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It was Mr. Chadwick, my English literature teacher who changed my entire perspective of how I viewed the world. I was 14 and his teachings animated and inspired me on so many levels. I looked forward to each class, eagerly awaiting to discover the aesthetics of classic books, poignant prose and exploring the plots of the stories. One day it was a fabliau, then it was a Shakespearian sonnet, or the next a tragic love story, whatever topic we were currently analyzing Mr. Chadwick kept us all focused throughout his lessons.

I admired his teaching style and dedication. I cannot help but smile to myself as I recall how he encouraged me to write, to voice my opinion eloquently, to share my knowledge freely and carve a niche for me. He told me that perseverance, drive and my seemingly endless energy will bring many opportunities my way.  He guided firmly but was never pushy or overbearing. All these years later I wonder what Mr. Chadwick would say to me if he were to meet me.

I’ve followed his advice and over the years I have walked through many different doors as they opened up to me. I did not always know what to expect and often one door lead to another but I took the opportunities weighing out the pros and cons. This blog, the food photography and styling jobs and projects, my workshops and now I stand in front of a new door.


Early this year David Bathgate contacted me and in a few sentences asked me if I would be interested in joining his team of instructors at The Compelling Image (TCI) an interactive school of photography. I was stoked! I was baffled! And I was nervous as hell after I saw the list of extremely talented and professionals photographers that make the team at TCI. I really wanted to do this. My workshops have shown me how much I really enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge and this was the perfect opportunity. Mr. Chadwick’s voice kept echoing in my head. But I hesitated.

Life happened and with my skiing accident came a lot of issues and with the situation at work came a lot of turbulence. I’ve started to clear the clutter, am getting rid of the turbulence and am healing well. I am making a change in my life. Something I will save for another post. But setting a basis for this change was the decision to take David up on his offer. Once I committed I could hardly believe it.

David has been a massive support, patient and supportive. Since my return from Thailand I have been working hard putting the curriculum together and as I see it all come together not only the excitement but also the nervousness is rising. I am stoked to be a TCI instructor amongst all these talented photographers.

Over the course of the years that I’ve been giving my workshops, I have received several emails and comments from readers of this blog or people who would have liked to participate in my workshops but often there was a big travelling distance to cover and for many it was not possible. Especially many of my readers and friends in the US have voiced their desire for me to give a few workshops in the US.

This one’s for all of you across the borders and who have found it hard to attend my workshops! This is the alternative you've been waiting for. Comprehensive online courses for all those of you who are keen to enhance your food photography skills. 


ANNOUNCEMENT: Food Photography and Styling Online Courses

I am thrilled to offer comprehensive online Food Photography and Styling courses over at the interactive school of photography and multimedia The Compelling Image (TCI). These courses are aimed primarily at food bloggers and photographers who would like to enhance and hone their food photography and styling skills.

A picture is worth a thousand words and whether your ultimate desire is to make a career of food photography/styling or you want to take a good food shot for your blog or article or simply master a challenging new subject for your photography portfolio, it is crucial to learn and practice the various elements and topics required to take great images that grab viewer’s attention and holds it. When you can take control of all the photographic and styling elements to produce a good shot, you will find just how rewarding it can be.

I have put together an extensive curriculum based on my experiences from the workshops I give and the lessons cover basic and advanced food photography and styling. Each lesson has an assignment which is challenging and very hands-on. I have included several comprehensive exercises within the assignment to practice the different techniques, aspects and topics. We will have a lot of fun, creating different scenes, discussing colors, textures and light, playing around with props and so much more. Here is a look at what’s in store:

Lesson plan:

  • Photography fundamentals for food photography
  • Harnessing natural light for food images
  • Get the look: color and texture
  • Setup, styling and perfect point of focus
  • Angles, placement and composition
  • Props and go for it!

I won’t lie … the lessons are challenging, but they will help you think out of the box, inspire you and give you confidence to find your style. I will be there each step of the way to guide you and advice you as you work your way through the lessons. My aim is to help you find your style, to feel comfortable behind the camera and understand the aspects to create a beautiful scene for your food photography. I hope to help you change your perspective on food photography, take away your frustrations and give you more confidence.

Knowing the basic photographic and styling principles allows you access to a plethora of knowledge to create beautiful images - and that's exactly what my aim is in this fun and mouth-watering 4-week course!

