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DUBAI, UAE | 12 October 2019 | #gatherandstyledxb

Konfetti-7117[Photo Credit: Daniela Müller]

The best camera is the one with you

For most of us in these days of mobility, it usually means the smartphone. Smartphones have developed in terms of photography by leaps and bounds. Installed with some powerful cameras, smartphones have actually become the “cameras” we always carry with us. Furthermore, many smartphones also offer “Pro” camera functions allowing those of us who want to work more manually with our cameras, a larger scope and more creative control of how we want our images to be depicted.

20190613_231009_0000[Image taken with my Samsung S8 Galaxy]

Over the years the objective and intent of my workshop participants have slightly changed but the questions and focus are more or less the same. The objective for many revolves around social media with the intent of portraying oneself more efficiently on these platforms. Regardless, if you are a cook, a graphic designer, an artist, a blogger, an influencer or a contnet creator - having an interesting visual content that instantly shows who you are and what is behind the portfolio or your feed has become more vital than ever. It is about engaging with your clients, with your followers - being tangible for them, giving them an insight into your profession in more creative ways. Whether you are sharing an experience, #whatmyjoblooksliketoday, networking, getting more qualifications in your profession, these little “Insta Stories” and snippets from your professional life shows your targeted group how you are developing, changing and evolving, making you more interesting and visible for future clients.

20190624_164724_0000[Image taken with my Samsung S8 Galaxy]

With Instagram already testing removing the “like” button in 7 countries, a new change and dynamics will be taking over this social media platform, which has become so vital for many of us. More interactive engagement and characteristic content will become very important.    
With this in mind, I wanted to initiate a platform that not only addresses many of the issues I get asked every day but also provide a solid foundation on how to be able to create and generate this characteristic and distinctive visual content. However, I did not want to stop there, I wanted to take this further and provide more skills, more knowledge and more know-how on how to market, how to promote and how to find your own individual voice in this big world of social media.

20190410_161347_0000[Image taken with my Samsung S8 Galaxy]

In June I was able to design and present a similar concept at a workshop I helped create and organise here in Germany, where the response and feedback were phenomenal. For Dubai, I have partnered with some of my friends, alumni from past workshops and incredible creative talents, who in their own field will provide and share their expertise to make this workshop an all-round complete experience.   

Social media for me has always been one thing - the act of “sharing” - the creativity, the knowledge, the experience, the network and with this 1-day retreat we look forward to providing just that.

GATHER & STYLE - DUBAI 2019 | THE WORKSHOP DETAILS - #gatherandstyledxb


The focus for the photography and styling session is creating beautiful and distinct content with your smartphone. How to produce images and visual content which is characteristical to your style, to fit your purpose and targeted group. 

20190709_222151_0000[Image taken with my Samsung S8 Galaxy]

In 8 comprehensive “lessons” together we will tackle the main techniques of photography and styling, which will help you understand how to apply your skills and create exceptional images for your blog, website or social media feed. We will cover important and vital photography techniques that are crucial to learn regardless of the type of camera you use. From capturing the right kind of light and mood, to finding the spot-on focus, to getting a killer composition we will learn each aspect systematically and step-by-step. I will show you how to use a selection of powerful photo editing apps on the smartphone. For more creative control using the smartphone, we will also take a look at the “Pro” mode, giving you an insight on how to create a more individual look for your images.

20190607_194808_0000[Image taken with my Samsung S8 Galaxy]

We will, however, go a step further! We will discuss the elements of visual storytelling, how to create a concept for your images and how to awaken and grasp your target group emotionally. With this know-how, you will then work hands-on practically in guided assignments to create a set of images that will be a basis for your portfolio, social media feed or blog.  

Once you have created this quality content, we will then take you through the next session of the workshop – how to promote, market and establish yourself on social media.


I love Diana’s multifaceted nature and the fact that she has been in marketing for more than 12 years and as an alumni at my Dubai 2017 workshop she is the perfect person to guide and give you tips on how to create that successful Instagram feed. Her marketer spirit inspired her to create and promote her personal brand through one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram, where she runs the @busyavocado page. By using a combination of social media growth strategies, good content and consistency she managed to establish a fast-growing database of engaged followers who are interested in a combination of healthy eating, food photography and social media.


