature_Portfolio-12.11_01A

2011 was also very much about enjoying the tranquility of being at home. Weimar has become a place dear to my heart and I love living here … I know it will not be forever so I capture it’s beauty the best way I know how … in images.


From Plate to Page was one of my biggest goals for 2011 and boy what can I say … together with three of my dearest friends Jeanne, Jamie and Ilva, we came, we saw and we conquered! We laid the foundation for these workshop series in 2010 and this year we successfully completed the first two. The first one in Weimar simply blew us away and just as we were thinking it could not be topped, the second one in Tuscany took our breaths away! The hard work that we’ve been putting into these workshops has been demanding but so satisfying.


The biggest added bonus about From Plate to Page has been meeting new people who leave as good friends and of course seeing those three lovely ladies who have become an extended part of me.

2011 was definitely about friendship! So, cheers to you my new and old friends - this one’s for all of you:

Class of Weimar: Arthi | Astrid | David | Deborah | Ishay | Jasmine | Jenn | Julia | Ken
Mitch | Móna | Simone

Class of Tuscany:
Marta | Kate | Valentina | Lynn | Alexandra | Elizabeth | Hayley | Olivia | Heidi Robin | Denise | Judith

Cheers to you my dearest sisters: Ilva, Jamie, Jeanne. Cheers also to precious and cherished friends far away but who have become so close to heart Robin, Nanette, Deeba all of you cheer me on from afar and motivate me through all my endeavors. Thank you friends! I hope 2012 brings us closer together!

The4 - JamieS

If you have not already, please do take a few minutes to browse through both the From Plate to Page posts and enjoy some of the magic created.

If now you too want to be a part of this magic, registrations to the third From Plate to Page are open and we have a few spots free, so come on over and check out our incredible programme, take in the beauty of our venue and register here. We’d love to see you there!


I eagerly look forward towards 2012 filled with excitement at a few new projects I already have in the pipeline, nervous and happy at the prospects of fulfilling them successfully, determined to keep myself on edge, to learn, to thrive and most important to have a damn good time doing it all. I hope 2012 will be as vibrant and exciting as 2011 was and I hope more than ever that you will continue to be a part of my roller coaster ride.

Thanks to each and every one of you - my valued readers, faithful friends, loyal fans, perceptive advisors, cheering cheerleaders, incognito lurkers and always my supporting family. You add color to this little space of mine! Your thoughts, feedback, motivation and support does not go unnoticed. I hope I am able to give a little back of all that you continuously give me.

Come raise your champagne glasses and let the bubbles tingle at your noses as we welcome 2012 together!

Wishing you all a funky and bubbly New Year. May 2012 be a deliciously sweet year for you all!

See you on the other side!

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  1. What an amazing year! Very successful and full of marvelous adventures.

    Best wishes for 2012 and keep up with the wonderful work! Looking forward to reading you for many more years...



  2. Well done Meeta! I am sure that 2012 will hold more achievements and success for you. Cheers for the new year and thanks for providing me with a challenging & treasurable opportunity this year... the Plate to Page workshop.

  3. well done you!!hope 2012 brings much more things you deserve...I am glad I was a part of the plate2page class of weimar!SO much fun...

  4. Well done Meeta! What a beautiful post! It was an amazing year, documented with wonderful images! I wish you a happy and exciting new year!


  5. What a wonderful year you have had! Congratulations on all of the professional success with your photography, and on achieving one of your goals for the year. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2012.

  6. The photos are absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic recap of your year Meeta. I do hope that we finally get to meet. Your success is an inspriation.

  7. The warmest of wishes for 2012 Meeta, all the more success, fulfilment and good times are coming your way in the new year!

  8. Hope you have an even better 2012! Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

  9. Your photos entrance and as I scroll through your photographic year I am more and more amazed at the beauty, emotion and thought which emanates out of them and moves me so. Still. And to think that we traveled 2011 together and it is only the beginning of our voyage together and I am blessed and thrilled to have you by my side. You give me more than I can express and for that and so much more I love you. You are beauty, generosity, creativity, kindness and brilliance. I am excited for our 2012! xo

  10. It's definitely that time of year for "my year in review" posts, but I found yours a particularly lovely look back on 2011. I particularly enjoy some of your darker, moodier photographs - the range of styles you've managed to master is impressive! Here's to a fantastic 2012.