Registrations have already started and the the first enrolments are rolling in. There are five 4-week courses to select from for 2013. The next session of this course starts on 16 September 2013 - there are also other sessions to choose from to ensure you find the course that is most convenient for you.

More information and details to the course and further dates can be found at my TCI course plan. To learn more about TCI and how the courses run please read through the important guidelines.

Very much looking forward to seeing you in class soon!

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  1. Congratulations! That is so great. I am happy for you.

    I'm sure you'll be a wonderful teacher!



  2. Congratulations! And how exciting! I am heading over there to check it out now....this is also a great opportunity for us in NZ! I am sure they will be wonderful courses!

  3. Meeta - this makes me so, so happy - am just thrilled for you!! (((hugs)))

  4. Meeta I have been admiring your blog for a while but have not yet commented. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and glad that you are healing ok. These courses sound really exciting and I will definately be looking into doing one in the future. Good luck with it all!

  5. This is amazing Meeta!!! Congratulations!! And well deserved!!! Can't wait to read about the big changes.. whatever they are wish you all the success in the next chapter of your life!!! :))

  6. These pictures look great! You have the power to transform into whatever you want to become! Keep up the hard work and you will find success!!! (already are successful in my opinion :) )

  7. This really is the next step for you, isn't it? I've been toying with the idea of doing online classes as it does seem to be the way to go... we know how hard it is to travel to a workshop. You'll do great! xo

  8. You are a store house of talent and a hard worker! am not surprised that opportunity keeps knocking on your door, you earned it. You still have to do a guest post for me ;) I do hope I can be part of the online course, if yes then i will see you there. U rock girl!

  9. This is so amazing!! Congrats Meeta!! So so happy for you :)

  10. So proud of you for doing this!! So happy for your courage and this fantastic opportunity and wishing you huge success in your endeavor. :-)

  11. Congratulations! Well deserved, what a blessing. Look forward to seeing how everything rolls out. I cannot jump in right now, but a photography course is on my list of 'continued education' in furthering my business/blog. All the best to you, Meeta.

  12. Congratulations and well deserved! Very very happy for you.

  13. Hi Meeta, I've been admiring your pictures for a long time:). So I am happy for the opportunity to learn from you. What is the duration of the course? How intensive is the program? I mean, I work full time and want to be sure I'll be able to do the homework's... And, one more question: will you make a lesson on using the artificial light?

    1. Hi there Elena, Thanks for your comment and I love hearing from you. The course is a 4 week course and the course will intensive in the sense that I have really given detailed explanations and information about each aspect with a lot of visual examples. Some of the more challenging lessons have exercises for your to practice before you actually do the assignment ... but those are optional. If you choose to go straight to the assignment at the end of each lesson that is fine too. One of the more intensive lessons is the one about light and although I focus on natural light you will be able to take a lot from it for artificial light.
      Let me know if you have any other questions and I hope to see you in class soon!

  14. congrats to this amazing opportunity!
    we are happy to join more of your blog!

    Love from fat-cat-connection

  15. Heart congratulations on your success :) I have long been (secretly) stalking your food photos :) They speak, they dance and they fill up my senses.

    Love and all the best wishes on all of your endeavors.

  16. I bet you are a great teacher, I enjoy your photos very very much. Always compelling me to make new things.

  17. Your pics always look great. Im hopeless at taking pics so will use these tips!

  18. What an amazing opportunity for you! I will definitely try to fit one of your classes in to my schedule. You have so much to offer others.

  19. hi Meeta. I have a question. Am thinking about enrolling but could you actually tell me how is the course organised. Are these gonna be prerecorded video lessons or we have to be at certain point in front of computer etc. This will give me the rough idea, thanks in advance Terry

    1. Hi there Terry,

      The lessons are all uploaded and once students have gone through it they then move on to the exercises and assignments at their own pace. A new lesson and its assignment appears in the Student Area each Monday and students have 10 days to complete and upload that week's assignment. During this time I am available each step of the way to encourage student interaction and guide them throughout each lesson and assignment over the entire period of the course. The reason I love the way the courses on TCI work is because it is flexible without imposing strict time restraints and really fits into people’s busy routines.
      We've just started the first course and you still have time to register for it. Let me know if you have any other questions Terry.
      Take care!


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