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Breakfast is for champions! And according to the trend it is sneaking its way into the other meals of day. We have a tendency to put an egg on everything and serve up “breakfast for lunch/dinner” – a trend that I follow myself, especially when the traditional eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes and baked beans are concerned.

As far as I can remember I’ve always had a particular soft spot for my breakfast. When I was doing my A 'levels in Doha, mornings would start with a spiced masala tea that my mum would make while I cut open fresh pita bread and spread some tangy labneh or Arabic white cheese, drizzling it all in thick clover honey. Later as I started my hotel management training I discovered pumpernickel and my morning consisted of this dark sweet, salty rye bread with butter a few tomato slices and sea salt.

Flourless Carrot Multi-Seed and Nut Bread with homemade kumquat ginger marmalade + hummus sliced tomatoes and herbs. Recipe for bread 

Scrambled eggs with slow roasted tomatoes, ham, sugar snap peas, capers, baked beans and sliced avocado.  10986040_347609228768340_6543324_n
Indian style chickpea flour pancakes filled with tomatoes, chopped baby spinach, spiced with turmeric, garam masala, chillies. Served with tangy masala chickpeas and a sweet/spicy mango chutney

Mana’eesh - Palestinian flatbread with za’atar and Palestinian white cheese and a coffee

I remember long summer vacations in Delhi and my nani’s incredible “good breakfast” as she would call it – a paper thin omelet with onions, green chilies all loving wrapped into a ghee soaking stuffed bread – parathas filled with spiced cauliflower. With that we would get soaked almonds with honey “for the growing mind” she said.

In the US I discovered the world of bagels, pancakes and French toasts, in Asia platters of fruit, rice congee and dim sum and here in Germany it was the leberwurst, sausages and the amazing variety of bread.

Over the years I have truly become a breakfast champion - as you can see!

Thick hung yogurt with strawberries, raspberries, passion fruit and a drizzle of raw honey

 8b2d799aa2ab11e3aec11210beee93d8_8 Vanilla Spelt Porridge with Caramelized Quince and Cranberries

Greek yogurt, fresh figs, pistachios, goji berries, pecans, and raw honey

It’s something I do not have to think of – I open the fridge and it all comes automatically. It is the meal of my day! My breakfast time is divided into weekday and weekend each with a ritual of its own. I am up fairly early and usually start the mornings with green chai or a tea with a spice mix like fennel seeds, cardamom and mint or ginger to get the metabolism going. Weekdays, before the day is eaten by phone calls, meetings, and sudden crises once I’ve gotten to the office, I find the morning hours are under control. I’ll put together fresh yogurt, quark or ricotta and cut up a mix of fruit with a sprinkling of my nut-goji berry/mulberries mixture for the crunch or sometimes homemade granola. On the days I am at home working in the studio, I will usually go for a warm breakfast of eggs in all varieties accompanied with whatever is at hand avocados, spinach, beans, sausages. When nostalgia comes around I will make Indian stuffed bread or some Indian chickpea flour pancakes with a steaming pot of masala chai. Sometimes I still have a bagel or pancake day with fruity preserve or honey. Mostly a cup of strong coffee follows!

Whole-Wheat Raw Orange Blossom Honey and Ricotta Pancakes
Multi-seed bagel, fresh butter, homemade strawberry preserve, plate of fruit and scatterings of pistachios, latte

Masala scrambled eggs with onions, turmeric, chillies, peas, tomatoes, ground cumin, ground coriander, masala chai, mango chutney and Dr. Karg crackers

Weekends are governed by the family and are more laid back. Our weekend breakfast has been mostly consistent in both its rituals and its contents. First thing we head out to the bakery in the morning, bringing home freshly baked rolls. Back at home I froth milk for our coffees, boil eggs – 6-minute for me, 8-minute for Tom and 10-minute for Soeren. A wooden board with sausage, salami, cheese and some fruit is laid out, and jars of preserves, honey for the sweet tooth. We sit for a couple of hours catching up on what took place over the week and discussing the upcoming events. I cherish my morning glory rituals.

Instead of taking selfies – I am one of those taking pictures of my breakfast on Instagram. It sparked the idea for this post where I have put together a few Instagram images of my favorite breakfasts for you. It also got me wondering of how other people breakfast across the world.