  11. Congratulations on an amazing 2011 - it's been lovely to join you online for some of it on the way. Looking forward to 2012 and all this brings. Sure looks exciting!

  12. he photos are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations !Happy New Year!

  13. Hi Meeta,

    Wow - what a year!

    Looking at your food photography has me drooling and yearning for some Biryani at 8.30 in the morning! I adore the serenity of your nature pictures, the emotions encaptured.

    I very much look forward to being part of the Plate to Page workshop in Somerset and getting to know the fab four of you personally, thank you for including me.

    Here's to an exciting, creative, productive and laughter filled 2012!

  14. What a breathtaking photo retrospective. Thank you so much for sharing it all. Your photos each convery so much life in them. I could gaze upon each one for hours. Beautiful. Best of everything to you and yours in 2012.

  15. Looks like somebody's 2011 was a lot more pretty than mine - love your photography!

  16. What a fantastic year you've had Meeta! I've enjoyed reading along the way and drooling over your photography. May 2012 be all that you wish for (and more!)

  17. What an amazing year you've had...and what amazing photos you've taken to capture it. Wonderful for you and for your readers too!

    All of my best wishes for your continued success. Cheers!

  18. Meeta, 2011 was quite a memorable year for you. And for your readers, like me. It also promises to be an even better year next year. Happy New Year to you and your family! All the best in the coming year and I can't wait to see it all.

  19. how wonderful! happy happy new year 2012! best wishes!

  20. What a wonderful review Meeta! Keep it up! Thank you for a great 2011 and look forward to more in 2012...Happy New Year!

  21. What a gorgeous recap Meeta! So much has happened and so much that you have achieved in 2011. I can only imagine the things that will follow in 2012. Wishing you, Tom and Soeren all the best in 2012! Hugs and kisses!

  22. Amazing what one can pack into a year. Hoping 2012 is even more fun!

  23. A fantastic recap of an awesome year! Bravo bravo! Looking forward to what you have in store for 2012! Happy new year to you!!

  24. its been a fantastic year for wflh and we have watched and cheered from the sidelines. wishing you tonnes of success in the year to come meeta. much love!

  25. Thank you all so much for all your incredible thoughts, wishes and comments. It's always such a pleasure to read your comments and see you enjoying my posts. Hope you all had a great start to the new year and look forward to 2012 with you all!

  26. Was wonderful to meet you this year Meeta, wish you the best for 2012!

  27. What a beautiful recap Meeta!!! You've had such a wonderful year and it's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you over the year.

    Best wishes for the New Year :D

  28. Lovely blog! Love reading it.
    Happy New Year, Meeta!

  29. What a fabulous and beautiful look back at your 2011, Meeta. I hope that 2012 is even more profitable for you and look forward to your continued success. Your work has always been a true inspiration!

  30. Beautiful post Meeta, congratulations on all of your successes!
    Happy New Year!

  31. Congrats on your very well deserved successes Meeta and wish you even more this year! Thanks again for your inspiration and all the beauty :)

  32. What a beautiful, inspiring year. Here's wishing you the same and better for 2012 :)

  33. I absolutely loved scrolling down through all your gorgeous photos, memories and accomplishments, Meeta. :-) What an incredible year you've had! Love your photos from Malta especially. My time there this summer is a treasured memory. :-) Hope you have another fantastic year. :-)

  34. Breathtaking beauty, from start to finish, my darling sister! What a year - and I am thrilled to have been part of it (again!). Your images are as full of light and life as you are - can't wait to spend 2012 with you :)

  35. What a lovely re-cap of your year. Meeting you and your partners in crime at Plate to Pate was one of the highlights of my year. You said something that's stuck with me and I think of almost every day: "Invest in yourself". You were talking about cameras, I know, but when I think of it it's in the context of investing time in my photos, taking time to think about a photo before I make the recipe. I'm now spending more time thinking about how I want to style it and assembling my props as I assemble the ingredients. This has made a big difference. THANK YOU.

  36. Hey Meeta,
    A very Happy New Year to you and your family too. Your annual re-cap is a great read and complete eye-candy . News from my side is :Have recently relocated to Pune in India. My home town. Took a long break from blogging but getting inspired to blog again. Hugs Anu


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