The New Look - fresh, crisp and good!

New Blog Design - What's For Lunch, Honey?

What’s for lunch, honey? just got a complete facelift. It’s fresh, crisp, clean and so good I am doing dances around the notebook. I got together with the extremely talented Corinna Haselmeyer of Holistic Design and since June we have been working on this space behind the scenes. What we developed over the past several weeks has been a piece of art and love.

Corinna worked very closely with me with patience and a dedication that was so soothing. When you give your baby into the hands of someone else you want to make sure it will be handled, loved and cared for. Corinna did all that with my blog and so much more.


There are a lot of things to discover on the blog. We’ve cleaned up a lot of the items and placed them in an orderly fashion with a better overview. All the recipes are filed under the link Recipes in the horizontal navbar. The Recipe Index includes all the categories to help you find everything easily. I will be updating the badges here too in a few days. You will also notice the additional indices Cooking School, Bollywood Cooking and The Food Guide which preciously got lost somewhere on my overcrowded sidebars. Now we have cleaned up the sidebars and taken these categories in with the recipe index.


You can now discover the world of Indian cooking and the spices easily. If you are looking for detailed information on certain items, produce or just to learn a technique I hope this new look will help you achieve this faster and more effectively.     

What I love the most however are the larger sized images this new design allows me to display. They come to life and I hope you will enjoy this improved visual aspect too.

As we are still testing and tweaking there will be a few minor changes happening in the background. I would like to encourage you too to let me know if you find anything that is not working properly, could use an improvement or just some feedback. As readers and users of my blog I depend on your thoughts and ideas to help me improve this space to make it a special experience for you.

Thank you!


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  1. Yay well done and congratulations
    love the new look :D

  2. Wonderful transformation. The new look of your blog is amazingly beautiful and clean!

  3. Like the new, cleaner, clearer look - there was so much going on before it started to get confusing. I adore illustrations - did you do this one?

  4. Whoohooo! There is is!! Love it! It is beautiful, clean and gorgeous.. ;) Well done girls!

  5. Love it love it love it. It 's gorgeous. ! Awesome job

  6. Love your re-design! And the Illustration with the scales is just great!! It reminds me so much of the first photos I have seen from you :)

  7. Cleaner and clearer, very much better. Well done.

  8. Absolutely loving the new design, Meeta!! And your current trip to Dubai on Instagram makes me yearn for a visit, soon :)


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