Thankful | for a Walk in the Park


Come take a seat next to me my friend. Rest. Breathe. Contemplate.
The path seems to be a long hard one as challenging times lie ahead. Let us realign and unite for together we are stronger, we can make the difference. Let us take a moment to ignite the fire of love and respect, to find our inner strength, to be bold ... for these are not normal times.

Over the past several weeks I have seen and heard such hate filled indoctrination and misleading disinformation that it scares me to the core. I live in Germany, am married to a German who grew up in the ex-East part of the country - yes the part behind the wall, his gandmother - a healthy 96 year old, still vividly remembers the tortures and the terror of World War II. She watches in disbelief that our generation can be so stupid - can forget. She hurts as she realizes that all those in her generation - those who warned us, told us about the hideous crimes, those who made sure that we never make that mistake again - they all have passed. And here we stand ... in 2016!





I shudder in horror when I see neo-Nazis raise their hands to salute, a chill runs up my spine when I hear their hate-filled propaganda, it saddens my heart that when we all sit down to a warm meal under a solid roof there are those who are forced or bombed out of their houses and the land they call home.

These alt right white supremacists speak of everything we people are not and can never be. We have come a long way to go back to the horrid suppression of the Nazi time. Hate is never the way forward it infests even the hardest of us to core bringing only destruction and utter sadness. That there are people who honestly believe the color of skin makes them superior - broken down to its simplest forms - this is the belief of an imbecile.





A good friend recently wrote to me and told me this

“In the end we are porous beings, not just our skin and bodies, but emotionally and mentally.”

I agree. We soak up what is happening around on on many levels, consciously but also subconsciously, which always has the relevant effect on us.

Hate, hostility, negativity, oppression and abuse will reap the same breed, will seep through our skins like harmful toxins, will poison our thoughts our minds and create a murky vision hindering us to be insightful and focus on constructive matters.

We acknowledge false news with such a voracious appetite and spread it causally through the media. The sheer amount of negativity that accompanies this information is something we are just unable to process with the required reflection and empathy that is needed.

It’s disconcerting!




These are not normal times and if we have learnt anything from our grandparents, our elders and forefathers it is to stand up and fight against the normalization of all that is improper and unacceptable.

“Half the evil in this world occurs while decent people stand by and do nothing wrong. It’s not enough to refrain from evil, Trell. People have to attempt to do right, even if they believe they cannot succeed.” “Even when it’s stupid to try?” he asked with savage sarcasm. “Especially then,” she replied sweetly. “That’s how it’s done, Trell. You break your heart against this stony world. You fling yourself at it, on the side of good, and you do not ask the cost. That’s how you do it.”
Robin Hobb, Mad Ship

I need time to recalibrate and redress - to find my balance and to shut out and filter, keeping my focus on positivity, respect, kindness, love and happiness. I am always the one to fling myself on “the side of good” because that is not just my moral obligation but also because I need to make sure that whatever part I have in this world, in this time, that whatever  I leave behind for my kid and future generation will not be looked at with dismay or regret.

So I leave you with some positive vibes with these images - to help you find your balance, your good vibes and strength. On a lovely bank holiday Autumn afternoon, I packed my camera, my 14-year old and his camera and we headed out to the Belvedere Castle just a 10 minutes drive from where we live. We spent the most tranquil, enriching and valuable time together in a long time. We laughed, we talked and we took photos of the beauty around us. The castle houses an academy of music and as we walked through the gate of the orangery we were greeted by notes on the piano accompanied by the violin. We sat on the park bench and allowed the moment to permeate through us.

I thank those who are strong everyday and fight, stand-up for and confront wrong and animosity with courage.

Come take a seat, my friend. We need a moment to give thanks for what we have and a moment to think of where we want to go from here. Let's make it worthwhile. Breathe.








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  1. Beautiful and uplifting pictures. We are living in terrifying times and sadly humanity seems to repeat its errors/horrors over and over again... Thankfully not all people are insane and this gives hope for a better future!