According to the Telegraph UK big breakfasts are definitely going to be trending in 2015. Gone are the days of a bowl of cereal and milk with a banana chopped into it. Instead 2015 will be the year where breakfasts become a bigger deal and restaurants are already jumping on the trend by offering an extremely wide variety of breakfast and brunch items on their menus at reasonable prices. While ethnic-inspired items remained the top breakfast trend, followed by traditional ethnic breakfast items, Forbes contributor Alice G. Walton writes about Why Breakfast May Not Be The Most Important Meal Of The Day - going totally against the trend. Whether you are a breakfast person or not the important thing is to listen to what your body says - it’s a pretty good guide in telling you how to respond. We all know to stay away and keep our kids away from the sugary “Hall of Shame” cereals and go for one of the more healthier breakfast options.

In my circle of friends I certainly have noticed that the breakfast trend is in full swing. My social media feeds are full of images, posts, status updates of their breakfast fare.

So what’s for breakfast, honey? What do my circle of friends across the social media have for breakfast and what are their rituals? I was very curious and turned to my dear friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook. I was not let down – several friends shared their breakfast ideas and rituals, with some great variety and inspiration.

10354501_509376239185285_967882483_n Baked Eggs with Spiced Chickpeas and Chard

10175380_380782948729650_1946716118_n Turkish style breakfast, with hung yogurt, honey, almonds, strawberries, fruit, white cheese and tomatoes, preserve and rolls

Fritatta with zucchini, peas, speck, onions, herbs and sourdough bread

Sanjana of KO Rasoi: Masala Poori, Dry Potato Curry and Sweet Semolina (Seeroh). My breakfast of my dreams! @MeetaWFLH

helenbaileyuk @MeetaWFLH my favourite naughty breakfast has to be thickly cut French toast with blueberry compote and maple syrup

Tina Seidling Its self made musli to go in jars during the week, I only need to top it with milk or nutmilk, adding some fruit the night before . But its porridge with nutbutter during weekends, slowly cooked in my ricecooker

Erin Jimcosky I am currently into having a small bowl of lovely thick yogurt with a smattering of lightly toasted almonds or pistachios, and raw honey with a side of fruit. The shot of protein in the morning really helps me to get going. After years of eating whole grains I realized that carbs in the morning just slow me down, so I keep them to the afternoon and evening. I also enjoy it with a cup of licorice or Yorkshire Gold tea. If I am going to splurge, I love a really well made pain perdue, Hangtown Fry, or cheesy grits with a poached egg.

Claudia Gliss Perfekter Start in den Tag --> Quark | selbstgemachtes Hagebuttenmus | Chiasamen | getoppt mit Granola |
Perfect start to the day Quark | Homemade rosehip puree | chia seeds | topped with granola

Tobias Müller How about some delicious breakfast scones or Muffins? Or Eggs Benedict on Sundays

1168407_683899271693827_687242940_n Mulit-seed bagel with butter, strawberry preserve, cream cheese, salmon and fried egg, cherry tomatoes and a coffee

927459_788276414570746_422335572_n Baker and Spice Challah and Balqees Raw Honey

Venice style breakfast: Fruit, cornetto, espresso and Nino Franco prosecco

Robin E. H. Ove For years breakfast was just a cup of tea and maybe leftover cake. I have since replaced bad habits like that with either something simple like yogurt, fruit or oatmeal. But some mornings, just a quick saute of greens with a couple of over easy eggs make my morning (even better with salsa.) Holds me easily until a late lunch.

Asha Yoganandan I typically eat 1.5 breakfasts It is always tea and granola bowl to start and then in two hours a fruit, smoothie, cake, nuts, anything else. For me though the first breakfast is near ritual. I made granola twice a week. Mostly oats, a handful of nuts and seeds, coconut flakes and always raw sugar. I also toast a deeper brown and the sugar add a nice caramelisation. Usually I eat with almong milk but sometimes with raw yogurt from a nearby farm. Tea is chai with almond milk. On the few occasions I didn't have enough granola I do oatmeal with honey and almond milk. For me, this time is really important. Without that tea I am not a nice person I always wake up groggy , so tea balances me out. Plus, I typically take 15 mins to sit and have my breakfast in peace with or without a book. Its a lovely way to begin my day and because it happens everyday, no matter how hectic today gets, I know I'll have that time tomorrow for me.