As an expert on this platform, she will be talking about what kind of content is Instagram-able, how to work your way to a consistent engagement, how to read and understand Instagram insights. She will be explaining what tools can be used for editing and composition, not only for the feed but also for the stories. She will be taking you through the process of planning and how to choose your best hashtags. If Instagram is the platform you share your food pictures, then you will find this session very interesting and perfect for you.

THE “retrEAT” EXPERIENCE - Roya Tarzaban

Not only is Roya my partner organizer in the Dubai Expereinces since 2017, she is also an alumni from the Dubai 2015 Workshop.

This year, Roya has opened up her bright and cozy home, kitchen space, and little herb garden to host this truly one-of-a kind experience.

A unique and interactive food experience will be guided by her as you make use of fresh herbs and spices from her garden and pantry to create your own aromatic herb and citrus salt blends, as well as exotic homemade granola… making this fun experience not only part of your food styling and storytelling sessions, but as wonderful pantry edibles to take home with you.

IMG_2836-01[Photo Credit: Roya Tarzaban]

With a love for homemade food, and a background in both design and culinary arts, she will also assist in guiding you throughout the assignments in order to bring your food visuals to life.

IMG_20190607_185409_585[Photo Credit: Roya Tarzaban]

Roya will keep us well fed, hydrated and energised throughout the day with an assortment of hot and cold beverages, fresh sandwiches and vibrant salads for lunch; and ending the evening with a relaxed BBQ dinner with the help of her green-thumbed husband, Boris.

THE CERAMICS - Malavika Raghavan


We have partnered with Malavika from Peace of Bake to bring you a whole range of handmade ceramic tableware for use during the live shooting sessions at the workshop. 

She is passionate about unearthing culinary wonders from both the kiln and the kitchen. A certified Pastry Chef, Artisanal Baker and now maker of ceramic tableware she understands the need for tableware that perfectly compliments the dish that is being presented.

You will see how picking the right ceramic tableware is absolutely integral to visual storytelling so you can showcase the food as the hero.


The hands on interactive sessions and exercises will walk you through how different shapes look on camera and give you a chance to pick props that can be matched with backdrops and  linens that best represent the kind of food you make and your social media aesthetic.


This photography and lifestyle experience is perfect for you if:  

  • You wish to discover the exciting aspects of capturing beautiful food and lifestyle photos using your smartphone
  • You are looking to evolve your individual creative voice and take your mobile photography skills to the next level 
  • You are a blogger, web designer, graphic designer, stylist, magazine editor, creative designer, foodie, influencer, content creator or similar and you wish to capture new beautiful content for your business, social media feed, blog or website
  • You are an aspiring influencer or established content creator or social media manager looking to develop or advance your style and learn how to create still life, lifestyle and food images to enhance your career in digital marketing and social media
  • You wish to improve the visibility of your social media content, how to create a more qualitative engagement, network through social media, learn about the social media dos and don’ts
  • You are keen to spend a valuable day to network with like-minded people, be part of a unique experience and hone your skills


We have everything covered for you. All you need to do is to slip your smartphone into your pocket or bag and join us! We have taken care of meals, beverages and material. We want you to focus on learning and capturing great images and having a relaxed‌ ‌and‌ ‌fun day.  

  • Complete 1-day workshop session, which will cover photography and food styling, practical hands-on exercises and assignment work
  • All material/equipment for on-site photography and styling sessions, including wooden boards, ceramics and other props.
  • All material and ingredients for the “retrEAT” food experience
  • Lunch, BBQ dinner, snacks and beverages

Not included

  • Cameras, smartphones and other photography equipment like tripods, laptops, cables etc.
  • Flights to Dubai
  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation (we can make some great suggestion near the workshop venue)
  • Travel insurance (or insurance of any kind)
  • No alcoholic beverages

  • STARTS: Meet & Greet: 8:00 am
  • ENDS: Dinner: 7 to 10 pm

A more detailed programme, including the official address of the venue will be made available to you once you have registered for the workshop

Questions? Email me: meeta[aT]whatsforlunchhoney[DOT]net



To book your space for this unique worlshop please register and complete the registration process. Full payment due upon registration. We are unable to offer refunds after booking unless you can find someone to fill your space.

Please Note: The organizers reserve the rights to modify the programme should the need arise. Presentations and main workshop language will be in English (instructor and organisers speak German, Arabic and Hindi).

Please bear in mind that it is not possible for instructors to offer an intensive/in-depth one-on-one course on using your DSLR camera or smartphone.  

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