  2. Breathtaking Images Meeta. Sending you tons of warm hugs loaded with positive vibes.

  3. Beautiful post and just stunning photos. I know exactely what you're talking about. I live in Croatia. We have same "issues" here... But I think that "hate" emotions are a global problem. And I agree, we soak up what's happening around us, and that effect us. That's why I decided to filter news I read, and I only read positive ones. I know that may seem like I shut out of this world but for a long time I was poisoned with negativity around me. And that affected me, stressed me. And I couldn't really do a thing about it to change it. Now I'm more relaxed, I spend more time loving and caring rather than worrying. It's not that I don't care what's happening around me, but I just need some time for me. Actually, I started to believe that we can change the world but the change starts with us. That's why I'm happy and positive and I truly LOVE everyday. And I spread that around me: positivity, love, and happiness :* :D

  4. Beautiful photography. Very moving post too. And I totally understand where you are coming from. Sometimes we just need to take that walk away from it all, so gladly I take that seat. Thank you.

  5. A very thoughtfully written and thought provoking read. Thank you for taking the time to do it and for the beautiful photos.

  6. A thought provoking, touching and very well written, Meeta! Your words resonate my own thoughts and emotions. I am an optimist and believe for every negative thought/word/person there are thousand more good and positive thoughts/words/people. The recent weeks have shaken my belief, but 'hope' still refuses to leave me.

  7. Looks like it was a beautiful walk, both in scenery and in thought.

  8. Agreed, there is too much hate in this world and we have to stand up for what we believe is right. Stunning pictures too.

  9. These photos are incredible! The apple ones especially I love the contrast. I just love fall it's the best time for photography, so many colors!

  10. Love this post! Ty for the positivity and the beautiful pics!! I am a huge believer that Love can change the world and I am makin sure my kids understand that this is their moms core of everything I do. Lets keep spreading love, hope and positivity in this world <3

  11. Indeed, we live in frightening times. I find that it takes me longer and longer to get centered on goodness. The negativity seeps through. I was born in the 50s and peace and love were things to strive for. There are war mongers and haters everywhere you look. It saddens and scares me.

  12. Beautifully written and so true. Our surroundings do impact us every day. I lovebhiw you ended this piece on a happy note. We should always remember and be grateful of how blessed we truly are.

  13. What amazing colors. These are fantastic photos.

    I wish the hate could go away.

  14. Your photography is stunning! Such a contrast to your heavy topic, but a good reminder of the beauty in the world!

  15. I would be thankful as well. I love going to places like this. It makes you appreciate life more, doesn't it? Everything's peaceful and lovely!

  16. Well, it seems that hate and racism will never end! Well, i started to give up and it's getting harder to see the good things, however the photos are so captivating!

  17. I really love the place. Very relaxing and refreshing. The photography is perfect. This is great.

  18. I agree with your overall message. Lovely autumnal pics too.

  19. Se manifique! Loved the photo journal and descriptions.
    Especially that quote from your friend. Absolutely superb photography skills

  20. Your photos are amazing, it looks like such a peaceful place.

  21. Beautiful photographs and an incredibly moving post. Beautifully written.

  22. I can only imagine living near a park this breathtaking! It's definitely lovely to walk here at least every morning after you've had your favorite cup of coffee!

  23. Beautiful images Meeta! They have such a lovely sense of eternal and peace! Love them.

  24. Such breath-taking photos! I've always been fascinated with the how beautiful, yet simple a walk in the park can be. We do family walks on days off, and it's so relaxing. I agree, we absorb a lot of what goes on around us, and sometimes we just need to breathe.

  25. I love those pictures they are so beautiful

  26. That park looks beautiful!! Breathtaking shots!

  27. Your photos are amazing. Definitely a contrast to your words. We do live in a horrible time as society is moving backwards instead of forward.

  28. What a beautiful park to go for a walk in. Your photos turned out amazing!

  29. Omg stunning photos!!! Nothing better than a relaxing walk in the park!

  30. I love this. My husband and I love walks in the park especially this time of year.

  31. Splendid shots! All the pictures are so uplifting and the colors magnificent. You're so talented. I love it!

  32. What a nice walk and I love the scenery such a good photos

  33. We really do soak things up, whether we know it or not. The pictures here are lovely.

  34. Beautiful photos of the fall season, love the colorful foliage
    XO, MJ

  35. All of your photos are so beautiful. I feel like I was right there with you!

  36. My favorite photo out of the bunch has to be the leaf with the dew drops. Such a beautiful place!


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