Garlicy sautéed spinach leaves, fried eggs, flourless carrot, multi-seed and nut bread with a roasted tomato hummus and cherry tomatoes

Greek yogurt, pomegranate seeds, raspberries, cashews, hazelnuts, cocoa nibs, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raw honey.
Brunch treat: Gravad salmon, cheese, charcuterie, preserves, rbread rolls, croissants, hot chocolate, café au lait

Kelly Peacock Wright Happy to help! I'm a big believer in breakfast, but it isn't what others might think it is. I always have coffee -- about 1-1/2 cups of very strong Italian (Lavazza Classico) I make in my Bialetti. Whole milk frothed and a spoon of sugar. This keeps me from being too hungry but by about 9:30am I'm looking for something to eat. It's usually savory and often something left over from dinner the night before, but not always. For example today was about a cup of broccoli salad (not the gloopy kind) and about 30 minutes later a toasted pretzle bun spread with hummus, half a smashed avocado, a couple of big slices of tomato and some lettuce. I'm a big fan of eggs, so if there isn't anything else savory, that's what I'll have. They usually aren't plain. Feta or goat cheese usually gets sprinkled on, onions of some kind, almost always avocado (I always have an avocado in the kitchen) sometimes basil or cilantro depending on the mix and hot sauce. I love hot sauce. The key is usually making sure there is protein. If it's carb heavy, I'm usually hungry sooner. I love whole grain cereals, oatmeal, and some good sprouted grain toast -- it just doesn't stay with me. Not glamorous, but hope that helps!

Helen Gillis I usually only have breakfast on the weekend, bad, I know. My favorite is grits. I'll either make them plain and top with crispy fried local sausage or I'll mix in cheddar and some hot chile's. Add some fruit and lots of strong coffee!

Big champion breakfast: Fired eggs, lamb sausages, avocado, wholegrain mustard; natural Greek yogurt, mangoes, blueberries, almonds, bagel, croissant, preserve, blood orange juice and masala coffee

 10254228_264296273743032_683915993_n Hung ricotta drizzled with raw honey

Almond milk yogurt juicy orange slices, pecans

Robin Zachary My favorite breakfast at home is a nice warm bowl of oatmeal or a quinoa porridge topped with cherries, apricot, peaches and maple syrup. Throw on some almonds and raisins too. Each bite is different and delicious. I recently had a bowl with a scoop of warm ricotta cheese on top. Yum. I gave up coffee and now am drinking green tea. Just trying to be more health conscious. I also started making my own almond milk sweetened with a date. Yummy too!

Sally Prosser Hi Meeta, Have to start the day with a cup of tea. I tried hot water with lemon once for about a week and thought life's too short! My husband has had the same breakfast every day for as long as I've known him - a bowl of bran flakes. Torture! I make up my mind about what I feel like eating every day - I have to be spontaneous. It's usually either toast and Marmite/marmalade, poached eggs, a smoothie or porridge but not always. At the moment I try to sit outside in the garden to eat it. Weekend breakfasts can be different and nothing beats a bacon sandwich with a runny fried egg at home , or Baker & Spice Dubai shakshouka or their Turkish eggs eaten on the terrace overlooking the Burj Khalifa - absolutely sublime. Hope that fits the bill. Here's what I had today.

Denise Schuster When I was at school I never had breakfast. Big mistake, we all know better now. These days I never skip it. I have a sweet tooth and love pancakes for breakfast. Over the years I have developed quite the repertoire of delicious yet healthy pancake recipes that don't include sugar or flour. I love using teff flour, buckwheat, coconut flour, almond flour, fry them in coconut oil, add some fruit like blueberries or bananas and make the tastiest creations During Winter I also like a bowl of warm polenta, buckwheat or millet with lots of cinnamon, nut milk and fruit topped with some homemade nut granola. During summer I love green smoothies with chia seeds, wheatgrass, maca, matcha and other super foods. I want breakfast now

Natural yogurt pots with summer berry mix. pistachios
Sourdough French toast, maple cinnamon roasted apples, Greek yogurt, pecans, maple syrup

Simi Jois I need breakfast and its my favorite meal - I love big Indian breakfast like masala dosa or Rava idli - my absolute favorite for a relaxed late weekend mornings. My weekdays is usually a protein shake and oats or a omelette. My go to these days is a quinoa - lentil savory pancakes

Shayma Saadat Breakfast - well mine is divided into two genres - weekday and weekend. On a weekday very simple I make coffee in my moka (Bialetti) and have a few espresso cups of it with a splash of milk. I always have either a slice of sour dough with salted cultured butter and some type of jam (sour cherry, usually) or I will have a slice of cake (something I made the night before). On weekends I love eating a large breakfast at home (dislike going out for brunch) so I make a desi (Pakistani/Indian) breakfast, usually. I make a Pakistani omelette w lots of fresh coriander and finely chopped onions and have it with toasted, buttered bread or I will make a tomato egg dish - anday tamatar. I know it's also known as a shakshuka, but it's been made since aeons in my home - Ami will make a tomato base, like one would for a saalan (curry) and then plonk eggs into it. Enjoy with chapati or naan. I also love the simplicity it an egg fried in ghee with some toast and karak chai. Karak chai takes ages to make when made fiercely with tea leaves, (cannot stand tea bags), so it is a weekend treat.

Dolphia Nandi-Arnstein am i too late to say mine? my weekday breakfast is eggs or oats-yogurt with a fruit. in weekends i make bengali breakfast. potato curry with flat bread, savory french toast, savory pancakes with vegetable. no breakfast makes Dolphia grumpy

Almond milk yogurt with papaya chunks, blueberries and pecans

Joumana Accad Man'ooshe

Jeanne Horak-Druiff Can't function without breafkast! In the week it's always oat porridge with a little salted butter and fruit (usually blueberries), an apple and a handful of almonds - a meal packed with nutients and unprocessed foods to keep me going till lunch. At the weekend, it's poached or soft-boiled eggs with wholwheat Marmite toast (yes, I am in the "love" camp!". And if I am feeling particularly ravenous after a workout, I treat myself to chocolate milk and wholwheat toast with peanut butter. Bliss!

Colleen Grove Aaaah breakfast. I never used to bother with it in my unhealthy years now I alternate between a bowl of double cream yoghurt (usually homemade) with summer berries and granadilla or a cooked breakfast of eggs (done whichever way I feel like on the day), bacon or smoked salmon/chorizo/boerewors, sauted tomatoes and mushrooms or spinach if I have it and half an avocado and always milky rooibos tea! I only really came to the conclusion that breakfast is really important very late in life. I've never been one to eat early in the day and I've never suffered from hunger pangs like others I know. But I snacked during the day! Now I can't get through a morning without my yummy filling satisfying breakfasts. I have no desire to eat again for at least 9 hours after a full breakfast. On the days I do the yoghurt and fruit I find myself snacking on a handful of nuts and biltong around 3pm which lasts me till dinnertime. I have never felt happier, healthier and more energetic and have lost a lot of weight (27kg) so bring on the breakfasts. I'm a believer!

Kerrin Feldman Rousset breakfast ? my favorite meal of the day, by far. it often happens for lunch and dinner too ok, where to begin ? granola of course !! love making fresh batches often, using different nuts, seeds and grains. best way to start the day - add assorted sliced banana, dates, dried figs, dark chocolate and enjoy with milk. perfection. of course, granola from breakfast also becomes dessert, as topping for ice cream, but that's another article! spring and summer, it's hard to resist all those wonderful fresh berries, so breakfast has those too. and i love making my own birchermüesli. variety of raw oats, seeds & grains again, with red berries, all mixed into yogurt or especially quark. don't need any extra sugar or jam, sweet enough as is, naturally. winter means oatmeal for me though. topped ever so simply with a bit of brown or maple sugar and a sprinkle of sea salt. done.

Katrin Lübeck Overnight oats are my Favorite at the moment

Sumayya Usmani Keema filled parathas with fresh mango chutney !

Family brunch treat: Chicken skewers, cheese assortment, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, soft boiled egg, strawberry yogurt with granola, orange juice and a latte

I am lucky to have such incredible friends who cherish and respect their mornings with such special breakfasts. Good to be surrounded by so many fellow breakfast champions!

For more breakfast browse through my breakfast archiv where you will find some pretty inspiring dishes and ideas, like this Salmon Kedgeree with Butternut Squash, Parsnip, Fennel and Quail Eggs or Chocolate and Pistachio French Toast with Warm Maple Syrup, my Berry Nut Chocolate Intense Granola is always a winner, while my Spanish Tortilla with Asparagus, Fennel and Cress satisfies the savory needs!

Hope you enjoyed this slightly different type of post today and for the breakfast grouches out there – hope this here provides you with plenty of inspiration. If all else fails – you can always put an egg on it! ;)

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